Majorca Family Holiday Guide

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Looking for a sunny vacation to take as a family? Don’t overlook the Spanish Island of Mallorca! Contrary to what you might think, it’s not the party hotspot that its sister island, Ibiza, is! It’s one of my favorite places in Spain to enjoy the Mediterranean and has many fantastic family activities. 

In this post, I’ll share a guide to going to Mallorca as a family so you can plan a memorable vacation that the kids won’t ever forget!

Let’s dive in!

When To Go To Mallorca

The best time to go to Mallorca as a family is May, September, or October. While June, July, and August are the “high season,” this is also when there are the most people and most partiers, and the weather can be unbearably hot.

The shoulder season brings comfortably warm temperatures warm enough to swim and fewer people, so you don’t have to worry about the kids getting lost in the crowd.

As a bonus, you’ll save some money by going in the off-season, and you won’t be contributing to the over-tourism that hits the island in the Summer.

How to Get to Majorca

The best way to get to Majorca is by plane to the Palma International Airport. It is connected to many main airports in Europe.

If you are already in Spain, you can take a ferry from some coastal cities like Barcelona or Valencia.

Best Areas to Stay As a Family in Majorca


Located in the north of Mallorca, Alcudia is perfect for families who want some culture and history while having a ton to do and getting in some fantastic beach days! The beaches in Alcudia are long and sandy with shallow waters, making it safer for the kiddos to splash around. Alcudia also has an old town with Medieval walls that kids will love exploring and feeling back in time. Alcudia is a resort town, so there are many lively hotel options with plenty of activities for the whole family.

Hotel Option for Families: Club Mac is one of the best sellers for families on the island. It’s a waterpark hotel with swimming pools and slides everywhere – you don’t even have to leave it! 


Also, in the northern part of Mallorca, you’ll find Pollenca. Pollenca is an excellent pick if you’re a family who wants something more chill and laid-back. It’s known for its beautiful landscapes, including the Tramuntana mountains and stunning coves. The beach is full of things to do but also has a more secluded area. The town is beautiful, with narrow streets to explore, and much less crowded than Palma. Families can enjoy hiking, beach days, and exploring the ancient streets.

Hotel Option for Families: Son Brull has gorgeous villas, which the area is known for, with a private heated pool! Kiddos can walk around chicken coops or beehives as the villas are on an old monastery and farmland.

Playa de Palma

Now we move to the island’s south coast, Playa de Palma. It’s close to the airport and Palma City, which is excellent for families who want to stay around the capital city to be central to things to do and some of the best restaurants on the island. The area has activities, from beach sports to water parks.

Hotel Option for Families: Iberostar Cristina provides a kids’ club, spacious rooms, and easy beach access. You also have an all-inclusive option here!

Palma Nova

Palma Nova, also on the south coast, is known for having multiple sandy beaches – Son Matias, Na Nadala, and Es Carregador are the most popular -, clear waters, and quite a few family-friendly resorts. It’s one of the busiest resort areas, so you’ll have a lot of options in terms of things to do and places to eat. It’s also near Palma, so you can still explore the capital city to see more of the island. It’s important to note that Palma Nova is close to Magaluf, the “party spot” of Mallorca, so stay away from that area, especially at night.

Hotel Option for Families: Hotel San Caliu Spa Oasis has large rooms, kids’ meals, a kids’ pool, beach access, and many things to do, including evening entertainment.

Santa Ponsa

In the southwest, Santa Ponsa is one of the most popular places for families to stay. While it’s close to the party spot of the island, it’s way tamer and low-key. There are several large resorts here with tons to keep the kiddos entertained. The town has a large, sandy beach, shallow waters, and a variety of family-friendly activities. You can find small coves with fewer people if you want to escape it all.

Hotel Option for Families: Jutlandia Family Resort is so family-friendly, and it’s in the name! You’ll find a kid-friendly buffet, outdoor play equipment, a kids club, and waterslides here.

Cala Millor

On the East Coast, Cala Millor was made with families in mind. It has a long stretch of beach with a promenade lined with hotels. It’s great if your family enjoys hitting the beach, seeing nature parks, and exploring caves. There is even a small theme park for kiddos here. Hotel Option for Families: Marins Playa features apartment-style accommodations, children’s playgrounds, and entertainment, making it perfect for family stays.


Soller differs from the other cities on this list as it’s not on the coast. Soller is in the valley of the UNESCO World Heritage Tramuntana mountains on the west coast, which gives it an exciting blend of mountain and sea. If you want to have some relaxing beach days but also tire the kiddos out with gorgeous hiking or exploring the charming villages of Mallorca, this is the perfect base.

The town is known for its historic tramway to the Port de Soller and amazing oranges! If you visit Mallorca in April, you can check out the Soller orange fair!

Hotel Option for Families: Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel offers babysitting, children’s activities, a kids club, and bike rentals to explore the town.

Places to Avoid on A Majorca Family Holiday

While most places in Mallorca are great picks to stay as a family, there are a couple that I suggest you avoid.


Magaluf is the party hotspot of the island. This is especially popular with younger tourists who want to be drunk on a beach all day. The area has some fun family activities, but I recommend staying away at night and not using it as a base.

Deia or Valldemossa

These mountain towns near Soller are beautiful and romantic but could be more family-friendly. While you could wander through them with the kiddos, staying there would be boring. Staying here is better for couples looking for a secluded romantic vacation.

Palma Aquarium and Marine Land

While offering entertainment and educational experiences, these are not the most sustainable, responsible or eco-friendly travel options due to their captivity of marine animals. Captive animals raise ethical and environmental concerns, detracting from sustainable tourism practices.

How to Get Around Majorca

The best way to get around during Majorca family holidays is by renting a car. It’s affordable and will allow you to see most of the island without worrying about getting everyone together on time to match the public transport schedule.

However, if a car is not an option, the public transport system in Mallorca is very well-designed and easy to use.

You can quickly get around in cities by walking; bring plenty of water to keep the kids hydrated in the sun.

Top Things to Do With Kids in Majorca

Ride The Soller Antique Train

Riding the antique train from Soller to Palma (or vice versa) is one of the best things to do during family holidays in Majorca! Kids will love looking out the window as the vintage train goes through the mountains, olive groves, and citrus groves. It’s a beautiful way to be able to explore both cities!

Pro tip: If you don’t want to take the whole train, you can also take a 10-minute train ride from Port Soller to Soller’s city center!

Boat Tours

You’re in the Mediterranean, so what better way to spend time with the family than on the water? Mallorca has many tours, such as catamarans, that stop in private coves, allowing you to jump off and snorkel as a family. Or, take a glass-bottom boat so the kids can see the sea life without getting in the water.

Pro Tip: there are a few “booze cruises” in Mallorca, so double-check what is supplied before booking to get the vibe of the tour.

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Hot Air Balloon Ride

Want to give your kids an experience that they’ll remember forever? Get on a hot air balloon and see the island at sunrise or sunset. This might be better suited if you have older children as the height might be scary for the littles.

Dolphin Watching Boat Tour

Kids will love getting up close and personal with dolphins, as most tours allow them to stop and swim near them.

Important note: Please remember to prioritize eco-friendliness by choosing operators committed to responsible wildlife viewing and environmental conservation. Look for certifications like Blue Flag or Dolphin SMART, opt for tours with minimal environmental impact, and ensure respectful viewing practices. Seek educational tours that raise awareness about marine conservation and support operators contributing to local conservation projects.

Festival Park 

Festival Park is a large shopping area and entertainment complex with indoor karting, an indoor adventure park, and a soft play area for younger kids. When you work up an appetite, there are many family-friendly restaurants around, too!

Rancho Grande Park

If your kids love animals, check out the island’s largest horse ranch. You can explore the island on horseback or hang out at the play area with the kids. You’ve also got BBQ dinners and wagon rides available. It’s a nice change from the beach!


Mallorca has 4 waterparks that make an excellent activity for the whole family

  • Hidropark has slides, wave pools, and mini golf.
  • Wave House has wave machines and a surf simulator
  • Western Waterpark has wild-west-themed slides.
  • Aqualand Waterpark has a ton of slides and pools and is the biggest of the 4.

Katmandu Adventure Park

This is one of the places in Magaluf that is worth checking out. You’ll find a soft play zone and splash park for smaller kids or a rock climbing wall and mini golf for bigger kids. 

Drach Caves

One of the most unique things to do on the island is explore the 4 underground lakes that are all connected. Kids will love exploring around the Stalactites and feeling like they’ve gone to another world.

Beach Days

The beaches of the Mediterranean are beautiful, and Mallorca’s beaches are great for a relaxing day with the family. You can spend time on the water or swimming on many beaches with shallow, warm water.

Ice cream at Mister McCoy’s Island Ices

While it’s not a “tourist hotspot,” it is one of my favorite hidden gems on the island. If you find yourself in Soller, take the kiddos to Mister McCoy’s Island ices for the best homemade ice cream and gelato you’ll ever eat. The flavors are true to the island and very fresh.

They have some unique “adult” flavors for you as well!

Most Family Friendly Beaches in Majorca

1. Alcudia Beach

A great choice because it’s super sandy and sheltered from strong waves. You’ll also have lifeguards, showers, bathrooms, watersports, and restaurants.

2. Playa de Muro

Known as one of the best beaches on the island and even in the world, Playa de Muro has everything you need, like lifeguards, showers, restaurants, and bathrooms. You even have a medical center nearby if something was to go wrong.

3. Port de Pollensa

Port de Pollensa is a horseshoe-shaped bay, and that shape protects it from strong waves. In the Summer, you have lifeguards and all the other necessary amenities. 

You can also walk down to the “Pine Walk” area to find quieter, secluded coves to explore with the family.

4. Cala Millor

Another spot with restaurants, cages, sunbeds, showers, bathrooms and lifeguards. 

5. Port Soller

If you’re in the mountain area of the island, Port Soller is a great family beach day. It’s close to Soller city center with many restaurants and has all the necessary facilities. In the high season, you can even rent pedal boats. 


Is Mallorca A Good Family Holiday?

Yes, Mallorca is a great family holiday! It has tons of activities and beautiful beaches that kids and adults will enjoy.

Is Mallorca An Expensive Holiday Destination?

Mallorca is not expensive, but it is not cheap either. If you compare it to other tropical destinations, it is more affordable. However, if you compare it to some other cities in Spain, it’s more expensive.

How Many Days in Mallorca is Enough?

The ideal amount of days in Mallorca is 5 at a minimum. This will give you enough time to explore the various coasts, towns, and beaches.

Final Thoughts

Mallorca is an excellent place to take a vacation as a family! As you can see by this Mallorca vacation guide, it’s easy to navigate and get to and has many things to see and do. From the white sandy beaches to the turquoise blue waters and all the waterparks and unique experiences, you are sure to have a memorable vacation on your Majorca family holiday!

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