5 Unique Experiences and Gifts for Opera Lovers

Unique Experiences and Gifts for Opera Lovers – A World to Travel

People love traveling and exploring. Some travel so they can see new things, meet new people and enjoy different experiences. Others do so to pursue a hobby or special. They could love fishing, be obsessed with a particular period of history or genre of art. It could be absolutely anything.

Once you become passionate about something you want to learn more and experience as much as you can that is related to your interest. Today, I am focusing on opera fans.

Here’re a few gifts for opera lovers that will delight them:


Attend the Festival Puccini

Opera festivals are fantastic events. A great example is the annual Festival Puccini that is held in Torre Del Lago, Italy where the famous composer lived. You can buy Opera Tickets Torre Del Lago online by clicking the link. This very popular festival is held during July and August. It typically consists of only 7 or 8 performances of Puccini´s work, so tickets sell out fast, so you need to book early.

If you miss the chance to attend this festival, do not worry because there are others held across the world. You will find a fairly comprehensive list here.


Take an opera tour

Some travel agents still offer holidays that are specifically designed for opera lovers. Usually, the itinerary will take you to all of the important venues in a specific city or country. You will be able to enjoy some of the most important opera houses and enjoy at least one or two performances in them. Sometimes a tour will focus on a specific performer or composer. With these tours, you usually get to visit their hometown and see any museums that are dedicated to them as well as enjoy their work.

The nice thing about these tours is that you will be traveling with people who share your passion. It feels wonderful to be able to talk about opera without most of what you are saying going over the other person´s head.


Enjoy a performance in a truly special setting

Every now and again, opera companies hold performances in historical settings. A great example is Aida performed at the Pyramids in Egypt. It is a remarkable setting for a startling opera. Most people who are lucky enough to see this type of special performance are stunned by how remarkable it is.

These performances do not necessarily take place every year, so you have to keep a sharp eye out and book as soon as you see the tickets. Just be sure to book via a reputable ticket vendor. Demand for these events is huge, so, sadly, scammers are starting to target them.


Go behind the scenes

For an opera lover, being able to get behind the scenes is great. The chance to see how the show is put together is one that really should not be missed. Quite a few of the world´s biggest and most important opera houses now offer you the chance to go backstage.

The tour at the Sydney Opera House is excellent and the one of the oldest opera house, the Teatro di San Carlo is also interesting.


Visit the world´s opera museums

There are also some fantastic opera museums for you to visit. In Italy alone, there are several great ones located in cities like Pisa, Florence, and Siena.


As you can see, following your passion for opera can take you to some truly wonderful places. So, what are you waiting for? Follow your dream and start booking yourself some wonderful opera-themed breaks.