How To Camp When You Hate Camping!

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Camping is something that you either love or hate. As an avid traveler, you probably have a lot of friends who are always looking for the next adventure and may throw together a camping trip out of the blue. Despite your protests, they somehow manage to pile you into the car and set off into the “great” outdoors. If you wonder how to camp when you hate camping, then you’re not alone.

There are various things you can do to make your next camping trip a little more comfortable. Here are a few.

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First of all, get your hands on a high-tech camping stove.

One of the things I hear a lot of people moan about when it comes to camping is the eating arrangements. It seems to take forever to cook any kind of meat using an open fire, and watching it turn over on a stick can be torturous when you’re hungry!

Fortunately, it’s 2016, and now there’s a stove that will not only cook your meals but will also charge your phone and tablet! The Biolite camping stove was originally created for use in developing countries where fuel is very scarce. It’s lightweight, will burn fuel in a hurry, and has a handy USB port. Just make sure you get your fill of charge before all of your friends drain the battery!

The challenge of sleeping comfortably is another big thing which turns a lot of people off of camping. Yes, the ground outside isn’t quite the springs in your bed.

However, there are certain things you can do to make the experience a little more comfortable.

If you’re sleeping in a tent, gather up some dead leaves and sprinkle them in a big pile wherever you’re planning to pitch. Furthermore, be very picky about the sleeping bag you bring. Then more expensive ones aren’t necessarily better. However, you should take your time shopping around and find one with ample padding.

If you’re expecting a lot of nice weather during your camping trip, then you can probably do away without the tent altogether! Instead, consider sleeping in a hammock.

Finally, be sure to bring some fun with you.

When most of us pack for a camping trip, our sleeping, eating and toiletry needs generally come first. However, if you and your friends are planning for a mellow, laid-back camping trip, then you’re going to spend a lot of time lounging around the site. A deck of cards is always a good thing to have; you’ll probably learn a few new games before you go back! You may also want to buy a couple of short horror stories for your Kindle or tablet, for reading out loud. You have to get your revenge for going on this trip somehow, right? An acoustic guitar can be the perfect finish if one of you knows how to play it. If not, getting a Bluetooth speaker will get you all singing through the night.

Your position may not be ideal, but we hope this post will make your next camping trip better. If not, we will always have backyard camping!

Do you have any other tips on making camping a little more bearable for camping haters? Get in touch.