Is New York On Your Bucket List? 4 Good Reasons Why It Should

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Is New York on your bucket list?

A bucket list is just a list of hopes and dreams. It’s things that you want to do before you die and while that sounds a little morbid, it ensures you don’t waste your life. New York might already be on your bucket list, but if it isn’t, there’re a few reasons why it should be. Better yet, write it on now and tick it off next year. We have a few ideas of what you can do once you arrive there.


Try The Local Cuisine

There are so many types of food that you can buy in the store right now and have New York in the name. If you’re buying desert, I bet you’re tempted to buy a New York xheesecake. Or, how about a New York style pizza for dinner? What about some New York Italian pasta? And don’t forget to buy your New York bagel for lunch! See what I mean? But despite the name reference none of the foods you buy in store taste anything like what you get in the city. An example would be the pizza. Have you ever had pizza with pasta on top of it? While a calorie nightmare it tastes delicious and NYC is one of the only places you can get it. You think you’ve tasted food? You haven’t unless you’ve had a meal in one of New York’s finest restaurants.


See Movie History

There have been so many films shot in New York over the years that it’s impossible to not know at least one. Home Alone 2, Miracle on 34th Street and Sleepless in Seattle were all shot on location in the Big Apple. If you go there, you’ll have the chance to explore the settings of your favorite scenes. You can even get a guided tour, pointing out all the famous locations. Speaking of fame, we guarantee you’ll see a few stars while out and about in NYC. There are so many that live there, it’s impossible not to.


The Only Way To Truly Experience A Musical

Ask any musical theater fan, and they’ll tell you Broadway is nothing like seeing your typical stage show. Even the West End in London can’t compare. It’s where the show started, and if you’re lucky, you’ll catch it with the original cast. There’s something for everyone including Hamilton, The Color Purple, and The Humans. A Broadway show isn’t just the chance to be entertained. You’ll discover something about yourself that you never knew too. There’s nothing quite like being captivated by a truly spectacular performance. I suggest you pick the show that you most want to see and book Broadway show tickets in advance. The best seats sell out fast.


Historical Landmarks

Finally, there are the landmarks of the city themselves. Whether you want to travel to the top of the Empire State Building or get a boat to the Statue of Liberty, it’s all in NYC. You can book a full tour to see all the sites. Or you can pick the ones you’re most interested in. It’s your choice, but I recommend seeing the Empire State Building at night. The view is absolutely stunning.


Now, we ask again. Is New York on your bucket list? Let us know in the comments below!