5 Reasons Why Iceland Is The Perfect Place For Solo Travelers

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Some years back, only a few people have traveled to or even heard about Iceland as a tourist destination. But things are rapidly changing and the country is now one of the most sought destinations. 

To begin with, Iceland is a European country on an island in the North Atlantic ocean. It occupies 40,000 square miles of land above sea level. It has a small population of slightly over 330,000 people.

Its remote location and few occupants hide it perfectly from the influence and motion of a robust world that lies beyond. It is a quiet place to seek adventure, meditate and reflect on life, and interact with nature.

It is the perfect place for solo female travelers for a number of reasons.

1. Endless Summer Days And Brief Winter Seasons

Visiting Iceland on a Budget - A World to Travel 2

Contrary to popular belief, Iceland has endless summer days.

It sits next to the north pole and therefore the sun is always shining at an angle above it. You could even get to see the midnight sun! Truly amazing.

You could schedule awesome things to do in summer such as lighting and dancing around bonfires, grilling beef, hiking the mountainous tops, scuba diving, and swimming in warm waters of the ocean and rivers. The winter season is brief, and it brings with it thick sheets of ice next to the landmass. 

You will be thrilled to watch and even walk on an ice glacier that forms a lagoon on the coast.

2. Beautiful Green land And Mountainous Landscapes

Kirkjufellsfoss - Around Iceland in less than 48 hours - A World to Travel

Full of mountains, valleys, plains, rivers, and waterfalls; Iceland’s scenic drives are just a dream for outdoorsy and adventurous travelers.

All-natural features can be found here covered in green grass and fields of wildflowers that stretch for miles into the horizon. The hill slopes are chocolate brown, and their tops are sprinkled with snow. The sky is always clear and blue with pockets of cotton-like clouds gracefully floating by.

You could run mindlessly into the fields as you caress leaves and twigs with your bare hands. You could shout, and your voice would be eaten up by the wind, nobody would even notice. You would be free.

Traveling solo to this region would give you an out-of-this-world experience. Due to the strong earth’s magnetic field in this region, the phenomenon of northern lights appears in the skies during winter in shades of purple, violet, and bright green colors.

Such wonders and the vastness of the land would make you feel insignificant and empowered at the same time.

3. Iceland Is A Safe And Friendly Place

Skolaferdalag - Around Iceland in less than 48 hours - A World to Travel

It is a common expression that there is safety in numbers. Well, not in Iceland.

The country has been ranked as the safest and most peaceful region in the world. Crime rates are so low that it is considered to be crime-free.

As a result of the safe environment, you do not have to travel in bunches to witness the wonders of nature this place has to offer.

In fact, traveling solo would heighten your experience because you get to feel and see things from your own perceptive unobstructed by the views of others. The locals are friendly, and they speak good English. You would love to interact with them and learn about their history and culture. They would come in handy to guide you around in case you get lost

4. It Is A Great Place For Solo Meditation

Austurland - Around Iceland in less than 48 hours - A World to Travel

We all feel overwhelmed by the unending daily routines of work and study, the noise of busy streets and constant movement.

Iceland is a quiet, open space only filled with nature. It is the best place to unwind alone, after a long tiresome year. It would give you a break from technology and the hustles of civilization so that you could interact freely with nature. It would clear your mind and rid you of stress.

For the best meditation experience, you could visit the world-famous blue lagoon in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, and book spa day trips here. You could take a dip in the bubbling warm water and watch the steam rise. This is among the best places to visit in Iceland.

There are various other sites to visit that are unique to Iceland. You are at liberty to take horseback rides through the lava fields of the countryside and aerial journeys overhead the rocky slopes and icy glaciers. These are among the best places to visit in Iceland that would leave you feeling relaxed and amazed, offloading your thoughts onto the wonders of nature.

5. There Are Many Adventurous Places To Visit And It Is Quite Cheap To Travel Around

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If you love adventure, Iceland is the best travel destination for you.

There is a mix of different activities to take part in and sceneries to visit alone.

You could hike the sloppy mountainsides, visit the ice caves, scuba dive into the volcanic fissures that have since cooled off and are filled with crystal clear water. There are also natural thermal pools all across the mountainous landscape that are small enough to fit a single person. You could strip and lie naked here for hours while staring at the sky without a care in the world. It is cheaper to travel in huge numbers.

In Iceland, however, travel companies offer cheap travel services for people traveling solo and in groups. One of the most popular and affordable travel means is the FlyBus. These are buses that pick visitors at the airport and drop them at various destinations of their choice. It takes a pocket change to ride comfortably in any one of them.


You will not be the only solo traveler in Iceland if you decide to visit. Many tourists who frequent this place like to enjoy the wonders of nature alone and discover different personalities and cultures from total strangers. So while you are traveling alone, you are guaranteed to make new friends and share wholesome experiences with people from diverse backgrounds and social settings.

Iceland is easy to navigate because the urban sections shrink when compared to the vast countryside. There are not many streets that you could wander off and get lost in. As a solo traveler, you would only need a digital map to guide you marked with all your chosen destinations.

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