Lisbon uncovered

Lisbon Crew Hassan artwork

Why would you like to spend a golden time as an intern just 500 km away from home when you could go pretty much anywhere in the world?

Well, in my case, I knew where I was heading to 😉

Check out our last collaboration with RunawayJuno and get ready for LISBON!

Street views from Santa Xusta lift, Lisbon

Street views from Santa Xusta lift, Lisbon


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  1. agremon

    A travel to Lisbon is so as the earthquake that destroyed the city: first, water leaved the coast, as you leave prejudices and rest astonished. After, water returned and flew by city, destroying it, as you walk by the city and deconstruct each place. Finally, once retired water, was’s time to reconstruct the city, as you can form another idea of this simple and complex city, allways receptive and hospitable, allways a place to be comfortable!

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