Las Vegas Tips Every First-Time Visitor Needs To Know

Ideas For Activities In Las Vegas – A World to Travel

Looking forward to your trip to Las Vegas? You will no doubt have a great time once you get there and dive straight into this unusual city! However, there are a few tips that every first-time visitor needs to know in order to make sure they fully enjoy their trip without being too overwhelmed by this crazy city!. Some of these tips can also help you save some money! Never been to Las Vegas before? Then read on for some first-class info!

Best Spots For People Watching

There are some very curious people in Las Vegas, and you will certainly love watching them mill about! Some of the best spots to sit back and enjoy watching the crowds are at Caesar’s Palace. Go to the hotel’s Forum Shops and request a patio table at the Cheesecake Factory. This will be a great spot to sit, enjoy a coffee, and watch the world go by.

Distances Will Be Bigger Than Expected

Once people land in McCarran International Airport, they normally use one of the many Las Vegas airport transfers to get to The Strip or Downtown. The airport is very close to the town, so many people think that walking from Downtown to The Strip, or walking along The Strip, isn’t actually that far. However, distances between places in Las Vegas are longer than you might think. Even the walk between neighboring hotels will usually take you longer than you think – especially in the desert heat! So make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get between attractions.

Don’t Buy Drinks

Want to save your money to use on the roulette wheels? Well, here’s a handy little tip. As long as you are playing on the slot machines or playing a card game, you will be able to get your drinks for free. Once you start playing cocktail waitresses will approach you and ask you if you’d like anything. These drinks are completely free! Just remember that you will need to tip the waitress, though. Failing to do so will mean they might not come back to you for another order!

Prepare For The Hot Weather

It sure does get hot, hot, hot out in Vegas! But don’t worry, all of the hotels have modern air conditioning, so you will be able to get a comfortable night’s sleep no matter what the temperature is outdoors. However, because it always feels nice and cool inside, you may forget just how savage the heat really is. So whenever you leave your hotel, you always need to dress accordingly. Remember to apply plenty of sunscreen too. It’s also a good idea to carry plenty of water with you as well. Some walks can be quite long, and you won’t want to be stuck out in the heat with nothing to drink!

If you heed all this good advice, you will certainly have a brilliant time in Las Vegas! Don’t forget to send us a postcard!