How bad is your travel addiction?

How bad is your travel addiction by Aworldtotravel

It’s been a while since we wanted to compile all those signs that point just in the direction of too much travel. Well, here you have what a bunch of well-known travel bloggers have said about heavy traveling.



1. You expect to see someone you know at layovers. Moi même

2. You have about 14 different SIM cards in your luggage. Raymond, ManOnTheLam

3. You say “danke schön” to the cashier at the supermarket back home.

4. You know the complete route map of all the airlines that operate from your airport. Luis, Traveltooth

5. Your travel is greater than two standard deviations above the mean for people in a similar demographic. Gary, Everything-Everywhere

6. You have 10 different currencies in your wallet.

7. Your Facebook feed is full of travel updates from foreign friends you met in your trips. DJ Yabis, DreamEuroTrip

8. Your makeup case is a clear, plastic ziplock bag. Annette, BucketListJourney

9. You’ve developed a daily routine, even though your travels are sporadic and ever-changing.

10. You could literally write out a questionnaire script to answer almost every question that other travelers always ask you – ‘where are you from?’ ‘how long have you been traveling?’ ‘how many countries have you been to?’.  Brandon, EyeAndPen

11. Your toothpaste is travel size. Jessie, WanderingEducators

12. You keep saying ‘dollars’ when you mean ‘pounds’. Beverley, PackYourPassport

13. You finally get home, do the laundry, and then put your clothes back in your case. Paul, ALuxuryTravelBlog

14. Your backpack is never fully unpacked. Iosu, MochilerosTV

15. You’re not even sure which country to call home anymore.

16. Your travel stories no longer freak out your mom.  Or your grandmother.

17. Your family’s go to answer on Where their child is,  is “Somewhere in South America I think”.  And your parents find that a completely acceptable answer now.

18. After doing laundry, you just repack your clean clothes into your backpack…even when you are home. Dani, GoingNomadic

19. You stop collecting the hotel toiletries. Eduardo, Hombrelobo

20. Your go-to storage spot for your passport is your back pocket.

21. You start referring to cities by their airport codes. “We should meet up in BKK next week!” “Can’t, I’ll be stuck in TPE waiting for a visa.” Matt, MattGibson

22. When spending a few weeks at home feels like a vacation!  Bret, GreenGlobalTravel

23. Getting something mailed to you might require magical abilities to actually happen.

24. When you run through a list of places in your head and pick one every time customs asks you “Where do you ‘Live’?” . Anna, CrazyInTheRain

25. Your business card / name card has three or more languages.

26.You worry about filling up your passport with all your visa runs. Chris, WeirdAndWonderfulKorea

27. You ask the waitress in every restaurant you visit if there’s a historic graveyard in the area that you should see. Loren, CemeteryTravel

28. The TSA start saying, “Hi Carey, your next right this way, so where are you off to next?”. Carey, TakeMeShowMeTellMe

29. You always have one bag packed at home, just in case.

30. Friends greet you with “I didn’t know you’re back!” even though your last trip was a month ago. Aleah, SolitaryWanderer

31. You speak English instead of your native language when you get back home.

32. Your friends usually ask “so when are you leaving next?”

33. You know by heart the luggage allowance for your fav low-cost carrier which flies out near your home; additionally you also what cities they service from 2-3 airports close to you.

34. Your “resolutions” list starts with: visit a city/place each month.

35. Your friends are asking for travel advice or confuse you for a travel agency. Cristina, LookNWalk

36. You always start a conversation with new people in English, even when you´re home (in Norway)

37. You actually start to love that ice-cold shower in the morning

38. Your friends always start the emails with “where are you now?”. Elin, TasteofSlow

39. You buy your shoes on how far you know you’ll be walking in them- and in all kinds of terrain. Farrah, TheThreeUnder

40. You figure it would be a good time to visit home since you need to get more pages added to your passport anyway. Anwar You don’t care about anything else apart where you will sleep tonight! Eugenio, EdWhatAmIDoingHere

41. You take your shoes off before going into a restaurant! Whoops. Laura, SouthEastAsiaBackpacker

42. You can convert money in 10+ currencies in your head.

43. You can ask directions in languages you don’t actually speak.

44. You dictate the value of items based on how much weight they add to your bag

45. You use google voice and whatsapp exclusively

46. You identify people by country of origin rather than name. Erick, MinorityNomad

47. You forget where you originally started from. Imogen You get refused entry to a country as you have no spare space in either Passport.

48. You decide your full-time job title is “travel blogger. Jonny, WeBlogTheWorld

49. At the airport boarder someone asks you where you are flying from and you can’t remember from where you left. Lucie, VoyagesEtVadabondages

50. You already lack storage space for contact numbers of acquaintances, travel agencies and accommodations  in your phone. Librero, SanJosenYonggala

51. Its your third round of 33+hour flights in the past 10 weeks. Andrea

52.You can pack your luggage under 30 minutes.

53. Your friends always consult you before they travel. Jayce, Chasingjayce

54. You get restless when home for longer than 3 weeks. Erin, Akonthego

55. When seeing cows in the middle of the road stop shocking you. Marysia,  MyTravelAffairs

56. You know you’ve only seen a tiny part of this world. Héctor, MiBaulDeBlogs

57. You can’t remember your passport number because you make a new one every year since the previous one already ran out of pages. David, FlapyinJapan

58. You’re looking for the second million miles to get lifetime platinum status.

59. When the airline agents at the check-in counter recognize you and ask about your life, work, and family. Henry, Fotoeins

60. You feel a pang of sadness every time you see a plane in the sky while you’re at home or at work. Ryan, PinoyWanderingboy

61. You refer to airports and/or cities by their main airport codes like LHR, CDG, DXB, KUL, etc. Rba, RambleAndWanderer

62. You’re asked for your phone number, you automatically give the country code as well. Keith, TravelRat

63. Your friends start referring to you as “that homeless guy” . Jasper, TheTravelingDutchman

64. You consider normal to eat worms, snakes, kudu… and your breakfast consist in hot jalapeños.

65. Your friends are coming at home and you say: passengers are boarding! Antonio, ViajesYFotografía

66. You know your passport number by heart! Teresa, IndependentTravelHelp

67. You want and need to continuously leave and discover new places and meet new people. Miguel, Lonifasiko

68. They treat you like a tourist in your own country. Freya, HolidayNomad

69. You sometimes wake and experience genuine disorientation, not sure what room and what country you are in. Natasha, JoulJet

70. You have to check your passport to answer the question ‘Where were you when we were having that party one month ago? Jose, Viajablog

71. You wake up in the middle of the night and wonder how to get to the bathroom. Karen

72. You start wondering, “Wonder why these people do things this way?”, and you realize the odd culture you’re studying is your own country. Vera, ATravelersLibrary

73. You can ask for a beer (and swear) in more than 7 different languages. Cristina, ViajaEnMiMochila

74. You take a very long pause because you can’t really decide how to answer the question – “where is home?” Grasya, Grasya

75. You get home and look for the key card slot in the door rather than using your key. Leyla, WomenOnTheRoad

76. You need to get home urgently and sleep in your own bed.  Krrteando

77. You wake up and don’t know where you are. Sabrina,  JustOneWayTicket

78. Your friends start asking you first if you’re in the country for their party before sending out an actual invitation. Nienke, TheTravelTester

79. You can enter contests about traveling a lot. Larissa, ChangesInLongitude

80. Television adverts in foreign languages no longer make you chuckle. Ben, RedRucksack

81. You start knowing all the cabin crew in the airline. Meritxell

82. Your husband signs up for a Twitter account simply to follow where you are traveling at the moment. Nancy, NancyDBrown

83. You have at least 1 friend who can’t wait you to visit them in every corner of the planet. Kle, KeepCalmAndTravel

84. You come to home and you do not know how to say some word in your tongue language. Jesus, Vero4Travel

85. The first thing your mother asks when you call her is, “Where are you?”  Suzanne, Boomeresque

86. You walk in a European supermarket and try to bargain the price of your sandwich. Pablo, TheCrazyTravel

87. You go to the hotel front desk and you say Hello in the wrong language. Rachel, TreePotTravels

88. You can’t remember what day it is. Cristina, Travolution


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  1. Johanna

    What a fantastic list! Some great quotes there 🙂 I’d like to add … “When you have more friends overseas than you have at ‘home'”

  2. Chasing the Donkey

    Awesome post – and some vrey funny ones. Like You can ask directions in languages you don’t actually speak.

  3. Lonifasiko

    Good travel quotes, let me know if my contribution enters and changes the travel world history ;-). Thanks very much and let’s keep on travelling!

  4. DJ Yabis | Dream Euro Trip

    Great list! I would like to add: When your underwear has sides B, C and sometimes D! ;P

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