8 Reasons To Travel On The London To Venice Orient Express Route

Reasons To Travel On The London To Venice Orient Express Route – A World to Travel

London-Venice Orient Express is the true definition of luxury on wheels. This luxury train has even been being featured in a few Hollywood movies including the well-known movie “Murder on the Orient Express”. It takes you on an incredible journey through some of the most scenic routes in a few major European countries. With all the premium comforts that you can think of, a journey on the Orient Express is sure to leave you gleaming with joy. Here are some reasons to plan a rail journey on the London to Venice Orient Express Route.

1. Take a trip to the classic bygone era

Nowadays, everyone is left hustling between home and office. This was not the case during earlier times. With a busy schedule on an everyday basis, we often forget to take some time out to enjoy and relax. The Orient Express train journey offers just this! It perfectly personifies the railway travel’s golden age. It takes you back to a time when there was absolutely no burden of modern-day life. So sit back, relax and soak in every moment of the journey!

2. Experience celebrity life for a few days

JK Rowling, Julia Roberts, and John Travolta are just some of the many celebrities who have boarded this train in the past. Orient Express has been known to provide a temporary luxurious abode to the who’s who of Hollywood for ages. Did the way of life of celebrities every fascinate you? If yes, you can get a taste of how the superstars live by going on a train journey on the bespoke Orient Express. And don’t be surprised if you bump into your favorite superstar onboard! Experience the glamour and opulence at its best in Orient Express and feel like a celebrity yourself while you do so!

3. Experience the best culinary experience of your life

On the Oriental Express, you can enjoy luxury living while relishing some of the most delectable choices of dishes from the European cuisine. Here, you can sample a variety of food from the local delicacies as well as other international delights. All thanks to Chef Christian Bodiguel and his team, you can get a chance to satiate your taste buds with the most scrumptious food that’ll leave your taste buds wanting for more! Brittany’s Relish Lobsters and Mont St Michel’s Gorge on Salt Marsh Lamb are just a few of the many dishes which you must try while traveling in the Orient Express. You’ll forget for a while that you are aboard a train!

4. Feel like royalty and indulge yourself

The Orient Express features a set of royal cabins from the 1920s which have been intricately restored. If you want to experience royal living for a few days, be sure to book these cabins for the most unforgettable stay of your life. You can choose from the single cabins, double cabins, triple cabins as well as the interconnecting cabins. These cabins are the ultimate definition of luxury and space. Get a chance to set foot into a dreamland with a plush backdrop by planning a trip on the Orient Express. With private bathrooms, on-call steward, and complimentary champagne, the cabin suites in the Orient Express are the epitome of class and luxury. 

5. Explore the beautiful history of the past

A journey on the Orient Express London to Venice is almost like traversing through a museum. Everything from the decor of the train to the polished wood and intricately designed upholstery, the Orient Express is a treat to the eyes. With every step you take, you can discover several entities of the historical past. With beautiful adornments and furnishings all around, you would be left awestruck with admiration. This is exactly what makes the Orient Express the best train journey for every history buff and this what draws them from every nook and corner of the world. Experience your love for history reaching a whole new level by hopping on this train.

6. Have a good time with friends and family

Traveling solo may be great but enjoying this train journey with your friends and family has its own perks. How good is an experience if it is not shared? The train journey on The Orient Express is best enjoyed in the company of people whom you love and treasure. So, invite your loved ones on this intriguing journey and experience the best time of your life. Love champagne? No problem! The Orient Express not only offers free champagne for luxury cabin suite occupants but accommodates a champagne bar as well where some of the finest champagne varieties are offered to other passengers onboard.

7. Enjoy scenic routes along the way

The Orient Express sets course on the incredible European train journey from London and then moves on to the other iconic destinations of Europe. Throughout the train journey, you can catch several glimpses of the picturesque landscapes of European countries. The splendid view of the towering Alps can also be witnessed while traveling through the different European cities on this train. Looking out of a train window takes each one of us back to our childhood days, and when the view is filled with nature’s gifts, the experience is enhanced two-fold. The lush green landscapes with colorful flowers dotted here and there, the lakes which run through the different cities and the magnificent architectural wonders which can be sighted from several miles away are just some of the many views which you get to witness on this train journey.

8. Explore some Iconic European cities

Through this train journey, not only do you get a chance to explore the intriguing sites in London (here’s how to visit London without breaking the bank) and Venice but also get a chance to witness the beautiful tourist spots in other European cities such as Budapest, Paris, and Zurich. When in Venice, do not miss out on the opportunity to visit the Grand Canal which is the defining point of everything there is to Venice. You can even head to the St Mark’s Square and enjoy the delectable local cuisine. If you are a travel enthusiast and want to explore specific European cities that come on the way, you can do that too! If you wish to, you can hop off the train at any of the destinations which seems interesting to you to explore it further.

Experience high-end European luxury travel by hopping on the Orient Express. Create memorable moments by enjoying each of the activities offered on this trip. Once aboard, you’ll realize that it’s truly a lifetime experience! So, book this train journey now and go on one of the most fascinating trips of your life!