12 Of The Most Inexpensive Countries To Visit In The World

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We all like to travel, but at what price? If you are looking for great value deals and places where, once there, you are not going to break the bank, we have you covered. Keep reading to uncover the most fun and budget-friendly world areas to travel next. These are some of the world’s most inexpensive countries to visit:

Cheapest countries in Southeast Asia

Enjoying warm temperatures throughout the year (and also wet seasons), Southeast Asia is always a safe destination for those looking to save when traveling.

Some of its most affordable countries there are:

The Philippines

Friendly locals, more than 7,000 breathtaking islands and endless paradise-like beaches in places like Coron (Palawan) to discover, decent accommodations, and cheap quality food await those that are not afraid to take a few boats, taxis, buses, planes, and what not to get to each one of them. 


Eating in one of the street food stalls that populate their towns and cities is very common in Thailand. There, a plate of pad thai – a delicious Thai dish – costs less than $2. It is also a very affordable destination for those looking forward to improving their scuba diving skills, with Open Dive courses from $200 on Koh Tao island. What else could someone ask for?


Despite its stunning landscapes, Indonesia is still one of the cheapest Asian countries to visit

Similar to the Philippines, but with many more islands. In this case, the number is close to 17000. This country has a bit of everything, with ultra-luxury accommodations disguised as chic eco-tourism resorts in Bali without going any further, and clubs in Kuta where partying is everything but cheap and a beer can set you down $10 or more.

However, if you move away from the crowds, it couldn’t be more affordable. It is also a perfect destination to live your best life in one of its paradise islands for weeks or months, visa permitting.


Laos is one of the most budget friendly countries in the world

Away from the main tourist routes, Laos is very cheap. If you don’t believe us, head there and see for yourself.


Cambodia is always in the list of the cheapest countries in Asia

Once again, if we leave the hotels surrounding Siem Reap and Angkor Wat behind, Cambodia is a perfect destination for those who prefer to stretch their money and be able to travel further.

Best of it all, Southeast Asia is relatively safe at this time where the world is politically unstable, with many armed conflicts, terror attacks, and other issues that alter tourism. Take advantage while this calm lasts, this area tops every traveler’s list as it is said that those who try it once will always want to return.


Malaysia cannot be missed when discussing the cheapest countries in the world

Leaving behind some busy and pricy spots, again we find a country full of dreamlike natural attractions such as the Perhentian islands and the Langkawi archipelago at a very low cost. Here’s an example: We slept in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur with incredible views of the Petronas Towers and an outdoor pool for less than $ 20. Hard to believe but oh so true! Click here to check out the experience of living in Malaysia as an ex-pat for the last few years.


Cheap countries to visit in Eastern Europe

And, to be more precise, the Balkan countries. The wars in this area of the world ended over 20 years ago. However, the Balkan countries have begun to attract tourism recently. And this is not necessarily a bad thing since slow growth can prevent the area from over-tourism like some of its neighboring countries.

Not too long ago, Croatia would make it to this list of cheap Balkan countries too, but due to the Instagram-fame of destinations such as the Croatian islands in high season, Plitvice Lakes, and King’s Landing (aka. Dubrovnik), we are forced to do without it as is no longer among the cheapest in the area. Still, here are a few others that are still pretty affordable:


Montenegro is one of the most inexpensive countries to visit in Europe

This country offers way more than Kotor cruise stops. Durmitor National Park and The Tara River Canyon are a couple of examples of how stunning the landscapes that can be found there are.

The ultimate Montenegro road trip itinerary you were looking for


You would not believe how gorgeous are the Adriatic and Ionian beach destinations of this country. It is located right in front of Southern Italy too, so temperatures in summer are just perfect there. Coastal resorts, although not as much as they used to be, are still dirt cheap.


One could argue this country has not many attractions. Well, we disagree. Located at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, if you travel by train it is very likely you’ll pass through Belgrade at some point. Transport, food, and accommodation are super affordable, about one-third of what you’d spend in any other European capital.

Curious to know more about the country? Find out some common names in Serbia here.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Mostar and Sarajevo are two places known worldwide for how raw the Balkan War was lived there. Today, Mostar is a charming town that welcomes tourists – and international jumping competitions from its famous bridge – with open arms.

Nearby is Konjic (in the picture), where you can practise white-water rafting among other sports in nature, at a great price. Undoubtedly, another spot in this area of Europe for which it is very worth visiting!

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Those who know us will know that we have a special love for Romania. After taking six trips in the last five years, you need to believe us: we know what we are talking about. Romania is a true paradise where you can find corners that will transport you to any other part of Europe at a fraction of its cost.

The best, in any case, is its people. Welcoming and warm like no other. Can’t wait to go back!


Would you believe me if I told you that I slept in Sofia for $ 5 about five years ago? That’s right, and eating was not expensive either.

Western Europe’s gotta be the best part of the old continent!

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We will try to keep growing this list. Perfect to country-hop around them, there are still many affordable areas across the globe we want to talk about soon:

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