4 Must Experiences in Limassol

Must Experiences in Limassol – A World to Travel 3

Cyprus is not a top of mind destination for travelers in the Mediterranean, yet. The climate is lovely, the place is beautiful and the accommodation and entertainment offerings very interesting, so this is about to change rapidly. Limassol is its second largest urban area. Many parts of the city have undergone a massive reconstruction, making it one of the most fascinating destinations on the island. These are the top 4 must see places.

  • The Lanitis Carob Mill

The Lanitis Carob Mill is situated in Limassol’s old city centre, right next to the Medieval Castle. It was used in the 1800’s as a warehouse and was converted into a carob mill in the 1920’s. The building was fully renovated so nowadays it includes restaurants, ballrooms, the carob museum and a cultural centre, which hosts international exhibitions, corporate social events and conferences. With the Medieval Castle at its core and the old Mill incorporating new uses, the past and the present blend in a thrilling continuity that is worth a visit.

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  • The Municipal Market

It is a stone building, originally constructed in 1917. It is where people used to meet, exchange news, products and opinions. The Municipal Market is another renovation project that attracts many visitors and provides an alternative shopping experience. The old center of commercial and social activity has come to life again, totally refurbished, full of light and local products to taste and buy. There are also a few interesting bars and restaurants.  

  • The marina

Another fully renovated part of the city is the waterfront. A brand new marina, full of restaurants, bars and shops welcomes visitors, investors in properties and seekers of excitement.  Elegant residencies, berths, and a crowd that seems to enjoy every minute they spend on the premises will make you want to come back again and again.

  • The molos

Locals call the sea front ‘molos’. Molos has also been remodeled to include a beachfront park, frequented by strollers, walkers, skaters, joggers, runners, free runners and anyone who loves some unplanned leisure. The name has stayed the same though. There’s also a beautiful boutique hotel in the area, the Londa Beach. It will be a perfect place to start or end your walk.

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