Music Festival Survival Guide. Here’re Are Our 8 Golden Rules

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Festival do Millo Verde, Resurrection Festival, Festas do Apostol, Reggaeboa Festival, Son Rias Baixas, Festival V de Valares, Paredes de Coura Festival. And so the list goes on till every weekend from June to September has a festival scheduled in.

Whether you’re a natural and it is easier to find you at a music festival than anywhere else during the Summer or you are about to uncover what the hype is about, there are some rules and tips you should not foresee if you want to make it out alive.

Without further ado, and after many years of research, we are happy to share with you our golden rules to survive a music festivals packed Summer.

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1. Research and plan where you will go like there’s no tomorrow. 

Every fest out there is different and there are literally tons of them. Especially if you live in festive countries like we do (hello Spain!) but something that applies everywhere really, a bit of research comes in handy when planning your Summer steps.

Space them out if you are planning to attend many reserving a few days in between to catch up with sleep, proper showers and healthy habits and you are good to go.

If you aren’t into psychedelic trance music, do not (we swear please don’t) attend BOOM Festival. And if indie music makes you puke, avoid Primavera Sound. Unless you are into exploring new vibes, then go everywhere. But then do not complain!

Finally, do not be like us and go to deeply themed fests and crave electronic beats at the wee hours. Because it might happen or most likely not! But then it is too late and you might find yourself wandering around the campsites looking for some late raves to quench your thirst J.

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2. Book your tickets. 

The sooner, the better.

Also, a lesson learned the hard way as we tend to procrastinate as the choice is simply too big, becoming a difficult task sometimes.

If you leave them for last-minute, you might face ridiculous second-hand dangerous rip-off exchanges or not be able to make it in the end at all.

Jumping the fence does not work and smooth talking to the security guys doesn’t either as there are usually a few controls before you finally step on the festival grounds. From the guy that checks your wristband, to the one that puts your drink away and the other that analyzes what’s in your backpack, I have never seen someone succeeding.

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3. Gather your squad.

Jump this paragraph if you are planning to go solo, which doesn’t need to be a bad option either (better alone than in bad company always!).

Because your friends can make it or break it, this step is essential so we urge you to carefully pick who you will be sharing the craziness, doubtful hygiene and hangovers with.

Not going with your BFF should not be an issue if you know the other person won’t enjoy it.

And really large groups don’t usually work either as it is difficult to keep everyone together, ending with multiple mini-gangs that share interests.

And that is alright. Festivals are usually a hedonistic time when having fun is all that matters.

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4. Pack for success.

If you are rich/lucky and a 5-star sound-proof hotel room with a king size bedroom, hangover remedies and every toiletry one can imagine is waiting for you at the festival door, do not mind this rule.

Otherwise, you need to make some time for this.

Firstly, we recommend you to check our essential packing list as most of the items you’ll need are already listed there.

And then, do not forget to add some festival musts:

  • Lots of water (even if the campsite has running water and showers, do not forget this one!) and some food.
  • A portable fridge to storage your food and drinks.
  • Things that will make your home for those days comfy (a flashlight, towel, thin mattress, linen, pillow, and cover to start with).
  • Kitchen wear if you are planning to cook/brew coffee.
  • Sunscreen, mosquito repellent, sunglasses, rain poncho, wellies, bandana. Weather can get crazy.
  • Earplugs, mask, toilet paper, and painkillers.
  • Some entertainment for down time. It could be a book if you are into reading, cards for a social afternoon or your smartphone if playing games floats your boat.
  • Garbage bags.

Everything else is optional (costumes, table, and chairs, face paint, alcohol if you drink and the festival rules allow you to have your own at the campsite, etc).

Keep in mind there’s no place for items like high heels or really expensive stuff that you can lose, break or be stolen. There simply is not. Leave them home.

But, on the other hand, there is room for fun! I know next Summer I will be bringing with me cool accessories like the human hair lace front wigs I saw on Divatress. In bright blue of course!

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5. Arrive early, leave late.

Both to the festival campsite if there is one, to place your tent in the best spot possible (far from the concerts, close to the toilets, in the shade) and to the festival grounds so you don’t miss anything.

Enough said.

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6. Be polite.

Respectful, friendly, considerate, a caring human, a good citizen. And you’ll make lots of new friends and spend a few days in paradise. Do otherwise (dirty, selfish, noisy, a jerk) and you’ll be hated.

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7. Some FOMO and YOLO are OK but don’t make them rule you.

Fear of missing out. You only live once. There’s time to sleep when you die. Yeah right.

But since festivals can be anything from a couple of concerts one afternoon to some weeks, those acronyms stop having sense so listen to your body and your needs.

Drink with moderation, be careful with drugs, do not drive if you are drunk or high, remember to sleep, eat some good food and shower every once in a while.

You are welcome.

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8. Have fun!

Set your mind correctly for some great days with awesome music and great company and you will have a blast.

Hope to see you jumping in front of some stage around the globe soon!

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