The One Thing You Must Do in Bologna

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In the worst case scenario possible, you only have a limited amount of time to enjoy Bologna “La Grassa”.

That’d still be acceptable since you get to savor this splendid city but anyway, let’s say you get two hours, or one hour and a half, or just one hour there!

How on earth could you benefit the most from the experience? What can’t you miss? Which is the one thing you must do in Bologna?

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Well, let me ask you: Can you go upstairs? If that’s a yes*, you must hit ASINELLI TOWER straight away!

Due torri Bologna Asinelli A World to Travel blogville2

(*On the other hand, if it’s not possible for you to make it upstairs, you can still benefit of a massive choice of cool things to do in town. Our suggestion for such short time? Wander around the arcades to get a taste of the lively center. You won’t be disappointed!)

We could talk for ages about the stats and numbers.Β How Asinelli tower is the tallest leaning tower in Italy with its 97m (sorry, Pisa!), the 498 steps you have to climb up to get to the top, its 8 centuries of history or how going up will set you back 3€. But you can find that anywhere, can’t you?

Due torri Bologna Asinelli A World to Travel blogville

So at this point, I just wanted to let you know how AWESOME the views are up there. A 360 panoramic lookout welcomes you and your sweat for as long as you want after getting over that minuscule number of steps. As soon as you leave the premises before they close before the light goes down, of course!.

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When I visited Bologna last October after being invited by Emilia Romagna’s Blogville project, my aim was to visit Asinelli tower everyday while in town to capture the light at different day times and so on. Truth is, that sounded great but I ended up making it up just once. There was so much to do and see in the Region to be limited to the towers!

Now tell us: What’s the one thing to do in Bologna in your opinion?

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  1. Jennifer

    I LOVE your photos. I’m going to Blogville Milan and plan on stopping in Bologna, so will definitely check it out!

    • Inma

      Do it!
      When are you going to Milan? I’ll be attending two trips in Emilia Romagna and Toscana at the end of the month too πŸ™‚

  2. Fabio Demartino

    Very nice photographs ! I’ve been to Bologna several times but i never went to the top of the towers. I think one really needs strong legs and good fitness:) For me i prefer the national art gallery, where you can be reminded that such great artists of Italian history like Raphael and El Greco were from here!

  3. jesper

    Hi Inma
    I have visit Italy 10 times the last couple of years, but never been to Bologna. Seeing you amazing photos of the city, I have to go there next time. Thanks 

    • Inma

      Wow! You must have an extense knowledge about Italy. And yes, you definitely have to pay Bologna a visit! We’ll be writing more about this country soon πŸ™‚

    • Inma

      Thanks for your nice words, Michael!
      It’s also difficult for us not to miss Italy. After 3 visits this year, we’ve got used to its goodness πŸ˜€

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