My first summer dip with The Indian Face

the indian face

After thirty days working in USA, I was ready to come back.

Easy to understand why Spain, my home country, is one of the world’s finest holiday destinations: A huge variety of landscapes, people, traditions and dream spots make me return in between my travels every now and then; specially during Summer.

On top of that, the majority of my family and friends live here so it’s a no-brainer. Spain and summer are the perfect match for me!

Last July, I was needing so bad a summer dip in the Atlantic Ocean that The Indian Face gave me a big surprise! On my way back from the States, I got a fab new bikini ready to pack for my first Spanish destination right after I landed: Gran Canaria!

How much fun I had jumping in this infinity pool on top of a luxury hotel in the island, is something no words can explain. Let’s just say the area was already closed but the scenery was so magic that we resisted and couldn’t leave till we froze long after the sun had gone.

my first summer dip with The Indian Face

Needless to say, my new swimsuit behaved as well as expected. Comfy, stylish, and with a unique twist, it already has a priority spot in my suitcase!

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