Flying Tips Every Anxious Traveler Needs To Know

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Do you have crippling anxiety about flying plus an unquenchable thirst to visit new places? Don’t let anything stop you. Everyone loves the feeling of scheduling flights, planning trips and escaping from their normal routines. However, without the right information, you won’t understand how to conquer being a nervous flyer. In fact, you will be even more scared of everything from take-off, to turbulence as well as landing. So how can you overcome your travel fears, beat flight anxiety, and have relaxing flights? Hopefully, the tips discussed below will assist you too.

Prepare mentally, you can do this!

You can take advantage of some relaxation techniques before you begin your trip to be less nervous. If you fail to prepare mentally, you won’t envision what is going to happen to you. This is a blind approach to fear. Realize that your concerns are just thoughts and not reality. Once you know that, you will be willing to go through the discomfort of flying to get whatever you want. Start learning effective relaxation tips for your next flight. 

Stay away from air crash documentaries

Avoid watching air crash documentaries just before you fly. If you do, you will begin thinking negatively and never take your mind away from thinking about what could possibly go wrong. This will make you even more afraid during your flight. Instead of watching air crash documentaries, you can find lots of other interesting things to watch online. It is advisable that you sidestep watching such documentaries for at least two or three days before traveling to avoid feeling anxious.

Fly in larger planes when possible

Studies show that flying in a tiny propeller plane can make you shyer. The key reason is that smaller planes feel turbulence more compared to bigger planes even when they are traveling in the same conditions. If possible, fly larger planes as you will feel less turbulence when traveling regardless of your sitting position. Before booking your flight, you should know about the type of plane you are flying to book accordingly. 

Chat to someone you care about

If you are flying alone, you should ensure that you message or speak to someone you care about before boarding the plane. You don’t have to talk to them for hours. Just ask them about how they are doing, tell them that you care for them and that you are boarding the plane to start your trip. This will make you feel calmer when getting on board. 

Check your sitting position

Apart from getting off and meals before other passengers, where you sit can have a significant impact on your flying experience. If you have a fear of flying, it is advisable that you sit at the front or near the wings and not the back of the plane. The brilliant app Seat Guru gives you the best options available for every plane and route. 

Accept the loss of control

You must accept that you will have to queue up numerous times at the airport. Some of the queues will have people that will try to bully you or show unsocial behavior. You cannot avoid meeting such people when you fly frequently. Just accept that you cannot change them and the situation to start your trip when you are relaxed. 

Get some distractions with you

Staying distracted during your flight will help to minimize your fears. Before boarding a plane you should have a plan to keep yourself occupied during your flight. You can divert yourself by watching a movie, listening to music, playing games just to mention a few. Think about what you will be doing throughout your journey and keep your distractions closer. If you have a five-hour flight, make sure that you have things to entertain or engage yourself in until you arrive at your destination. Here’re some other luxuries to make your next flight a treat.

Stay hydrated throughout your flight

The truth is that long flights can be very dehydrating. For this reason, it’s critical that you always remain properly hydrated throughout your flight. Instead of drinking coffee during your flights, take water. Carry with you a bottle of water as drinking water during flights has been proven to reduce fatigue, headaches as well as nausea that can arise when you are dehydrated and make you fear flying. The amount of water that you should drink will depend on the length of your flight. Experts advise that you should consume about eight ounces of water in an hourly interval when you are in the air. Flights less than two or three hours are too short to dehydrate you so you don’t have to worry about hydrating.

Dress comfortably

Dressing comfortably will make you feel calm and relaxed when flying. Yes, you heard me right! Avoid tight clothing at all costs. Instead, wear clothing like leggings, sweat pants, sweatshirt or a scarf to make the difference. Such clothes will make you feel comfortable during your ride and help you to fall asleep quickly or forget that you were anxious about flying. 

Seek expert assistance if you need to

If you realize that you fear flying and avoid it at all expenses, you should get assistance from a mental health professional or doctor. This might sound a bit strange, however, it will help you significantly. The doctor might describe to you some anti-anxiety drugs like benzodiazepines to make it possible for you to fly without thinking about your fears. 

Download calming apps before departure

A calming app can help you to calm down beforehand or during your flight. Such applications are designed to use a wide range of techniques to ensure that you remain at ease throughout the journey. Browse around to find one that will be suitable for you.

Bring something comforting with you

If you are afraid of flying, it is advisable that you carry along with something that will make you feel comfortable. This could be your favorite book, jumper, little trinket just to mention a few, Make sure that you keep holding whatever you bring along during the journey to feel more relaxed.

Sleep through it

If you are having a long or short flight, you should try sleeping to make it more relaxing. Some people feel anxious when flying because of the noise of the aircraft, heights and more. Try passing time by falling asleep during your next flight and you will notice that you will become less nervous when flying. Avoid screens and some drinks like coffee that will keep you awake when trying to sleep. If you find it hard to fall asleep, you can use sleeping pills to fall asleep quickly. Here are more tips on how to sleep better while traveling.

Stretch your legs

During a long flight, you should stand up and stretch your legs if you need to, otherwise, you will start feeling uncomfortable, especially if you are seated upright. Don’t be in a hurry to get off the plane when it lands. You can avoid becoming restless and agitated by stretching your legs while everyone else struggles to get their bags and disembark the plane. After stretching, sit down and wait until you have the chance to deplane. 

Visit the bathroom regularly

Visiting the bathroom when flying gives you the opportunity to change the scenery and breathe. Being strapped on your chair might make you feel like you are in prison. The more you get the confidence to get up and roam when flying, the more you will be reducing your fears of flying. When in the bathroom, wash your face to make time pass by quickly. 


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Do you have any other tips to beat flight anxiety? Let us know in the comments below.