Solo Traveler? Here Is How To Plan Your Galapagos Trip Without Breaking The Bank

How To Plan Your Galapagos Trip As A Solo Traveler Without Breaking The Bank (7)

The Galapagos: a unique destination that is the physical presence of natural history, unmatched beauty, and scientific breakthrough. Through its waters and isles, this archipelago has played an integral role in the discovery of key thoughts, thoughts which have become the crux of modern thought. A trip to the Galapagos is undoubtedly a privilege, as the scenery engages your senses in a way that only this piece of paradise can. However, those traveling without the luxury of a group setting are often the focus of difficulty in finding appropriate accommodation. Thus, this article serves those who seek the best option for solo traveling to the Galapagos.

How is it like to travel solo in Galapagos?

Some people may say that this can turn out into an alternative to save money and yes, this may apply in different destinations around the world. But this concept may not apply to a protected National Park such as the Galapagos Islands, in Ecuador.

If you find yourself looking for different tour options in the Galapagos, whether it’s a cruise or a hotel-based tour, you may encounter with the term Single Supplement.  This means that you will have to pay an extra fee if you do not wish to share a room with another fellow traveler.

Depending on the ship, hotel or time of the year, this supplement can become a big problem if you are looking forward to saving a few bucks on your Galapagos trip.

A trip to Galapagos without Single Supplement? Not impossible

You can experience the enchanted islands solo in different ways:

  • Being able to share a cabin. Some boats are allowing passengers to avoid the single supplement if they are able to share the room. Most of the times, cruises do not fill all of the spaces, and that is when you may get lucky and get a room for yourself.
  • Look for a Galapagos cruise with single cabins with no single supplement. There are really few cabins there with no single supplement. Most of the boats don´t have this option available, others only have one single cabin, and other cruises like the Mary Anne has 4 single cabins without the single supplement. You will find more information in the article below. We highly recommend looking for spaces with some time in advance.
  • To pay the single supplement that most of the cruises and hotels have. That may go from 25% to 100%. You can save this by contacting Andando Tours since they have a great offer in customizing the best holidays for solo travelers in Galapagos.

Galapagos Islands cruise

Cruises are a great opportunity to reach the most recondite places in the archipelago. Once on board, you will not worry about a single thing, all meals, excursions and other activities are already organized, and you just have to worry about spotting as much wildlife as possible. –Galapagos cruises offer itineraries that must be previously approved by the Galapagos National Park, and they start from 4 days and will get as long as 15 days.

The number of passengers in a Galapagos cruise is limited too; you can either go on a 12, 16, 20, 50 or a 100 passenger cruise. Sometimes cruises do not fill all of the spaces, and that is when you may get lucky and get a room for yourself. You may try to look for spaces in advance and on the dates that show lower occupation. Try to look for a cruise between October and December.

Unlike hotels in the Galapagos, some cruises offer single rooms without single supplements.

S/S Mary Anne

This first-class sailing Galapagos ship is the only one of its kind in the archipelago. But that is not the only thing that makes it unique as she is the only ship that offers 4 single cabins without any single supplement for solo travelers who are looking for a truly nautical experience in the Galapagos; what makes it one of the best Galapagos cruise for solo travelers.

M/Y Galapagos Odyssey

This first-class motor yacht was designed to give you comfort during your Galapagos cruise, and it counts with 1 cabin for single travelers who look for comfort and a first-class experience without paying a single supplement.


Named after the famous HMS Beagle, in which Darwin made his voyage to the Galapagos Islands, this 105-foot twin screw steel-hulled brigantine is a good pick for solo travelers. Even though it only offers 1 single cabin and does not charge a single supplement, you may try your luck and get on board this cozy vessel.

Galapagos Island Hopping  

This new trend in the Galapagos offers flexibility and a different approach on how you get to explore the islands. -An Island Hopping program consists of reaching different visitor sites on a speedboat, complete your scheduled excursion and then take you back to the main island.

These Galapagos tours will only depart from Puerto Villamil in Isabela Island, Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz island and Puerto Baquerizo Moreno in San Cristobal Island. –After your tour, you will have the opportunity to stroll around town and meet local people.

Of course, this tours also charge you a single supplement in your hotel room. –You may want to try to book during the low season as hotels have strict policies for single supplement.

The daily excursions cannot take more than 16 passengers, so you may not have to worry about not enjoying your guide’s attention.

Andando Tours services

Whether you are a single traveler looking forward to visiting the Galapagos Islands or a group of friends, Andando Tours’ experts will offer you the most suitable option to make your Galapagos tour an unforgettable experience.