How To Take Beautiful Island Pictures

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Islands make fantastic spots for taking photos. Most have ample natural lighting and are filled with vibrant colors. When it comes to taking beautiful island pictures, these are two things that can help make your posts stand out.

Whether you’re actually going on an island holiday or just need some inspiration, below are seven types of picturesque moments that you might come across on any given island.

The Most Instagrammable Moments Captured on an Island

An Encounter with the Local Wildlife

Islands have some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. They can host species found nowhere else on earth. Butterflies in the most vibrant colors and small, furry animals no one can say they have “back home.”

Take a few candid photos of any type of wildlife can be a memorable moment. This is especially true if the island you happen to be on is hard to access or the species you manage to take a photo of is particularly rare. This should always be done with the utmost care. While wildlife photos can make a big impression, you should always put the safety and comfort of the animal first. 


Unique Cuisine

Islands, no matter how small, can have any number of unique dishes that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Capturing a beautiful meal in photo form can create a lasting moment. 

Food photos are some of the most popular things to post online, too. People currently ages 18 to 35 spend as many as five days a year browsing food photos on Instagram, giving photos that feature food a high chance of being discovered, liked, and shared.


Virtual Tourism

Virtual “tours” via social media networks are becoming more and more popular. While you can already find these types of tours for nearly every major landmark and tourist attraction in the world, you may not be able to find them for every island. 

Islands are big places. They’re filled with all kinds of hidden trails and local secrets. If you happen to learn some and share them, your posts are sure to stand out. If you live on an island or have visited the same place for years, it’s likely you know a few secrets and might be willing to share a few. Doing so with your posts will be memorable for anyone that might want to visit that island.

Not only does offering a look into an island like this have a “behind the scenes quality,” it feels like you’re inviting anyone looking at your photos to share in your personal discoveries. It feels authentic. With the right image, you could even tie in a cause you support, be it a local cause or something with global impact. 


Unique Natural Landmarks and Scenes

Do you happen to have dozens of nature photos in your social media feeds? If you do, it’s likely that every time you look through it, your overall stress levels are dipping. That can make you happier and more productive. 

On the other side of that, the more nature photos you post, the more likely you’re helping someone else get those same benefits. Islands, in particular, are great places to take captivating nature photos. Show off natural features you come across, plants you’ve never seen, or write a message in the sand.

No matter which option you choose to create an Instagrammable post, you can rest assured that with every photo you’re sharing the benefits of your island vacation

Start planning an island vacation now.


Picture-worthy and Fear-Inducing

If you’re brave enough and happen to find just the right place to take the shot, being able to take a photo that evokes a feeling a thalassophobia or “fear of the ocean” could make your shots more memorable. 

It’s hard to shake an image as disturbing as that of a whale or other large sea creature drifting just underneath of a small boat. While it might not be the picturesque island moments you were initially picturing, these are images that people tend to remember.


Underwater Photography

While not strictly captured on an island, many underwater photos are social media-ready. They stand out because they’re not nearly as universal as many other types of photos. Taking a recognizable underwater photo can be challenging. You may need more than just your phone- like a few waterproof accessories.


Emotional Scenes

Beautiful Scenery, nature, and even disturbing natural phenomena are things that people can get used to. What they won’t be used to are emotionally charged scenes. Proposals, personal messages, once-in-a-lifetime events- these are all things that can get people’s attention. 

No matter how long they’ve been scrolling through their Instagram feed, if they come across an emotionally-charged image, no matter what that emotion is, people are more likely to respond in some way. If an image or a scene makes you feel something emotionally, that’s a good indicator that that image is Instagram-worthy.

Do you have any tips to create beautiful island pictures? Let us know in the comments below.