10 Ways To Make Your Holiday Memorable

How to make your holiday memorable – A World to Travel (8)

Sun, sea, sand and breath-taking scenery. Or snow, mountains, forests and adventure. Holidays like these give you memories for a lifetime, memories that should be shared and cherished. So, when it comes to planning a memorable trip, it is crucial that you take a few things into consideration in order to enjoy the holiday of your dreams.

Experience something new and stretch your boundaries

Holidays are designed to be out of the ordinary to give you the chance to step out of your comfort zone and discover what it is that gives you happiness in life. Sameness is no fun. Try something new every day to expand your horizons and knowledge.

Try strange foods; go to festivals; hike the tallest mountain; talk to locals; watch the sunset; do something that scares you, and you won’t regret it.

Lose yourself and discover yourself at the same time

Growth and power come from expanding your knowledge and boundaries and you may surprise yourself with your newfound talents you never knew you had.

Embrace engage and travel with gratitude

The most important things in life are our memories and who we share them with. Step back and take everything in as you will never get to re-live the day over.

Live in the moment and remember what you are grateful for, but also be grateful for the opportunity that you are blessed with to be where you are in this moment in time and appreciate the beauty of the world. Practicing gratitude in our lives makes us healthier and happier, and having these positive moments will in turn help foster positive memories once it is all over.

Slow down and take a deeper look

Time goes too quickly, and it is hard to be able to take everything in but sit back and enjoy your surroundings. Talk to the locals and find out things you could never find out elsewhere, listen with understanding. Make it your goal to find out as much as possible and don’t be afraid to share your life too.

Don’t race through everything, it isn’t always about the top tourists’ spots and the bucket lists, but it matters how deep your footprint was made.

Everything is experienced better at a slower pace to be able to appreciate what surrounds you. Stay longer, ask more questions and form friendships wherever you go.

Expand your idea of the perfect holiday

Take time to sit down and think what it is that really matters to you and what would make your holiday the complete bliss package. Don’t forget the tiniest details that really make all the difference.

Picture yourself there. The gentle ocean breeze, crashing of the waves and the warm glaze of the sun on your skin. It is all down to you and what it is that you would like from the holiday. Make it tailor made for you.

Planning also eliminates any extra unexpected costs that could cause any stress to your bliss break.

Invite those you love to create and share the memories with

Everything is better with the people you love.

There is nothing more heart-warming and fulfilling than being in a place of relaxation or adventure dig what you love with who you love. These kinds of memories last forever. Sharing an experience is better than experiencing something alone and having nobody to see/do it with.

Keep pictures, videos, and keepsakes

Our best memories will forever be with us, but we all need a little memory jog from time to time.

Pictures are the perfect way to capture memories to be able to share them with others and also do more with them to make them not only a memory but a piece of you that you can have around every day to help you reminisce about your happy place.

Physical items also carry part of the past with them, aiding in memory recall when we surround ourselves with them. The perfect keepsake is something associated with our holidays or the location. Fridge magnets, snow globes, and bracelets are all common items we collect from our travels, but more unusual items such as personalized beach towels have an instant connection with sunnier times and will help keep the feelings that come with them.

Be thankful

When you work so hard to earn money to be able to buy and do nice things it is important that we are thankful for everything you have.

Make sure that you give yourself time to think about appreciating everything around you and yourself as you have made this happen and you are the reason that you are there. Give back to the world and buy something from the local market; see how others live; go on an authentic excursion; and focus on what really matters.

Be creative, thoughtful and spontaneous

Go with the flow and let your holiday autopilot take control.

Surprise yourself and those around you with new ideas and talents. Give thoughtful gifts and be spontaneous with them. Think outside of the box and do something random that would mean the world to another. Through being creative and spontaneous causes an elevated mood and feelings of flourishing in life, according to one study.

Any other tips for a memorable trip? Let us know in the comments below!

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