5 Tips To Make Lasting Memories Of Your Vacation Photos

Tips to make lasting memories of your vacation photos – A World to Travel (2)

Do you also feel like you’re trapped again in the daily routine once you get back from a trip or vacation? We would love to keep the feeling of freedom while traveling and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and memories just a bit longer. So that in between holidays or travels we appreciate being home. A great way to keep this sensation is to make lasting memories at home with your vacation photos.

If you want to create a physical memory of special photos, you can have a look at online printing services that offer unique products to personalize. They help you get images printed on a variety of special surfaces, like wood, aluminum and canvas. You can even create your own interior decoration materials such as wallpaper, fabrics and bean bags.

This way you have a lasting memory in your home that reminds you every day of a unique moment from the trip where the photo was taken. Just let your creativity run wild and design your own decoration to create an atmosphere that is different than usual.

The importance of organizing photos

Before we give you more inspiration for creative ways to decorate your home with personalized photo items, we want to point out the importance of organizing your photos. In another article, we already spoke about effective ways to back up your photos.

Once you have one or more backups of your holiday photos, it is also important to organize them. You probably have photos on different devices; on a memory card in a camera, photos that friends have shared via Social Media and images taken with your smartphone. Downloading all these photos on your computer or laptop and simply storing them in one folder is the same as throwing printed photos all together in a shoe box.

It is hard to find a certain photo and you might have to browse through hundreds of photos to find the right one. It´s therefore important to organize your photos. Be critical, check your photos and delete those you are not satisfied with. If you want to edit an image, make the first adjustments right away so that you don´t have to do this at a later time.

Make sure you organize your photos in different folders. This way you create an overview and group your images. It is advisable to set the correct time and date on your camera to make organizing easier. Also, enable the GPS if possible so that you don´t forget where a photo was taken.

And finally it´s useful to give your images tags, so it´s easy to find something later on.

Enjoy your holiday photos on a daily basis

Once you have your photos organized and made a selection of your favorite ones, it´s time to check out the options you have to use them in your interior and start creating lasting memories.

A great way is to make a photo wall. You can get your photos printed on different materials and in different sizes. With these prints, you can transform a whole wall, for example in your bedroom or the living room. A photo on canvas is very suitable to hang on the wall like a painting. Printed on wood you can place your photo in the cupboard or on a shelf against the wall.

And if you choose for a photo on aluminum you can create an industrial look in the room. This way you place photos all through your interior and wherever you go enjoy the site of our holiday photos.

Personalized fabrics, pillow and bean bags

Apart from decorating the wall with photos, you can also think about fabrics and other interior products. Pillows are a great way to relax on the couch, sofa or bed. And what is more fun than decorating them with your own photo?

Choose a photo with a great view you took during your vacation or one of your family, print them on a pillow and use them while you sit on the couch watching a travel show. If you prefer to sit on a beanbag after a long day, you can of course also personalize it with your own photos.

Personalized fabrics are also a great way to make a lasting memory with your travel photos. Are you someone who loves DIY and can you handle the sewing machine? Then you can choose to design a fabric yourself with an online printer, of course with your own photos. You can then decide yourself what you want to make with it. A custom tablecloth, covers for the dining room chairs or new bedding sets for the bedroom are just some examples of things you can make with your own fabrics. Use your imagination and design a whole line for your interior.

Surprisingly original photo products

If you take a look at an online printer you will find out there are so many options to print your photos on items. What do you think about drinking your cup of coffee or tea from a mug with your holiday photo? Or a tote bag that you can use when you go (grocery) shopping?  Also, gadgets that you can use during your next trip like a USB stick, a power bank or headphones can be personalized with your photos. This way it will be easy to recognize your personal


Hardcover photo books to show off

Of course, if you want to show your photos to others, you can get a book with a hardcover printed. Whether you’ve been away for a weekend on a city trip to Barcelona, enjoyed a beach holiday in Europe or traveled to Asia or South America, you often take many photos during a trip. Photos you want to show off to others and to share your experience. Online you can quickly and easily compose a photo book yourself and make it entirely to your liking. Tip: this is also a great gift for your travel companion.

With the countless possibilities to print photos on original products for your home, it´s easy to make the holiday feeling last longer. Now it´s only a matter of choosing what photos you like the most. Maybe that´s easier said than done, though. Enjoy!