Explore Galicia. 3 Hotels To Love in Rias Baixas.

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Thinking of where rest your head after a full day of Galicia explorations?

Well, if you happen to be near Vigo, in the so-called Rias Baixas – aka South Galicia estuaries – it is your lucky day! We have just come back from there – and took a few pictures here and there as you can see above these lines, oops! – and have some suggestions for you after testing three of the best properties around.

Think of your priorities and head to one, two, or these three awesome hotels.

Thank us later!



Coziness and Great Value  in Casa do Marques

Do not get confused. We aren’t talking about a budget hotel here but an amazing opportunity to experience a ‘Casa Rural’ or traditional charming home refurbished for hosting selected guests. That is how you will feel if you decide to book a room here. Because the people working there will make your stay unforgettable.

Mid size rooms, all of them en suite and some facing the beach located 100m away with just what you need to channel your inner self and disconnect from your daily routine.

Bonus tip: Ask Pablo, the manager, for local recommendations and leave the guidebook home. He directed us to the nicest spots for sunset pictures, uncrowded beaches and tapas bars. In fact, the majority of snaps accompanying these lines were taken thanks to his guidance!



Treating Yourself in Talaso Atlantico

A Thalassotherapy circuit is just one of the many perks you will enjoy in this 4 star hotel. Facing the Atlantic Ocean and enjoying a privileged location by a lighthouse, it is the perfect place to pamper yourself for a few days.

Forget you have a car if you do and explore the surroundings by foot. The stunning seashore and nearby hills are waiting for you!

Bonus tip: Match your Spa circuit time with the sunset for stunning views of the shore from the comfort of the thermal waters or, alternatively, at the latest hour available on a weekday. You will have the whole facility for yourself!


Finding Urban luxury in Gran Hotel Nagari

Outstanding design with a pretty high coolness factor? Check.

Integrated Zen Spa and Gym? Check.

Rooftop pool terrace and bar? Check.

Fine cuisine in a restaurant to see and be seen? Check.

Great location steps away from the pier and clubbing scene in a pedestrian central area? Check.

More amenities and furniture than you could use during your stay like a keyboard to navigate your tv, all the toiletries you can think of, huge whirlpool with enough room for two, neon lighten up shower, fancy desk, hip chaise longs, three different ambient lights to choose from, etc, etc? Check!

Do you want me to go on? Well, the list is never-ending. This boutique hotel is really something else and, although it comes at a higher price, you should keep it in mind for that special occasion or if you are ready to get the Royal treatment. We have warned you!

Bonus tip: Reserve some time to lock yourself up and simply enjoy your room. Afterwards, you can head to the terrace on the top floor and enjoy the open air pool (if the weather is nice, otherwise the removable cover will also allow you to do so indoors) before sunset or sip some cocktails in the same space at night. Magical.


Disclaimer. We were invited to review these 3 hotels. Anyway, all the opinions are our own. Because you can’t buy us with comfy beds, great location, lots of amenities and fancy pools. Or maybe you do! Hope you enjoy your stay as much as we did ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. Dailey

    Your photos are incredible! I have never really heard about Galicia, Spain so it was a pleasant surprise to see how absolutely stunning it is! I think picking the right accommodations can make all the difference too in visiting a new place. All 3 of these looked incredibly relaxing

    • Inma

      Thanks so much guys! Glad you like them. If you make it to Galicia, which by the way is in the NW coast of Spain, let us know!

  2. Vanessa

    What beautiful rooms! I love curling up and reading when I travel and these look like perfect places for a retreat.

    • Inma

      Yes, Vanessa! Have you seen both chaise longs in two of them? Can’t think of a better place for that ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Dana

    All the 3 hotels look amazing, but I think Gran Hotel Nagari is my favorite. The terrace and plush bed has me sold!

    • Inma

      You would be amazed of how COMFY that bed was. I wanted to move there. Too bad I can’t afford the price tag for more than a few days.. lol

  4. brmsimmons

    I’ve been wanting to explore Spain’s Northern coast, thanks for some wonderful hotel suggestions!

    • Inma

      Thank you! We’ll be talking more about this and other areas of Galicia and all the Northern Spanish regions. Stay tuned!

  5. Laura Lynch

    Wow. Tons of great photos! These hotels must have been inspiring as well as beautiful. Funny, the thing that caught my eye out of all of these photos were those gorgeous tomatoes at Casa do Marquez!

    • Inma

      lol Laura!
      Were you hungry when you read it? Look, those were some of the BIGGEST TOMATOES I have ever tasted. And as you can think, they were delicious as well! Pablo quickly prepared them as we were sipping some wine in Casa do Marques’ patio. Perfect afternoon ever!

    • Inma

      Thanks so much! Glad you like them.
      Well, Galicia is our region, where we were born and rised in the NW coast of Spain. You should come and check it out for yourself! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Inma

      Easy! Vigo is so reachable from many European cities so keep it in mind for your upcoming travels in the good old continent! And I agree. That whirlpool was fantastic!

  6. Jen

    Wonderful and inspiring photo essays – they really capture the feel of those places. I”m jealous!

    • Inma

      We can get it. Our land is fantastic and we were so lucky with our three choices! Are you planning some Galicia adventures? Let us know!

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