Lightweight And Low Maintenance Gadgets – The Ultimate Travelling Companions

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Traveling around the world has changed almost unrecognizably over the last decade or so; it’s no longer a matter of simply loading up a backpack with a sleeping bag, guidebook, and a diary to keep you safe for a three-month trek across the continent. These days it’s all much more technology-based, with internet cafes giving way to WiFi spots – and ultimately 4G – and as such, the equipment that you need to bring along with you has changed dramatically. Today we’d like to present you a few of our favorite lightweight and low maintenance gadgets.

Bulky and cumbersome laptops have given way to sleek, lightweight tablets and phones – so whether you’re looking to keep your blog up-to-date, stay in contact with friends and relatives back at home, or find your way around a new city, why not take a look at some of the newer kids on the block before you wave goodbye to your family and set off for some inter-railing?

In this respect, a great option for keen travelers who need to stay online for the duration of their voyage would be the new HP Envy – the thinnest notebook ever released from a genuine market leader. Weighing just over 1.25 kg, this fantastic creation – which combines the power you’d expect from a laptop, but encased within a frame just 12.9 mm thick – will change the fortunes of travelers around the world, especially considering that its new and improved battery offers up to ten hours of life without charge.

This means that you will be able to take advantage of a wide range of free apps for even longer than ever before – so whether you’re into keeping in touch with Skype, or staying organized with PackPoint, you can do it longer and without worrying about finding a socket to recharge. And as everyone knows that travel invariably involves more waiting around than you would like, so why not give online roulette a whirl by taking advantage of Coral’s online offering, which not only gives you the opportunity to while away wasted hours in airports and train stations by playing a wide range of exciting games – it could also even swell your traveling fund with a big win!

Similarly, the G4 ‘phablet’ from rivals LG will give you all the same benefits – without the need for a separate phone. Obviously, battery charge is less than that offered by the HP Envy gave their relative sizes, but it will still give you plenty of planning, chatting and playing time, and with its Wireless Charging feature and spare battery included, you needn’t worry about forgetting your plug adapter.

Staying entertained and in touch whilst away has never been easier, so why not take the first step and purchase a lightweight and convenient traveling companion today? Whether you’re at university or strolling the streets of Rome, these functional and stylish accessories are the perfect accompaniment to any setting.