Malta, the ideal location to learn English

malta at night

Learning a language can be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do in your life and, whilst it may also be one of the most difficult, the island archipelago of Malta allows learners to learn English in an informal environment. Maltalingua English language school, which is situated just a short walk from the lively St. Julian’s Bay, actively encourages learners to mix with locals and fellow language students alike and the school’s relaxed atmosphere facilitates this perfectly. All teachers at Maltalingua have a recognized certification to teach English as a foreign language so high teaching quality can be assured and their modern facilities and attractive classrooms give learners the comfort necessary for effective study. Outside of the classroom, Maltalingua’s private pool and rooftop terrace provide the perfect setting to get to know your fellow students – only speaking to them in English of course!

malta gozo

Away from the school and your free time in the afternoons allows you to discover Maltese culture and tradition. Most villages in Malta have their own market and these occasions are perfect for you, not only to pick up a bargain but also to mix with the islanders and practice your English. The village markets are as much a social event where locals catch up with each other’s news as they are about shopping so they really are worth exploring.

Malta’s beautiful capital city, Valletta, plays host to several historical sites, which can be discovered during a walk through the city’s narrow streets and the island’s pre-history is also on display in the form of a number of archaeological sites on the island which offer a glimpse into life in Malta up to 7000 years ago.

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As can be expected from an island, Malta is home to some superb restaurants which prepare delicious, fresh seafood every day. There are also several cozy cafés, traditional pubs, and trendy bars to keep you occupied in the evenings as well as providing a setting to further mix with the locals and use your English. One of Malta’s night clubs can then host you until the early hours – just make sure you don’t sleep in for your English classes!

Photo credits: zader  malcolm.debono  bobchin1941