What Keeps Us Coming Back To This Festival Year After Year? A Quick Guide to Reggaeboa

Reggaeboa 2016 – A World to Travel-53

Ladies and gentleman, get ready for some reggae vibes as we are just back from Reggaeboa Festival with lots of pics, clips and a small guide to Reggaeboa to put you in the right mood and make you want to attend this North of Spain event next year.

Because, if you are slightly similar to us, you are going to love it and there won’t be looking back afterward. Third year in a row for us, here are some of the things that make us keep coming back.


1. Reggaeboa, a three-day reggae festival in Balboa, El Bierzo.

Even if you aren’t a reggae fanatic, the place where this festival is celebrated year after year – 2016 was the 7th edition – is one of a kind.

Picture a really picturesque Spain pueblo filled with traditional pallozas (pictured below) and a cool river passing through surrounded by a gorgeous landscape, and you might start getting an idea of what Balboa is like. A paradise on earth.

2. Limited capacity, a great success.

Just about 2000 people attended the festival this year, as big crowds is something you won’t find at Reggaeboa. And let us tell you, that is exactly the perfect size to end up meeting lots of interesting people with similar interests during these days.

As a bonus, getting lost is highly unlikely!


3. Reggaeboa has all the facilities you might need during a festival.

A great camping area by a clean river with toilets, showers and some shade, a well sized parking for cars and vans, a fancy restaurant inside a palloza, lots of food and beverages spots, some merchandising and clothing as well as handmade items shops, a river where to swim and chill during the day next to a little stage and a great auditory for the night concerts, an after-hours palloza pumping up sweet tunes from the wee hours and the right organization to keep it all together.


4. And a great line up.

From classic Jamaican reggae to dub and newer styles such as dancehall and raggamuffin, this year’s festival counted with great artists such as:

  • Alex Bass & The Same Song Band
  • Revolutionary Brothers
  • Hermano L

  • King Horror Sound

  • Mas Jahma

  • Majaicans

  • Lasai
  • Lyricson & Blackstarliners
  • Akatz

Reggaeboa 2016 - A World to Travel-91

  • Chronic Sound


5. There’s always a colorful party going on during the day

By the river as we mentioned before, with great music – still trying to get over how quick it went by when the festival came to an end at 6 pm on Sunday! – and an atmosphere to die for.

See? Everyone seems to be smiling and having a blast!


6. And, overall, Reggaeboa boasts a well-behaving awesome crowd at night.

And also one of the most respectful ones we have seen in a long time. Everybody had a great time and there were no issues at all. Chapeau!

Counting the days for 2017’s edition, thanks to Reggaeboa Festival for helping us putting this together and making us feel home once again.

Big up and see you next year!

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