Introducing Our New Partners + A Galicia Short Movie Of Our Comeback!


After our latest SE Asia adventures that took us to Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia during the month of October and a bit of November, it is awesome to go back to our homeland – base – and find out nothing has changed in this little paradise of ours in the North West coast of Spain called GALICIA.

And, as if this wasn’t enough, arriving here to a warm Fall is something that fills us with joy and just pushes us outside.

So the first afternoon spent here, we headed to a nearby beach by Corrubedo dunes, a highly preserved area which displays an array of beautiful landscapes and particular eco-diversity.

Here’s a little video I shooted while there.


But, if there is something we are truly excited about on top of returning to Galicia, that is introducing our new partners to you.

We are very happy to start working with these companies, especially since the products they gave us have proven to be perfect to travel with not only for their durability, specs and size but also because they are all pretty damn sexy!


Jord Wood Watches

Wood Wrist Watch

The guys at JORD are now offering free shipping worldwide so why don’t you have a look to these fab and eco-friendly wood watches? I chose this one:

  • Sidney Red Sandalwood & Mother of Pearl

Picture this. You are part of #inatopbucketlist, therefore you find yourself in Yogyakarta, a vibrant Central Java city. After visiting the nearby Buddhist complex of Borobudur at sunrise, the Hindu temple of Prambanan at sunset and the complex of Rato Boko Keraton at noon, your body has already started to adjust to the #wonderfulindonesia humid heat. A couple of days have passed and on top of all those world class sights, you have also tried your luck in jewellery and batik making, wandered around Malioboro street and other neighborhoods and overall had lots of fun (and delicious meals in good restaurants, good night sleeps in a gorgeous heritage hotel and a couple of dips in the most amazing pool in town). You can’t complain. You are being treated and welcomed everywhere. Life is good. So here the 3rd day in town begins. The Royal and Water palaces are on your plans for the day AND the heat starts kicking it soon, insanely early. At 11am, your non-used-to-this-heat-at-all body is already melting. You really want to take in everything that is being laid in front of you but unluckily your energy levels start going down. You look for the shade, try to cool off with the coldest water available and move slowly, following the crowd through these touristic spots. Suddenly it starts leading you underground. Every step, the temperature decreases and you feel more and more alive. You have found the most amazing spot in town to be at noon and you are not planning to leave it for some time. * Ps. Our group spent a good time enjoying the coolness of #SumurGumuling, a former underground mosque dating from the 18th century. Its unique design makes it for great acoustics and a safe place to scape the – sometimes – extremely hot weather of Yogyakarta. IMO, the city deserves a proper visit just for this construction alone. Pure awesomeness. A photo posted by A World to Travel (@aworldtotravel) on


+ Vanguard Tripods and Backpacks Spain

Loving this company! They have recently published an article full of great pictures we sent them here, where we give some notes about how we took them.

And we are testing the following products:

Missing this beauty today. #onlywithveo A photo posted by A World to Travel (@aworldtotravel) on

Today’s view takes us back to Asturias, Spain. Gotta love ‘El Silencio’ beach cliffs. #travelstoke A photo posted by A World to Travel (@aworldtotravel) on

Seriously spoiled by Asturias landscapes. #onlywithveo A photo posted by A World to Travel (@aworldtotravel) on

Here’s a #behindthescenes one from yesterday’s sunset. A photo posted by A World to Travel (@aworldtotravel) on

Oh, the places we will go. #onlywithveo A photo posted by A World to Travel (@aworldtotravel) on

Behind the scenes and about to announce a couple of really cool collabs. How’s your Summer going? Galicia A photo posted by A World to Travel (@aworldtotravel) on

+ Hi-Tec Spain Shoe Wear

They provided us with sandals, sneakers and boots for our SE Asia adventures and have become one of the best shoe brands we have ever traveled with so far. Not only they are tough, light weight and durable but also reasonable affordable and good-looking!

Here’re the Hi-Tec models we’re testing at the moment:


  • Penrith Low WP Men Boots. Color Charcoal / Blue
  • V Lite Rio Quest Men Sneakers. Color Olive / Snow
  • Vortex Strap Men Sandals. Color Dark Taupe / Light Taupe / Gold


  • Galicia Strap Sandals. Color Grey / Orchid
  • Ridge WS. Boots. Color Charcoal / Black / Blue

Take me back to Komodo islands. #wonderfulindonesia #inatopbucketlist A photo posted by A World to Travel (@aworldtotravel) on

Prambanan, a light chasers paradise. #inatopbucketlist #wonderfulindonesia

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If you are interested in knowing what else comes with us every time we set for a new destination, have a look to our essential PACKING LIST for long-term travel.


Talk soon!