Is A Visit To Ferrari Land Spain Worth It?


A couple of weeks before the new theme park Ferrari Land Spain opened in Catalonia, I got an invite to attend the Grand Opening day celebrations from 365tickets and Ferrari Land Portaventura. Saying I was curious to see if it was worth a visit would be an understatement, so I headed there for just one day and tested everything there was on display. From the beer to the gelato, from the scariest ride to the most pleasant 4D cinema experience, I now can confidently answer this question: Is visiting Ferrariland Spain worth it?

As it happens, the quick answer would be it depends. But I am sure you will enjoy your time there if you fall into one of these 7 categories:

1. Ferrari die-hard fans

Does the following mean anything to you?

This is my dream. To control this perfect machine, to feel its pressure, to rule it, to reach the ski without leaving the ground, to drive often to infinity.

Everyone’s dream finally comes true. New park Ferrari Land, the only one in Europe. Dream, live, and feel at Port Aventura World, 1 hour from Barcelona.

Ferrari fans, Ferrari owners, and Ferrari drivers wanna-be; welcome home! 

As the legendary brand celebrates its 70th anniversary, Ferrari Land opens its doors as the first Ferrari-themed park in Europe after Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World. And this one has 70,000 m2 of everything a true Ferrari enthusiast could wish for.

Plus, on top of the rides and themed areas, in the Ferrari Experience building it is possible to visit Ferrari Land Gallery and learn about Ferrari’s founder Enzo Ferrari; the present, past, and future of the brand and both the F1 and GT worlds.


2. Adrenaline junkies

Red Force – the name does not lead to misunderstandings. And YES, it is worth dropping by Ferrari Land just for this thrilling ride if going from 0 to 180km per hour in 5 seconds plus experiencing 4G means anything to you.

I know what this one did for me. Even before getting to my hotel the night before, when I saw that giant ride, I could not believe its comparison to the Euthanasia Coaster that went viral a few months back. The good news is that the height of the Red Force is almost 5 times less than the deadly one. And they are VERY different even on its design as Ferrari Land’s does not have any inversions and features just one lift hill of 112m.

If I was not sure I was going to gather the will needed, after lunch, I simply could not help it and gave Europe’s highest and fastest Vertical Accelerator a try. And later I went on the other park rides, which after this one felt easy on my body and soul.

It was an experience to add to my list of favorite flight experiences around the world.

In any case, I am really glad that I waited a bit to jump on the Red Force (I mean, opening day! we were like guinea pigs!) and did not take my smartphone with me (I saw one falling from the top of Red Force and getting smashed against the ground. seven other small gadgets fell the opening day too) or suffered a pigeon unrequested encounter at the peak as this dude:

Be careful out there, lol, for god’s sake do not bring anything loose with you onboard this ride. You have been warned!

These other rides are also interesting:

  • The Thrill Towers: Featuring a free fall one and a rebound.
  • Maranello Grand Race. A 550m racing circuit.
  • Junior Championship and Kid’s Podium for the little ones.


3. Amusement park lovers

Do you get butterflies when walking among themed streets full of smiling characters and colorful things happening all the time?

Are you already visiting the adjacent Port Aventura World Parks & Resorts?

Then it is a no brainer, you need to get yourself to Ferrari Land now. There you will find acrobatic and BMX shows, jumpers, and skilled basketball players. And Italian traditional dancing in the pathways and park squares!


4. Gamers

Unfortunately, I could not partake in this F1 Virtual Reality experience because a bunch of cool kids booked all the simulators in no time. I am assuming this was an outcome of the 15 minutes slots being free that day (it costs 25€ on top of your entry ticket). In any case, they all seemed to be having the time of their lives, sitting in their F1 as pro pilots and facing 3 wide screens.

If you are sick of smashing Gran Turismo home, get yourself over the Pole Position Challenge. You won’t be disappointed!


5. Eye candy seekers

Being a photography addict, I am always on the lookout for satisfying and eye-pleasing subjects.

Luckily, I found no shortage of them in Ferrari Land as everything was shiny, colorful, and overall very interesting to picture IMHO.

Plus, inside the main building, Ferrari Experience, movie lovers like me can savor two unique theaters:

  • Racing Legends, ‘A journey through time with Scuderia Ferrari’ – An Omnimax show inside a wraparound dome that will make you feel the adrenaline of an F1.
  • Flying Dreams, ‘Around the world with Ferrari’ – A Flying Theater trip in a Ferrari GT to explore the world from the comfort of your armchair.

There’s no better after lunch plan!


6. Italy fanatics and bon vivants

They both go hand in hand usually. If you appreciate life as the Southern Europeans do, and on top of that have a little something for Italy, Ferrari Land is probably one of the best spots to find yourself outside the country.

There s the Roman Colosseum, Venice St. Mark’s bell tower, the masterpiece of Florence’s Galleria dell’Accademia – Michelangelo’s hefty sculpture of David – and a collection of Tuscany inspired buildings. There are gelaterias and ristorantes, a bunch of places where to just sit and enjoy the sun with a coffee or glass of beer, and of course, all the Ferrari themed stuff. Everywhere.


7. People already in the area

Because if you are already in Barcelona – barely an hour away from Ferrariland – or Tarragona, whether it is for business or pleasure, you might as well drop by and check what the buzz is all about.


Have you been to Ferrari Land? Do you have any questions? Please leave us a message below.  We want to know your opinion!

Thanks so much to 365tickets and Ferrari Land Portaventura for the invite. I had a blast! Thanks also to Huawei Spain for our new toy, the Huawei P10, that I used to take all the pictures here.

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  1. william maddicott

    Thanks for your post! I wasn’t sure Ferrari world was worth a visit! But after reading this we’ve decided to give it a go when we visit! Photos are awesome by the way!!

  2. Max

    Hey Imma,
    I saw this post on Facebook and I wasn’t sure what Ferrari Land even was. I imagined it to be an amusement park and it looks that way. I love how you outlined who this park would be great for. I’m glad to tell you I fit as an adrenaline junkie and a lover of amusement parks. Any favorite rides?

    Now if only I could get my wife to ride one of the rides with me I’d be set. Thanks for the post!


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