Cheap Trip: How To Keep Your Budget In Check While Travelling


Travelling is one of the best and most exciting things a person can do. It broadens the mind, teaches you about the world, and helps you to understand other people better. Anyone who gets the opportunity to travel should seize it straight away and squeeze everything they can from it. Unfortunately, there is one thing that always seems to get in the way of a lot of people’s travel dreams. Money. How often have you seen an incredible destination or trip and then found yourself turned off by the hefty price tag that comes with it. You shouldn’t have to take out a mortgage just to experience the world! To help you get out into the world without bankrupting yourself, here are few ways to save money while traveling.

Be flexible

And here is our friend Emmanuele making us all jealous with his jumping skills. Jordan is waiting for you!

And here is our friend Emmanuele making us all jealous with his jumping skills.

Now I’m sure there’s somewhere that you’ve got your heart set on, whether it’s a particular location or going for a special event. And that’s great. Having a plan is always a good idea while traveling. But don’t let yourself get stuck to your plan if it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg. If you’re able to be flexible, you can find yourself some serious deals. If you’re dead set on going to a particular place, look at a time of year when it’s cheaper. If you really want to get away in a particular season, try opening up your ideas of where you can go. You’ll be amazed at just how much you can save this way.

Be social

If you’re looking to save on accommodation then one of the best things you can do it reach out to people on Facebook. Do you have any old friends, or even friends of friends, who might be able to provide you a couch to sleep on? Most of the time people are more than happy to open their doors to you for a few days. It’s probably a good idea to provide them with dinner and a few drinks in thanks, but it’s not going to be nearly as expensive as a hotel. Plus you’ll be able to get a better sense of local life, and you might even make some real friends along the way.

Be careful with your transport costs


Now you might want to travel in style and comfort wherever you go, and that’s fine. Just be aware that travel expenses are going to start piling up. Don’t just think about airfare from home to your destination. Think about getting around. How are you getting from place to place? Do you need to rent a car? Can you get the bus to save money, even if it’s not quite as convenient? There are plenty of services that help you travel for less. You can get cheap bus tickets from Shofur. That way you can travel without paying too much, but you still get to be comfortable and relaxed.


These are just a few ways to save money. There are plenty of others that can keep the cost of traveling down. Just be smart, check your options and soak up all the sights and sounds that you possibly can. Bon voyage!