Must Visit Places in Tanzania


With a population very close to our home country, Tanzania couldn’t differ more from Spain. Its diverse wildlife and mind-blowing landscapes are well worth a visit. Have a look into what you cannot miss before booking your Tanzania safari holidays!

Victoria Lake

Almost half of it belongs to Tanzania. Get to know the local fishermen villages just a boat ride away from Musoma.

tanzania victoria lake

Serengeti National Park

One of the most classic settings for safaris. Although the high season goes from December to June, there is always something happening in its domains. Whether you would like to witness the migration of millions of zebras and wildebeests or spot lion kills, you can’t go wrong if you decide to stay at the mobile camps that are set wherever the wildlife concentrates depending on the rains and time of the year. 

The Flying Zebra


Located in the East, this archipelago is known for having some of the best beaches on earth. Immaculate sands and pristine waters are the perfect backgrounds for a range of watersports. Our tip? Indulge yourself in Zanzibar for a few days and forget about everything else!

tanzania zanzibar

Kilimanjaro National Park

With its 5895 m, this epic free-standing mountain dominates the African continent from the above. Unless you are a mountaineering ninja, we’d recommend you start training a bit before. Going all the way up usually takes about 6 days but it’s perfectly doable if you are fit and have done your homework. 

tanzania kilimanjaro

Oldonyio Lengai

A Maasai sacred mountain and the only active volcano in East Africa. Its last eruption took place in 2006!

tanzania oldonyo

Gombe Stream National Park

One of the last chimpanzee family sanctuaries in Tanzania and an investigation center founded by Jane Goodall in the sixties. It can only be accessed by boat from Kigoma and through Tanganyika Lake.

Gombe Stream Chimpanzee

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

It goes around the Serengeti in northern Tanzania and features the world’s biggest crater. The latter acts like a natural enclosure for many interesting wildlife species found in East Africa as the black rhino. A photographer’s dream, the Maasai and Oldupai still live in the area.

Tanzania masaai

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  1. Mzuri

    Great selection of places to visit in Tanzania! From mountain to beach, from the great migration to chimps, from budget camping to luxury getaway, Tanzania has them all… Thank you for sharing!

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