Galician Bloggers Reveal The Top 12 Galicia Must See Places

Ria de Vigo views from Redondela lookout – Best Galicia Spots – A World to Travel

Nobody knows a place better than the people born and bred right there. That’s why we have asked some of the top Galician travel bloggers about the best spots and things to see in Galicia you should not miss on your next visit.

Putting this list together and narrowing the choices was not an easy task.


The Most Stunning Spots In Galicia

1. Cathedral’s Beach

Cathedrals Beach in Ribadeo - Galicia best spots - A World to Travel-2

And here I am showing the world my love for Ribadeo and this jewel, Cathedral’s beach, a few years back.

It only makes sense to have this well-known spot right at the beginning. Cathedral’s beach (Playa de las Catedrales) is barely 10km away from Ribadeo, my hometown. But it is not topping this list of the best places to visit in Galicia for that reason. In fact, it is not just us the ones talking about how magical this beach is.

Lately experiencing a tourism boom that made the authorities limit its visitors to less than five thousand a day, I would recommend you enjoy it in Winter, when if the day is not the greatest – what indeed will get you some beautiful shots if you are into photography as much as I am – you could pretty much have one of the top Galicia special places all for yourself.

Just make sure to schedule your visit when the tide is low and you are good to go!


2. Arousa Bay


Lighthouse at Ria de Arousa - Best Galicia Spots - A World to Travel

We highly recommend visiting the beauty and way of life of ¨Ría de Arousa¨ (South of the province of Pontevedra, Galicia). If you have the chance, Summer is a lovely time of the year to enjoy Galicia’s largest ¨Ría¨. Moreover, the ¨rías¨ are ocean areas that are protected from severe weather, which is why the mussel farms are resistant to the changing maritime weather.
The best way to get to know the ¨Ría de Arousa¨  is tasting the flavors of the sea on a full-day tour that combines boat trip and Albariño wine tour, two of the Ría’s top attractions. Yeah, everyone aboard! The tour was created because of the importance of the seafood industry and has a special emphasis on the Galician mussel sector.  Well, mussels are farmed in the ¨Ría de Arousa¨ using a floating raft culture. Rafts are pretty big with lines of the rope where young mussels are seeded.
The underwater view of the lines of mussels is a pretty epic sight, some algae and little fish swimming around. After that experience, you realize why Galician mussels are so tasty! Luckily, we can confirm that dolphins love Galician mussels too. A group of dolphins was swimming around our ship.
Then, time to eat fresh mussels. Well, the mussels Galician style are steamed to perfection and garnished with lemon wedges. Simply yummy.
Of course, seafood and Albariño white wine make a natural pair… Bon appetit & Cheers ¨Ría de Arousa¨!

3. Cape Finisterre


Experience Galicia - Costa da Morte - A World to Travel-6

My favorite place in Galicia is undoubtedly Finisterre Cape, the “End of the Earth” (Finis Terrae) of the Romans. This corner on the Death Coast is a rather magical one, so much that now many pilgrims choose not to end the Way in Santiago de Compostela but in Finisterre.

Being able to enjoy the sunset there is just a treat. Not surprisingly, the sunset at this cape is considered by many as one of the best in the world, both for its beauty and for being so legendary.

There one can imagine what it would feel Decimus Junius Brutus when he came here. After defeating and conquering Gallaecia, he did not hesitate to come to this corner of Galicia to wonder how the sun was swallowed by the sea.


4. Siradella’s Hill Lookout

by Random Trip

Lanzada beach from Siradella Lookout - Best Galicia Spots - A World to Travel

I’m a huge fan of both the sea and breathtaking views, so this is one of my favorite spots in the Rías Baixas. You park your car and start walking up to the top (only takes you ten minutes), and this natural beauty overwhelms you. You’re even luckier if the sky is clear since you will have amazing views of the “A Lanzada” beach, the “Ensenada do Vao”, the “Illa de Ons” (Ons island) and “Illas Cíes” (Cíes islands).

Carry some Estrella Galicia beers with you and the experience will be even better!


5. Ribeira Sacra & Sil Canyons

by Un Plan Infinito

Ribeira Sacra and Sil Canyons - Best Galicia spots - A World to travel

I love Galicia and I have a lot of favorite places here,  today I am going to talk about one of the great treasures hidden inside Galicia.

Welcome to the Ribeira Sacra, an area in inland Galicia which is home to spectacular natural features such as the canyon of the Sil river – one of the best landscapes in the world if you ask us – and a valuable artistic heritage. We can find here an interesting group of medieval monasteries, mostly in the Romanesque style,  to remind us of the importance of this region in the Middle Ages. San Esteban de Ribas de Sil and the monastery of Santa Cristina, stand out for their beauty. A real journey back through history. This peace and harmony live on to this day in the region’s villages and medieval monasteries. Some are now abandoned but are well worth visiting as their walls have been witnesses to the passing of time. The damp, moss and vegetation impart an air of mystery.

The Sil River forms a natural boundary between Ourense and Lugo.  You will marvel at its rugged landscapes, vineyards, mountains, and one the most famous viewing points: Los Balcones de Madrid.

Don’t forget to sail on “The Catamaráns” to appreciate the unique vistas of the canyons!


6. Viewpoint at Redondela


Ria de Vigo views from Redondela lookout - Best Galicia Spots - A World to Travel

Do you know the Rias Baixas? Why don’t you come here and enjoy this beautiful landscapes and all the gastronomical offer?

Possibly, one of the most interesting places of all this zone is the Ria de Vigo. An estuary with the strong presence of the Cies Islands. Two paradises facing each other. And if you would like to see all of this with the right perspective, the best place to do it is the Redondela lookout.

After some attempts searching a good one for all the area, I’m pretty sure this is the best place to get the best out of it. At this point, you can appreciate how many treasures are there in just one shot.

What do you think? Did I get your attention?


7. Fragas do Eume

by Escapalandia

Fragas do Eume - Best Galicia Spots - A World to Travel

For many years this spot was one of the best-kept secrets of the Galician geography, only known by the residents of the area or the province. They would walk through the woods, to see its ancient monastery on the slopes of Eume canyon or celebrate a sort of traditional yearly pilgrimage, a romeria. A great place to explore all year long, today it receives thousands of visitors during the Summer months.

His most popular Caaveiro access is well signposted from Pontedeume. But this Atlantic forest of great value for its flora and fauna can also be visited from As Pontes de Garcia Rodriguez or Monfero. There one can enjoy the lush nature, its beautiful river, the remains of an industrial building in the old center of A Ventureira, and the art and history of its ancient inhabitants: the religious hermits who first settled in this land.

Do not leave without embracing the loneliness and some outstanding hiking, dropping by the visitor center, and having a drink in the canteen of the former monastery of Caaveiro.


8. San Simon Island

by Maruxaina


My favorite places in Galicia lie by Rias Baixas and they are the islands of St. Simon and St. Anton, a small archipelago full of history that usually lacks recognition due to its proximity with the touristy Cies islands (pictured below these lines).

Vigo and Cies islands - Best Galicia Spots - A World to Travel

This is a perfect place to spend a relaxing day and learn Galicia’s history. Templar monks were the first to inhabit these islands and last century San Simon was used as a prison island during the Franco regime.

There is a permanent exhibition of photography and the views of the Vigo estuary are beautiful. Plus, if the tide is low we will see a tribute to Jules Verne: two divers looking for the treasure of Rande!


9. Patos Beach

by Trucos Viajeros

Patos beach - Galicia best spots - A World to Travel

Sunny in the summer, perfect for a walk during winter and ready for surf year-long, Patos beach is one of my favorite places in Rias Baixas. Its relaxed atmosphere welcomes both surfers and sunbathers who come here to enjoy its clear waters and the white sand.

Best? Its location just across the Cíes Islands is perfect if you are looking for a stunning sunset picture. And it’s only a few kilometers away from the popular Panxon fishing village, Praia America beach and Vigo!

Bonus: It’s also one of the locations of the novel “Death on a Galician Shore” (A Praia dos Afogados) from Domingo Villar.


10. Ourense

by Trucos Viajeros


Sunday morning stroll around #Ourense’s highlights before heading to Verin for more #Entroido2015!

Una foto publicada por A World to Travel (@aworldtotravel) el

Most travelers overlook Ourense on their trip to Galicia and I believe it’s a big mistake. This small city, just one hour away from the Atlantic coast, offers something for everyone and makes a perfect one day or weekend trip.

If you are looking for relaxing, you can enjoy the natural hot springs by the river Minho or the 60º hot fountains at As Burgas which date back to the Romans. Or you can also go “os viños”: walking around the old town and sampling the traditional Galician food at the many and more bars that offer free tapas when you order a glass of wine.


11. Santa Comba beach, Ferrol

by Viajando Imagenes & Sensaciones

Santa Comba is one of the most beautiful beaches in Galicia. Not only for its clear water, but also due to the stunning landscape that surrounds it. On the right side, there is a tiny church on a small island. A long time ago this was attached to the mainland, but the tough weather, strong winds, and waves formed three different islands.
At St. Comba you can snorkel and walk around Prior cape. Due to its isolation, the beach is pretty quiet and not many people go so you can enjoy some swimming, walking or just taking in the views on your own.

12. Ourense Hotsprings

Ourense is the second-largest hot spring city in Europe. You can enjoy two hours of a luxury spa for just 5 euro in front of the Miño river. But if you prefer to use the thermal space for free, you have different options by the waterside. The hot spring is outdoors and you can choose your favorite one depending on the temperature that you prefer.
After a relaxing day in the thermal area, you can visit Ourense’s old city – one of the best places to visit in Galicia, Spain – and enjoy some Spanish tapas and a glass of good wine

Now that Fall is around the corner, here are twelve spots to explore during these three months before Wintertime. Hope you find them as beautiful and worthy as we did and let us know if you would like us to publish more tips on things to see and do around Galicia.