Things To Get Done Before Starting To Travel Long Term

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A wise man once told us that the more you travel the more you see; well we have not only seen but have also experienced a lot in all our traveling sprees. From coastal cities to desert countries, mountainous regions and valley regions we have experienced the first hand splendor of it all. For some people, a one time travel spree can take them ages to plan but we will let you in on some of our few secrets that made most of our travel quite enjoyable, affordable and hustle free.


Take your time planning

This is an important tip for all first time travelers to take. Traveling long term means you will be gone for many days, even months or years depending on the time you intend to spend. As you take your time planning do some research on the places you want to visit. Find out important information like their currency, recreational, accommodation and health facilities, transportation and infrastructure, religious, cultural and traditional norms if any.

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Prepare a budget

A very crucial aspect to any traveler, ensure that you have checked all your bank statements, paid all your bills and loans so that the remaining amount you can use to fund your trip. While traveling to a foreign country try and keep most of your money in a credit card not unless you know the security status of the place then you can walk around freely with paper money. There are a number of ideal credit cards that you can choose from, these cards offer good rates and can be used in more than 100 countries worldwide.


Make last minute preparations

Check on your travel documents and certify that they are valid. Visit your physician an day or two before the actual travel date and carry some medications depending on any medical conditions that you may have or may experience as you travel to the unknown. As part of the last minute preparations before you embark on long term travel is the need to leave your house and home secure. Inform your landlord, caretakers and immediate neighbors that you will be gone for a while. Switch off any electric appliances, shut the water taps well and ensure that all your windows and doors are securely locked.


Are you planning a long-term trip? Let us know where are you heading in the comments below 🙂