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No place can inspire incredible stories quite like Galicia. And we are not saying this only because we were born and bred here, but because we truly think it is true. Our homeland is a paradise on earth like no other and if you have not visited it yet, it is about time.

Let us tell you a few things about this Southern Galician city and its surroundings. You will soon uncover why we are this excited to share this well-kept secret with you.
For starters, have a look at this video where you will discover 10 unique experiences worth living in Vigo:

10 things to do and see in Vigo

1. Exploring its urban awesomeness

Welcome to Vigo. An industrial yet beautiful city in the Pontevedra province, in the South West of Galicia – and just a mere 30 min away from Portugal! – that will make you fall in love with this land if you haven’t already. Not only Vigo enjoys a mild weather year round due to its seaside location but it is also full of surprises and has a unique urban scene worth diving into.

Before your arrival, check the events and music festivals going on, there is always something like the dance show we got to witness a few weeks back, where a few dance groups got to show their moves in front of a casual audience, at one of the main squares.


2. Getting wet and trying a few water sports

From jet skiing to canoeing, swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing or flyboarding; the list of watersports available to enjoy Vigo’s estuary is long and fun. We got to try our hand at flyboarding with the guys at Tierra y Mar and, skeptical as we were before starting, all the group stood up and flew a few meters above the water surface. Très cool.

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3. Chilling at one of its spas

As the Banyen Thai Urban Spa, where you can enjoy a range of treatments and massages that would put many other spas to shame. I chose a Thai one – pretty traditional – but my colleagues got some exotic massages.

Simply all you need after a few falls trying flyboarding or if you want to relax and pamper yourself a bit. After all, you are here to enjoy!


4. Socializing

Spain streets are usually alive, especially in Summer. And Vigo has its own share of squares and meeting places that get busy at sunset. People gather around a few drinks both inside the many bars and outside even if the sun left.

It is the perfect time to unwind and meet new people or just enjoy a sundowner or beer – the drink of choice at this time.


5. Having some tapas

La Consentida or Lume de Carozo are just two places where to get started, but there are tons of tascas and restaurants that will help you understand why us Galicians need to go for some tapas a few times per week. Small portions of food, as you already knew, tapas are usually paired with a good wine and better company.

Some spots are so busy that you will need to eat standing, but don’t let that issue to ruin your experience. Tapas are the freaking best! Take it from someone that knows what she’s writing about.


6. Sailing

Why did I not include sailing along with the other water sports in number 2?

Well, this one deserves a spot on its own. Sailing is the quintessential thing to do in the Vigo estuary and one that everyone should try at least once.

Whether you come with a group of friends or on your own, there are lots of companies ready to take you for a few hours and even days around Vigo and Cies Islands. Do not forget to bring some food and drinks with you. El Bandoneón is a great choice if you are looking for delicious dishes easy to take on board.

I can’t stress enough how great this experience is, so I will just say sailing is my favorite thing to do in Vigo.


7. Enjoying Cies Islands

Along with Ons islands a few other little ones, Cies Islands are part of the Marine National Park of the Atlantic Islands. And we as Galicians could not be more proud of them. Many times highlighted as some of the best islands in the world by authority newspapers and big travel magazines, Vigo’s estuary has two guarding its entrance: the most touristy one – aka. the one where Rodas Beach is – and the South Island, only accessible by private yacht. Have a look, you are missing out!

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8. Tasting Galician Delicacies

From pulpo á feira to navajas and lots more dishes in between, Galician gastronomy is one of a kind. People travel across the world to taste our yummy – and affordable – seafood and we totally get why.
Here’re two renowned restaurants that you should consider visiting in Vigo:

  • Marina Davila. Carefully designed dishes and upscale atmosphere by Vigo’s port.
  • A Chabola. Down-to-earth tasty Galician food with a twist.


9. Exploring Vigo’s renowned nightlife

  • Feeling like dancing to mainstream tunes among ‘gente guapa’ – beautiful people? Head to Arenal.
  • More of a rock buff? Then Churruca is your area.
  • On the mood for live music? The Hush Rock is waiting for you!

Whatever you choose, we warn you: do not schedule anything early next morning. Vigo is as canalla – night beast – as it gets!


10. Witnessing all from above

For a perfect closing, and if you aren’t afraid of heights, talk to the people at Aerocelta about arranging a flying experience over Vigo and Cies Islands. We flew a Cessna 172 – pilot, co-pilot (me!), and two passengers – and it resulted to be an excellent way to wrap up our time in Vigo.


Enter & Win A Vigo Getaway

Sept 1st, 2017 Update: The winner, randomly picked with Sortea2 on Facebook Live is Lucia N.

But let’s go back to what perhaps is the only thing that drew you here: Our giveaway!

Reconnect with what matters most and fill your Galician days with once-in-a-lifetime experiences in Vigo and surroundings. Come prepared and do not forget to be open to surprises as cherished memories often begin as unplanned. Your Galician story will live on long after your getaway draws to a close, told through wide smiles, laughter, and excitement.

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Ready to start creating Vigo memories of your own? Good luck!

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Note: AHOSVI would highly appreciate the winner publishing a picture and caption with the hashtag #vigoexperience about his/her hotel stay and Vigo through some of his/her social media networks, mentioning the hotel and restaurant.

This post was written in collaboration with AHOSVI – all opinions are my own.

Thanks to Maruxa Eventos, AHOSVI, Marina Davila, A Chabola, The Hush Rock, Banyen Thai, El Bandoneón, and all the local businesses involved in making #VigoExperience a complete success.

Galicia rocks!

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