Meninas De Canido, Pantin Classic & Other Fun Things To Do In Ferrol

Meninas de Canido – Fun Things to do in Ferrol – A World to Travel (13)

Looking for cool plans and fun things to do in Ferrol?

Ferrol is not a one-size-fits-all kind of city. In fact, whether you have or have not heard about this Galician hotspot before, I’ll spill the beans now: Ferrol wears many hats. At least one of them is meant to make you enjoy the city.

1. Bring out your inner artist at Meninas de Canido

The residential neighborhood of Canido – once a forgotten spot in Ferrol due to the shipbuilding crisis – has become an artist and artwork hotspot since the local artist Eduardo Hermida started an urban art project in 2008 to bring it back to life.

This way, painting pros, and amateurs started to get together every September for a weekend filled with art and events. And to paint their own interpretation of the famous Diego de Velazquez painting, Las Meninas.

Thus, today we can find hundreds of representations in Canido streets that range from the most traditional and realistic to cubist, impressionist and other pictorial trends.

The Meninas of Canido will delight the curious, who can spend hours wandering around this district while getting close and personal with the history of art, that continues to be written in Ferrol these days.

2. Explore Ferrol’s downtown, the Magdalena quarter

The majority of Ferrol’s life takes place in the Magdalena quarter – also known as Enlightenment district – and it is easy to understand why. With some pedestrian streets, a bunch of modernist buildings that will delight any architecture aficionado, green areas, and lots of flourishing businesses, hip restaurants, and cafes; the Magdalena neighborhood has it all!

Do not leave without checking Bla Bla Cafe‘s gorgeous decor. Built in the early 20th century, this bank turned into a state of the art cafe. We enjoyed some social time in its cozy sofas with the rest of bloggers while outside was pouring. One of my favorite places in Ferrol and a very Instagrammable one for that matter!

3. Go back in time at Ferrol Nautical museums

Like the Naval Museum of Ferrol, one of the fun things to do in Ferrol we couldn’t leave behind.

Located in a historical building next to Ferrol’s Arsenal and with a really affordable entry fee, what surprised us the most is how great it has been restored and how much stuff there’s on display.

From scaled models and reproductions of old vessels to engines, welding procedures, navigation maps, lighthouse bulbs and more; we can’t wait to go back and continue learning about the history of Galicia, its close relationship with the sea and the nautical world.

4. Get lost in Ferrol surroundings, a surfing paradise

Not that we had a lot of time to explore the numerous beaches spread all along Ferrol’s coast – and facing different orientations, what makes it a superb destination for surfing. Still, we were right in time to check this year’s Pantin Classic surf competition in Pantin beach part of the World Surf League.

As every September, this beach becomes the core of world-class surfing for a few days attracting hundreds of lively characters to Valdoviño. Apart from marveling at the pros, getting a drink or shopping surf equipment; it is also possible to enjoy surf classes in the left part of the beach, where the waves are significantly smaller.

5. Eat your way through Ferrol restaurants

The list of restaurants and bars any food lover should visit in Ferrol is endless. For starters, we can vouch for these three spots:

  • Bodega O Bacoriño: One of those restaurants where the artificial is overlooked and the quality of the product shines with its own light. His potato omelet is to die for.
  • Bodega da Estrela: A mid-size restaurant where to taste grilled octopus, steamed mussels, and other Galician cuisine delicacies comes in order.
  • Taberna do Cantón: Haute cuisine right in front of one of the most verdant areas in Ferrol. Try their scallops with ham and thin noodles with octopus.

Disclaimer: We were invited to experience all these fun things to do in Ferrol by Ferrol Tourism and Diputación de Coruña. However, as always, all opinions are our own.