A Guide to Krabi Thailand for Digital Nomads

A Guide to Krabi Thailand for Digital Nomads – A World to Travel (7)

Azure blue waters, incredible karst peaks, places to discover and islands to last you weeks are just a few of the main perks of visiting the lovely province of Krabi in the south of Thailand. This is one of Thailand’s most happening tourist destinations and a famous background to some of Hollywood’s prominent flicks. So who wouldn’t want to vacation in this idyllic region of Thailand? Better yet, who wouldn’t want to live here? 

As a digital nomad, I’ve had the pleasure of being able to call Krabi Town, the main transit hub of the province, my home for over a year. Many breeze right through Krabi Town without a second glance clambering their way to the beaches and islands, which is totally understandable.

For those of you who need to work (and I mean really work) and are possibly trying to save money, living at the busy and budget-busting beaches isn’t always ideal but could still be doable.

Either way, the Krabi region is a perfect place for a digital nomad who wants beach and mountain life, an affordable base, and plenty of fun in their backyard.

Oh, and good wifi too!

Where to Stay in Krabi

Krabi Town may not be your first choice as it’s still about 30-40 minutes away from the beach, however, the perk is that you’re closer to the airport, it’s cheaper, and there aren’t as many tourists around.

Must be at the beach? Go for it! There’s still plenty of spots that aren’t crawling with holidayers but are close to or on the beach like some parts of Koh Lanta or Klong Muang.

Personally, I chose Krabi Town because it was the cheapest and I could afford a better place for less.

How to Find the Best Place to Stay in Krabi

My best advice is to make friends and ask around. Wifi in Thailand is generally everywhere. Most apartments and homes will have it. And I’ve even got a landlord to help me set up the internet for the one place I found that didn’t have any (in north Thailand)!

It’s not too hard and the locals would rather have someone stick around long term. If wifi is the one thing that will make you happy and earn them some easy cash each month, they will do it.

As mentioned, Krabi Town will definitely be cheaper and possibly even have more available. Everyone flocks to the beach. If you can ride a scooter or don’t mind public transportation, then stay in town. Don’t mind shelling out a few extra bucks and searching in a slightly more competitive area? Head to Ao Nang.

Want a dose of island life? Start house/apartment hunting on Koh Lanta.

If you’re looking for a nice apartment to just plop down at while you get your life sorted, I lived in Hello House in Krabi Town. I lived there before it was a proper guesthouse and the owner Kune is a sweetheart. The wifi was good enough for me (YouTubers and those with massive files may find it a bit slower) and the rooms feel like home and offer plenty of space!

To make friends right away and get some expat help, you can try joining these Facebook groups and ask around for places to stay in Krabi:

Krabi Thailand for digital nomads: Cafes to Work at

We all know finding good cafes around the world to work at isn’t really easy. However, Krabi has a few good spots to choose from. I have a few options here including some coworking spaces however, there are tons more.

While we all know it can get pretty awkward to take up space for hours, even if you’re ordering things, I never felt this in Krabi, particularly in Krabi Town. People are generally OK with you hanging out if you’re ordering things. To make things less awkward, I became friends with the cafe owners and even asked them if it was OK that I worked from their cafe.

Nobody denied me their wifi or delicious food! I also switched up the spots I went which helped.

So go make friends and just let them know what you’re doing. Being a return customer, I’m sure, makes them happy.

Zoo Cafe

A cute spot in Krabi town to set up for the day. Food is a bit on the pricer side compared to some other spots but wifi is decent and so is the coffee!

Koko Nest Coffee

Another spot in Krabi town with fun deserts and slightly more pricey food but worth it when they have decent seating and wifi!

Lekker Cafe

They say they are a coworking space but it’s definitely a cafe and restaurant too. Not all seating is appropriate for work but wifi and electrical outlets are available and it’s a nice spot in Ao Nang to get some work done.

CoWorking Spaces in Krabi

Phansa Space and KoHub are two proper coworking spaces. The first is just outside of Ao Nang and the next is on Koh Lanta. I personally haven’t used either of them only because the wifi at my house and the cafes near me were good enough.

What to Do in Krabi When I’m Not Working? 

Krabi Beaches and Kayaking

For a chill day, take a kayak out from Ao Nang, the main beach area. Kayak around the huge karst mountains that surround you and get a look at them and all their glory up close. Kayak around the large rocks to your left to see Railay and Tonsai. Ao Thalane is another gorgeous spot to go kayaking but you’ll need to ride a scooter or take a group trip to get there.

For some more gorgeous beach getaways, try heading to Tonsai and Railay. They are surely no secret but they are amazing. Tonsai is my perfect spot. There’s a blissful hippy community there and it’s where tons of rock climbers flock to get their hands on the limestone and be rewarded with the spectacular views from up top. Railay has a lagoon and Phrang Cave beach to check out, two gorgeous must-see places. The beaches at both are incredible as well.

These are not spots you’d want to go to for work though! Tonsai’s electricity is iffy and many places still run on generators.

If you’re looking for some more offbeat beaches, get on the scooter and ride around. Beaches near Tup Keak and Klong Muang areas are tamer and aren’t frequented by the masses. There’s seriously no shortage of amazing beaches in Krabi.

Hiking in Krabi

Down for a hike? There are options, but my favorite is Tup Keak. It’s still not a popular spot, so sometimes you might find yourself alone at the top. The summit reveals a spectacular view of Krabi, the beaches, islands, and beyond. It’s truly amazing.

Krabi Island Life

Island tours are a great day activity and one of my favorite things to do in Krabi, too. Book a tour, or get a group together and hire a boatman to take you around on a private tour. This way you can avoid some of the crowds. There’s an endless list of islands to visit and the snorkeling is often fantastic!

Krabi Nightlife

Nightlife in Krabi Town is pretty tame with a few bars and some chill reggae spots. For a livelier scene, head to Ao Nang. If you really want to get down, you can make a short trip to Koh Phi Phi for the weekend and party for as long as you can handle. And Long Beach on Koh Lanta is usually where the party is at on that side of the Krabi province.

There’s a lot to do in the area. Waterfalls, national parks, hot springs, temples, and more are all activities that will keep you busy for some time. And when you need to get away, Krabi airport isn’t far and goes pretty much anywhere in Southeast Asia and even Europe.

Can’t wait to start experiencing the country’s awesomeness? Check this comprehensive guide to enjoy Thailand from home.

Krabi Map

Would you consider living and working in Krabi, Thailand, as a digital nomad? How about being a teacher for a while? Do you have any tips to add to this guide to Krabi Thailand for digital nomads? Get in touch via email: aworldtotravel @ gmail . com

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