Travel For Two: Key Factors For A Romantic Week Abroad

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If there’s only one thing that’s better than exploring the world, it’s enjoying those adventures with the person you love. However, taking a romantic trip abroad is a unique type of vacation. This is why you need to ensure it boasts the ingredients needed for perfection.

So what exactly does the recipe for a phenomenal week away with your loved one look like? Let’s take a closer look at the key points of focus.

Embrace Natural Beauty

The best romantic holidays always include that one magical moment that wouldn’t look out of place in a movie. The pair of you locked in love in front of a stunning background, what more could you ever ask for? Choosing a destination with that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for that moment should be top of your list.

Seeing the Northern Lights in the Snaefellsnes Peninsula of Iceland is the perfect example of how a beautiful backdrop can turn your romantic week into the ultimate trip. 

Just remember to get some beautiful photographs too because they could become the ultimate canvas art for your home.

Celebrate A Joint Passion

As a loving couple, you almost certainly share a number of interests in life. Your next holiday could be the perfect place to make the most of those joint loves.

This could manifest itself in following a band on tour. It can be especially enjoyable if you met at a previous gig or had this as the first dance at your wedding. Alternatively, you might attend a big sporting event involving your team. Either way, those one-off events can add a sprinkling of magic to your trip to ensure that it’s one neither of you ever forgets.  

Add Comfort

When you travel alone, roughing it out can be a great way to gain an immersive experience while meeting new people. On a romantic break, though, choosing a comfortable hotel can make all the difference to your enjoyment.


Of course, if you are backpacking together for a long time, there’s nothing wrong with the odd stop-off in less comfy surroundings. On a short vacation, though, investing in that additional comfort and privacy is key. Fail to do this, and you could soon start to feel drained. Let’s face it; when you’re tired, you’re far more likely to annoy each other. Just remember not to overlook the importance of the journey too. There’s nothing worse than being in a bad mood before you’ve even arrived.  

Make A Joint To-Do List

Perhaps most importantly, though, you need to appreciate that it’s a holiday for two. All successful relationships require a sense of compromise, and your holidays should be no different. There’s nothing wrong with letting one party organize the bulk of your itinerary. Nonetheless, the more passive member should still have a say.  

Even if it’s visiting one attraction or restaurant, having the chance to make at least one decision will ensure that you’re both enjoying the holiday. In turn, that should encourage greater joint fun also.

Isn’t that exactly what you’re after?

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