How To Travel Like A Pro And Stay Healthy At The Same Time

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Travelling is, without doubt, one of the best ways to appreciate life and engage in new experiences. Trying out new foods, taking awesome Instagram snaps and meeting a whole range of interesting folk are just a few of the fascinating doors that travel can open.

You’re bound to heading out on all kinds of adventures during your traveling trip. You could be hiking up to reach mountain peaks and spectacular views one day, followed by swimming through to beautiful blue water within caves the next. Making the most of your trip can take up a lot of energy, so it’s important to take care of your health during your trip.

To help you experience an incredible traveling trip whilst staying healthy at the same time, the team over at Vitabiotics have offered up their top tips on keeping your body in tip-top condition throughout your time away.



Taking a night bus is a great way of saving cash on accommodation and getting from A to B, but actually managing to drift off can be tricky. Although buses in places such as Mexico and Thailand are incredibly cheap, many are rickety and the journeys are long, meaning when you arrive you might actually feel more drained than rested.

Magnesium is a mineral many of us lack, but did you know it contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and ensures normal energy release? Magnesium also aids in decreasing cortisol (the stress hormone that keeps you up at night) by helping your muscles to relax, which may just make that upcoming bus ride a lot more enjoyable.

Here are some more tips to get proper sleep while traveling.


Keep your brain sharp

Traveling is a well-deserved break. You may have just finished university or have been grafting hard at work to save up. Either way, it’s important to keep your brain sharp as you relax into your new environment. Keeping your brain in tip-top condition will make it easier to absorb new languages and phrases, allowing you to move around and blend in like a local within no time.  

Omega-3 is a source of the essential fatty acid DHA, which helps to maintain brain function by building the brain cell membranes and encouraging new cell formation.


Get all your vitamins and nutrients

Sometimes when we travel we end up sacrificing a healthy, balanced diet more times than we’d perhaps like to. Just one night on the town is all it takes – the next thing you know you have missed your morning breakfast and have ended up in the local takeaway for a gyro in Greece or a couple of empanadas in Bolivia. This could happen to anyone whilst they are away, and who could blame them? What’s important is that you manage to include a healthy dose of nutrition alongside your street snacks.

Multivitamins are in no way a substitute for skipping meals, but when used as part of a balanced diet they can help provide some of the essential vitamins and minerals you may be lacking.



When traveling you can pretty much wave goodbye to your normal routine. If you enjoy going to the gym after work, it might be alarming to suddenly find yourself with no equipment. If you like preparing meals at home, being without a kitchen on the road may raise concern. If you like to jog around the block, it’s unlikely that you’ll know where the safest route is in an unknown city.

No matter where you are, there is no excuse for not getting your pump on. You can do press-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups absolutely anywhere and everywhere. Need some examples? In Thailand? Jog on the beach. In Ecuador? Go mountain biking. In Chile? Go hiking in the Andes. Making sure you dedicate at least some time to exercise is important – besides, it makes that relaxing meal at the end of the day that little bit more special.

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