Galicia Is Heaven On Earth. Here’s Proof

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Located on the Northwest corner of Spain, Galicia shines on its own. Here are some great reasons and Galicia attractions that will make you want to visit this fascinating region.


1. Stunning landscapes are in great supply in Galicia

2. Galicia’s shoreline stretches over 1500 km


3. What gives this region unreal beaches


4. Unique settings that, more times than not, you will be able to enjoy without anyone else in sight


5. Or with your loved ones


6. This land is also a surfing paradise


7. A sailing dream


8. A spot where to feel grounded


9. And a place where people listen to nature


10. Cherishing it


11. Galicians work hard


12. It’s in their DNA


13. Great news is that they also know how to celebrate life


14. Fight hard for what they want


15. Make some noise


16. And keep their traditions alive


17. It does not stop there: Galicia’s cultural heritage is huge


18. And it keeps shaping up nicely.


19. But hold tight, there are many other Galicia attractions


20. Rain or shine, Galicia always dazzles


21. And Galician people are not afraid of bad weather


22. Aware that it never rains forever


23. And good weather will come back sooner or later


24. They also know only rain can bring views like this


25. Waterfalls like this


26. Mighty rivers


27. And green prairies


28. But there’s more to Galicia than funny weather, a great coastline, beautiful landscapes, and celebrations! There’s great architecture


29. A bunch of Unesco World Heritage Sites spread all over Galicia


30. Abandon places to explore


31. Enchanted castles


32. Small villages


33. Cities that will take you back to the Middle Ages


34. And settlements built over two thousand years ago


35. Terrific sunsets


36. Awe-inspiring nightscapes


37. Epic landmarks


38. Unreal creatures


39. Magical viewpoints


40. Alluring lakes


41. Remarkable lighthouses


42. And some of the nicest people on the planet


43. Good news is that this paradise called Galicia


44. Is closer than you think!


45. Therefore put it on your list today, it might surprise you!


46. And if you finally decide to give it a try, do not forget the camera


47. No matter which angle you choose


48. Our land is heaven on Earth!

Find out more about Galicia’s must-see places and what makes Galicia unique here.

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  1. shesatripblog

    I’d never heard of Galica before reading this but wow…those starry skies and bright pink sunsets. I have to go!

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