Why You Should Travel to Fiji Right Now

Overhead of the Wicked Walu at the Warwick Resort in Fiji – Why You Should Travel to Fiji Right Now

Fiji, the land of over 300 islands, is the closest thing to paradise you’ll come to in Oceania. And I am aware that is a big statement to make.

Known for its softly-spoken and genuinely warm locals, pristine beaches, and general laid-back island vibe, Fiji is the destination to visit any time you are seeking a truly relaxing break.

With many islands owned by resorts with mandatory meal packages, simply all you have to worry about is how early is too early to get a cocktail, and when you’ll next go for a snorkel.

Typically a honeymoon or family-friendly destination, I was surprised to discover that there is also a prevalent backpacker scene, especially for solo travelers in Fiji. And when lying in a hammock becomes a bit too, well, relaxing, there are many outdoorsy activities to keep you active and entertained.

Fiji is back open to welcome travelers from all over the world after nearly two years closed, and the tourism board is pushing hard to kick-start tourism again.

So, why should you endeavor to travel to Fiji right now above other destinations? Well, here are just a few reasons to inspire you to choose Fiji for your next vacation:

An extra quiet vacation awaits

Since the pandemic shut everything down, tourism has almost certainly not bounced back to pre-covid levels. Hotels, tours, and transportation remain quiet. Many hotels and homestays are still shut as there is just not enough demand to reopen.

This is obviously devastating for the locals, but the plus side for you is that popular Fiji is quieter than ever.

Instead of packed boats, resorts and beaches, sometimes you have a place all to yourself to enjoy the magic of Fiji. It’s also easy to socially distance as transportation, for example, is not fully booked.

Because there are so few of you at hotels and accommodations, you form a strong connection with everyone, including the staff who will always know you by name. You really feel like you get personalized, extra special 5* service.

The stunning Sawa-i-Lau Caves just to the south of Yasawa Islands are usually overrun with visiting boats. However, when I went, we had the place to ourselves for about 40 minutes, before even another boat (which only carried 4 people) arrived to join us. It was so nice to enjoy the peacefulness of the epic cave without it being packed with people.

It’s the same situation for many other popular sites too such as swimming with manta rays in the Yasawa Islands which previously could see up to 30 boats crowding the water. Now, if you’re lucky, you may be the only boat!

Go now before tourism is in full swing again so you can enjoy the true serenity of the Fiji Islands.

Even better wildlife encounters

The above being said, there has been one big upside to a lack of tourism over the past few years – nature has boomed.

The Government of Fiji has committed to designate 30% of its oceans as marine protected areas. Although fishing and other commercial activities are banned in these parts, diving and snorkeling still happen in many places. However with no dive boats for over two years, the corals and marine life here have flourished in near peace.

The great thing about Fiji is that you don’t even need to leave on a boat to enjoy the underwater world – snorkeling just off the shore of many of the islands is incredible.

At Barefoot Manta Resort on Drawaqa Island, you can even swim with wild manta rays which, as I mentioned above, is much quieter than normal (and only 100m from the resort shore). It’s a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience for any tourist!

Many travelers I met had also snorkeled with sharks, sea snakes and some of the best marine life they said they have ever seen.

I’d also highly recommend a visit to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant near Nadi, a wonderfully nature-rich botanical garden with such an incredible array of butterflies, birds, and insects. 

Help the locals bounce back

Being a premium place to holiday, in particular for Australian and New Zealand nationals, you can see why tourism is one of Fiji’s biggest income streams.

Having closed its borders for over two years, with no tourists allowed, the financial hit they have taken as a country and their GDP has been devastating.

Everyone in the tourism sector simply lost their jobs, with ricocheting effects on many related work sectors. 

The money you spend on a trip to Fiji will get people back into employment and kick start an industry that has been struggling to keep afloat. 

Fijians are some of the kindest and most genuinely friendly people I have met on my travels. Although a drop in the ocean in the bigger picture, it felt good to spend my money there.

Take advantage of great flight deals

Do one Google search about Fiji and you’ll soon be bombarded with ads for cheap flights and holidays. But it isn’t all bad if you are genuinely considering going.

There are some great travel deals to be had right now in an attempt to lure travelers back. Fiji Airways are having big sales and there are many discounted flight & hotel packages up for grabs.

If flights were too expensive before, then you may well be able to afford them right now.

You deserve a stress-free getaway!

The past few years have been tough on us all. But if you’re willing to go to the little extra effort of complying with Fiji’s current travel requirements initially, what awaits is a stress-free and blissful getaway from it all. 

Once you are in Fiji, you forget about all the drama and stresses of life and are transported to true idyllic pacific island life.

Fijians are super laid back and there’s no harassment or pressure to do anything other than take in the island’s beauty if that’s all you want to do! They’re utter hospitality professionals who will keep you well fed, watered, and entertained!

For a true treat, whether solo or with a partner or family, a vacation to Fiji will totally refresh you.

Fiji was such a surprise destination to me, exceeding my expectations by an absolute mile. I would highly recommend visiting as soon as you can. So, what are you waiting for?

Tamara is a solo adventure travel blogger at Travelling Tam where she documents her travels and aims to inspire people to seek a more adventurous life – especially women. When she’s not writing or traveling, you can find her hiking, reading, wandering around a new place with a camera in hand, or at the front row of a rock concert.