Top 10 Italian Menu Delicacies To Taste In The Different Regions Of Italy

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Visiting the different regions of Italy

Where does one even begin? Italy has diverse tourist attraction sites ranging from the mountains to the beaches, and to the historical monuments.

Apart from the rich archeological structures and the beautiful scenery, Italy has delicious cuisine that you cannot afford to miss out on when you go visiting. The dishes are extraordinarily regional and are strongly influenced by local traditions as well as the climatic factors. Let’s have a look at 10 of the most famous gourmet foods and where you need to visit to indulge your taste buds:

Italian food by region


Where to eat it: Naples, Campania

Pizza is a preferred common snack because is easy to fix, affordable and filling. Basically, pizza is an oven­baked slab of flatbread that is served with oil and spices and it’s usually round in shape. This meal is especially common in Naples where tomato sauce was first added.

The two main types of pizza are the Neapolitan-style pizza and the Roman-style pizza. The former is thick with a fluffy crust and a smaller diameter compared to the Roman-style pizza which has a larger diameter, a thinner crust and is slightly crunchy.

In Italy Pizza is also distinguished as either red or white: the red has tomato sauce while the white does not have tomato sauce but uses other ingredients as toppings.

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Pasta Carbonara

Where to eat it: Rome, Lazio

Your trip to Italy wouldn’t be complete without eating pasta, a common dish on every Italian menu out there.  

Normally, pasta is made from durum wheat, water, and semolina flour. Eggs are optional. There are different types of pasta depending on the size and shape but the two main categories are either short or long.

The carbonara is the bucket list pizza that you should definitely try. It comprises spaghetti, cured guanciale, eggs, pecorino cheese, and lots of pepper.


Where to eat it: Emilia Romagna

This is yet another classic Italian dish that is loved by many. It can be found across the best food cities in Italy and it is made by baking sheets of lasagna pasta layered with cheese, minced meat, fresh ragu, and different types of sauces.


Where to eat it: Tuscany

Traditionally, this meal was considered a poor man’s food. It’s said that it was first created by poor servants who used to collect leftover food from their masters and boil the items in water. Ribolita translates to “reboiled” in English; hence that’s how the dish got its name.

This rich and hearty soup is basically made out of boiled vegetables and bread.


Where to eat it: Emilia Romagna

This is the staple starch that you’ll find in most parts of Northern Italy. The dish comprises boiled cornmeal which may either be served as mashed potatoes or in baked/grilled loaves.

Polenta is mostly served as an accompaniment to meat.


Where to eat it: Milan, Lombardy

Risotto, one of the most popular Italian dishes there are, is a creamy rice meal that can be flavored in a variety of ways and may be served either as a primo or as a side dish. Some varieties include Risotto Alla Milanese, Risotto al Tartufo Bianco, Risotto al Frutti di mare, and Risotto al Nero di sepia.

The meal is prepared by first covering rice in butter and toasting it. The toasted rice is then cooked in broth until it forms a thick and creamy consistency.

Arancini and Suppli

Where to eat it: Rome

Both the Arancini and the Suppli are types of freshly-fried rice ball that can be found everywhere you go in Italy including the markets, bars, and restaurants. The difference between these two famous Italian dishes is that the Arancini is usually larger and has a conical or circular shape; the Suppli is oblong in shape.

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Where to eat it: Sicily

Gelato is similar to ice cream but these two differ in a number of ways. For example, gelato is much softer in texture due to the ingredients used; Ice cream uses more cream than milk as opposed to gelato where more milk is used. Of the two, gelato has a much higher density

It’s also worth noting that no preservatives are used in the making of gelato because it is not made for long-term storage.


Where to eat it: Veneto

Tiramisu is a light and creamy dessert that is made from alternating layers of coffee­soaked ladyfinger biscuits, sweetened mascarpone cheese, cocoa powder, eggs, and sugar.

There are different flavors available such as chocolate tiramisu, fruit tiramisu, and ch’tiramisu.


Where to eat it: Umbria, Tuscany (a region consistently topping every list of Italy attractions out there), and Piedmont.

Truffles are a type of fungus that grows in the wild in Italy.

These delicacies have an exquisite scent and a magnificent taste. There is the more aromatic variety that is white in color and is usually served fresh since it cannot withstand cooking; on the other hand, the less aromatic black truffle is used as a key ingredient in pasta dishes and other local dishes.

Truffle shavings are used to add flavor to different dishes.


Italy is a place of incomparable beauty that is made a perfect vacation destination by the beautiful sea and the wonderful sunsets in summer. The region’s rich heritage and deep traditions play a major role in the authenticity of the food found there. What better way to express people’s culture than by the food they eat?


The variations in the dishes for different regions make the travel experience even more profound. So if you’re planning on visiting Italy, make sure to bring a huge appetite. Good Italian food can be found everywhere!

Cooking is one of the best ways to travel to Italy without leaving home, but there are many others. Check them out.