An Insider’s Guide To Norway


Norway is one of the most beautiful places on earth and has become the go-to holiday destination for those in the know. Booking your flights and hotel is easy, but how do you make sure that you benefit from all that Norway has to offer? Read this insider’s guide to Norway and make the most of your holiday in this magical land.

The Lofoten Islands are a stunning example of Norwegian beauty and are not to be missed. This is your opportunity to breathe the purest air on earth as you marvel at the breath-taking landscape. If you enjoy hiking, these islands are the perfect playground for exploration. The Lofoten Islands are all interlinked by bridges, so it’s easy to jump between each to truly immerse yourself in the Norwegian island experience. You can travel between the islands by bus, car, or for the more energetic types among you – by bike.

Take a tour by opting to cruise Norway and explore the amazing fjords. Start at Bergen, which is considered to be the ‘gateway’ of the fjords, and relax aboard the ship as you soak up the awe-inspiring beauty of Stavanger in the southwest before reaching the ‘jewel’ of the fjords that is Geiranger. Don’t forget your camera, as you will not want to miss this chance to get photos of arguably the most beautiful part of the world.

Bask in the Northern Lights that illuminate the Norwegian sky between October and March. You aren’t guaranteed to see this amazing phenomena of dazzling green and white light – but if you do, you will have made memories that really do last a lifetime.

Get onboard the railway between Oslo and Bergen to enjoy a magical tour of lush forests that are straight out of the pages of a fairy tale, and take time to appreciate the gorgeously rural landscape near Voss. When you reach your destination in Bergen, you’ll embark with a real sense of having seen sights that are really special – and that you just don’t get with other kinds of holiday.

Go on an adventure into the wilderness by taking a trip to Svalbard. Svalbard is an amazing slice of the polar north, the likes of which you will never have seen before. Head to the highest peaks to survey the stunning glacial beauty and unusual wildlife. Here, there are more polar bears than people – so if you want amazing natural wonders far from the hustle and bustle of real life: you’ll be in heaven in Svalbard.

A holiday in Norway isn’t like taking a trip anywhere else in the world. It’s rich in a natural beauty that is totally unique, and there is so much to explore – you’ll be planning your next trip as soon as you get back home! If your trip to Norway has inspired you to go on more fantastic Scandinavian adventures, read about how you can do a road trip in Iceland in style on this page.

You only get one life: make it count by taking trips that you’ll never forget!