5 Of The Most Unique Roadhouses In The World

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Gambling houses have been part of almost every society for hundreds of years – the first opening its doors to the upper classes in Venice in the 17th century – long before the bright lights and big jackpots of today’s ones. Once the domain of the upper classes, casinos are now open to everyone, almost everywhere. Some of them are carbon copies of more famous counterparts from across the globe. Others pride themselves on standing out from the crowd. To these – the most unique roadhouses in the world – money is no object when it comes to interior design, architecture, and uniqueness. Having a unique selling point can help to increase the number of loyal customers that a business has.

Customers that enjoy the unique feeling will return due to the fact that they can’t find it elsewhere. One of the most common areas that businesses concentrate on is the design, for online businesses, this is particularly important. The website design of a business is vital because this is where the first impression is made. In the same way that land-based roadhouses are keen to ensure that they stand out, the best online ones also distance themselves from the competition; one way to do this is through implementing a distinctive retro-feel. Many land-based halls are designed with the same goal. We’ve picked 5 of the most individual and extravagant in the world to help you decide where to go on your next holiday.


1. Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas

There may be some more modern and stylish ones in Las Vegas, but nothing comes close to the amazing AAA-rated, four-diamond hotel, resort, and roadhouse that is Caesar’s Palace. Opened back in 1966 by Cabana Motel owners Jay Sarno and Stanley Mallin thanks to a $10 million loan, the Roman Empire theme has helped the resort to become world-famous, and the hotel’s 4,000 rooms are packed out regularly.

The main floor at Caesar’s is one of the most famous experiences in Las Vegas. With 1,324 machines, 169 table games, and a 24-hour poker room, pretty much everything is covered off. And if you get bored of 24 hour-a-day games and a luxury hotel room, there’s countless bars and restaurants, a golf course, multiple pools, and spas and of course the 12,000 seat Colosseum, home to Celine Dion on her astonishing decade-long Las Vegas residency.

It’s got a prestigious history, attracting show business icons like Frank Sinatra who was made the Vice President of Entertainment at Caesar’s in 1981.

For a truly unique experience in one of Las Vegas’ oldest and best halls, Caesar’s Palace is one that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world.


2. The Venetian, Macau

Although the original Venetian is located in Las Vegas, the Venetian Macau in China makes this list for the sheer opulence and level of detail, as well as being the 7th largest building in the world. Opened in 2007 at an eye-watering cost of $2 billion, the roadhouse is a mirror image of Venice during the Renaissance period. Everything from the incredible, ornate architecture and chandeliers to the sizeable canal complete with gondolas, is over-the-top.

You can get stuck into the 3,400 slot and video machines and 800 gaming tables, along with some of the best shopping and dining in the world. If you’ve got the spare cash lying around, you can enjoy access to the outstanding Paiza club, a members-only area of the building where gamblers can enjoy even more themed rooms, as well as an exclusive dining club.

Once you’re done, or more likely, have run out of money, it’s off to one the multiple spas or pools followed by a night in the 5-star hotel upstairs. Oh, and don’t worry about getting there; the high-speed Cotai Jet ferry service will take you back to Hong Kong or Taiwan, free of charge if you’re a regular.


3. Sun City, South Africa

The brainchild of casino magnate Sol Kerzner, Sun City is South Africa’s largest and most glamorous hall. Opening in 1979, it was designed to attract tourists from around the world. It attracted controversy however when musicians across the world boycotted performing at the on-site concert arena in protest of apartheid. British rock band Queen was among those artists that famously flouted the boycott, although demanding that they play to de-segregated audiences. Not many casinos can say they’ve been at the center of a political scandal.

Visitors to the resort can expect the full 5-star experience, along with a huge gaming room packed with the latest slots and video gaming machines, as well as luxurious table also with a distinctly African flavor. The real stand-out for Sun City, however, is the resort’s own safari park.

Visitors can take a break to see wild giraffes, lions, gazelle, hippos, and many more, all from the comfort of a safari jeep, the only spot in the world where this is possible. If that sounds a bit too daring, then there’s an 18-hole golf course in the middle of the park too.


4. Luxor, Las Vegas


A gigantic pyramid with a 5,000-watt beam of light shining out of it is probably enough to convince most visitors that the Luxor is worth a visit, and they won’t be disappointed when they get inside. The whole building is designed to feel like a trip back to ancient Egypt, complete with Sphinx, Cleopatra’s needle, mummies, sandals, and swords. In the same vein as Caesar’s, Luxor takes the over-the-top styling to the next level, with each of the 4,407 rooms located in ziggurat-shaped towers fully decked-out to match the Egyptian feel downstairs. There’s also 20,000 sq ft (1,900 m2) of convention space, four swimming pools and whirlpools, a themed wedding chapel, and 29 retail stores.

Luxor itself may not be as big and bold as the others on the strip, but let’s be honest, where else in the world can you play inside a giant pyramid that is actually the same size as the real pyramids?


5. Monte Carlo, Monaco



Riding high on the list, the Casino de Monte Carlo makes the top five for the fact that it’s difficult to find a more exclusive casino anywhere in the world. As well as the stunning 19th-century architecture and unbelievable views across the French Riviera, the experience inside the casino is as close as you’ll get to what it must have been like for the kings and queens of old. Opulence is everywhere, from the diamond-encrusted chandeliers to the extravagant décor that makes the Venetian look tacky.

Although you’ll find bigger and better floors and selections of games elsewhere, there certainly isn’t another building like this in the world that is synonymous with James Bond, or one with as much history. From Charles Wells ‘breaking the bank’ to the fact that the royal family of Monaco still have a lot of control over the day-to-day running and hold amazing parties there, you’ll be pushed to find another roadhouse in the world that has as much heritage as the Casino de Monte Carlo.


So, if you’re looking for something a little different, you should have everything you need right there! These are just five of the most unique roadhouses in the world that aim to provide visitors with a unique experience and in the hope of gaining a loyal customer; they are constantly trying to outdo each other. Would you like to add any to the list? Let us know!