Fun Things to Do in Toronto for Young Adults (2024)

Iphone taking picture of graffiti Kensington Market – Fun Things to Do in Toronto for Young Adults

Looking for fun things to do in Toronto? You’re in the right place.

Toronto is the largest, most cosmopolitan city in Canada and the most multicultural city in the world. Needless to say, there are a lot of varied things to do. 

Whether you’re looking for culture, excitement, entertainment, exploration, or even relaxation – there are plenty of options in Toronto that can be enjoyed solo, with friends, or even in a group of two.

So, let’s jump in – fun things to do in Toronto

21 Fun Things to Do in Toronto

1. Eat your way through the Kensington Market

Toronto is rich with international cuisine, and the Kensington Market is the best place to experience it.  

The Kensington market is a bohemian neighborhood popular with students, foodies, and tourists. It has colorful graffiti, street art, food markets, and hole-in-the-wall restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines from around the world. 

You can spend hours walking around taking photos of the unique art, shopping, and of course, eating.

One of the best ways to experience the Kensington Market is to do a Toronto food tour that can teach you fascinating details about this little pocket of Toronto, and give you samples of the variety of delicious eats. 

2. Dance the night away in the Entertainment District

The Entertainment District is the ‘nightlife hotspot’ in the Toronto city center. There are bars, live music patios in the summertime, nightclubs, and movie theatres.

The Entertainment District is located right in the heart of the city and is the perfect place to party or celebrate with friends, and is very popular for bachelor(ette) and birthday parties. 

If nightlife will be a focus of your visit to Toronto, consider staying at a hotel near the Entertainment District, such as the Sheraton Toronto. The Sheraton a 10-minute walk from the Entertainment District, has a swimming pool and provides a free hearty breakfast.

3. Do the Edge walk

Although it has since been beaten out by other towers around the world, the CN Tower is the tallest free-standing structure in Canada at 1815 feet tall. 

You can take an elevator to the top, stand on the glass floor looking down at the ground below, and even dine in the revolving 360 restaurant.

The Edge Walk was introduced in 2011 as a way to take exploring the tower to the next level. It involves hanging over the ‘edge’ of the tower, at over 1800 feet in the air. 

The Edgwalk can be booked on the CN Tower website. 

4. See a sporting event

Toronto is a central hub for some of the most exciting sporting events in Canada.

Canadians love their sports. Toronto sporting teams (Toronto Maple Leafs for hockey and Toronto Raptors for basketball) are cherished in Ontario, and there is a lot of energy and excitement at the games.

You can watch NHL hockey games at the Air Canada Centre, soccer games at the BMO Stadium, or head to the Scotiabank Arena to see a Toronto Raptors basketball game. 

Pro Tip: If you’re a hockey fan, I recommend visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame which showcases hockey stars in Canadian history

5. Go axe throwing

There’s no better place in the world to try the ancient art of axe throwing than in Toronto. The first axe-throwing venue opened in Toronto in the early 2000s, and since then, it has become a popular Canada-wide activity. 

Axe-throwing can be done with a group of friends or a partner, and laugh by competing on throwing axes at targets, with drinks and snacks. 

There are a few places in the city where you can try axe-throwing. I recommend the BATL Axe Throwing, Portlands location which you can find near the Distillery District right on the waterfront.

It’s a bit harder to get to because you need to take a bus from the subway station. However, I believe that the atmosphere is worth the trek!

6. See a live show

Toronto has some of the most historic theatres in Canada, which make it a fun experience to go watch a show.

The Ed Mirvish Theatre and the Royal Alexandra Theatre are located right downtown and have a lineup of Broadway musical shows and performances playing throughout the year.

7. Go on a Toronto harbor boat cruise

Toronto is located right on the waterfront of Lake Ontario. Taking a cruise in the Toronto harbor gives you great views of the Toronto skyline, and allows you to see the city landmarks from a different perspective.

Toronto Harbour cruises often come with a guide that can share some interesting tidbits about Toronto as you sail past the city.

Book your Toronto Harbor and Islands Yacht Cruise here

8. Explore the Distillery District

The Distillery District is a small slice of Europe in the big city of Toronto. While the rest of the city is full of skyscrapers and busy traffic, the Distillery District is completely car-free and virtually unchanged from 100 years ago.

It’s a great place to try craft beers at a brewery, shop or eat some good food.

There are restaurants with generous, tasty portions, and some cozy cafes to grab a bite to eat. Several cute shops sell artisan, handicraft items where you can find unique Canadian souvenirs 

The Distillery District is also the location for the annual Toronto Christmas Market,

9. Attend an exciting event at Nathan Philip’s Square

Every visitor to Toronto needs to see Nathan Phillip’s Square at least once, but there are so many fun activities and events that you may end up going back more than once!

Nathan Phillips Square is where you’ll find the large Toronto sign (illuminated at night) in front of the Old City Hall which makes great pictures. 

In the winter, a skating rink is installed at Nathan Phillip’s Square, right in front of the Toronto sign. In the warm months, cultural festivals and events are happening on the square – the Vegan Food Festival, Taste of India, Vive Latino American, Toronto Dragon Festival and so much more. 

In addition, there is a farmer’s market at Nathan Philip’s Square every Wednesday in the warm months.

Click here to see events going on at Nathan Philip’s Square throughout the year.

10. See a concert at the Budweiser Stage

The Budweiser Stage is one of my favorite venues to see a concert in Canada. The open air, on the shore of the Toronto harbour makes for the perfect setting for a summer concert. 

Since the Budweiser stage is outdoor, it’s only open in the summer months. There are seats in chairs, as well as on the grass (lawn). 

There are plenty of food trucks and kiosk bars for you to grab drinks and snacks before your concert. 

One of my favorite things about seeing a concert at the Budweiser Stage is the lit-up view of the Toronto skyline as you walk back across the bridge at night.

Tickets to see a concert at the Budweiser Stage can be booked on the Ticketmaster website here.

11. Experience ROM After Dark

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is worth a visit for anyone visiting Toronto. It’s the largest museum in Canada and has fascinating exhibits.

The Afterdark series that the ROM offers allows you to experience the museum in a unique way that is only available to people 19 years old and older. 

ROM Afterdark events usually have different seasonal themes, and there is also live music. 

Tickets to Afterdark are $40 per person, and one drink is included with your admission.

Tickets to ROM After Dark must be booked online in advance, as they do not sell them at the door. 

12. Tease your brain at the Museum of Illusions 

The Museum of Illusions is the perfect place to have fun with a group of friends, and something you should try at least once while you’re in Toronto. There are optical illusions, holograms, and unique selfie opportunities. 

The creative and intricate displays will tease your brain, stimulate your curiosity, and allow you to think outside the box, and play around in goofy scenarios. 

Give yourself at least an hour to explore the entire museum.

Pro Tip: The Museum of Illusions is a small museum, so it can get crowded at peak times. To visit with fewer crowds, consider going during the week.

13. Soar high at Canada’s largest amusement park

If you’re a thrill-seeker, then prepare to have your limits tested at Canada’s Wonderland, the largest amusement park in Canada. The Leviathan roller coaster is the 7th tallest roller coaster in the world. 

If huge roller coasters aren’t for you, then don’t shy away from Canada’s Wonderland so fast – there many easygoing rides that aren’t scary at all. There are also other activities, such as an outdoor waterpark (Splashworks), arcades, games, and shopping. 

You can get to Canada’s Wonderland by taking the TTC to the Vaughan station. Tickets can be bought in advance on their website.

14. Take a day trip to Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, Ontario aside from its majestic waterfalls, is known as the ‘mini Vegas’ of Canada. 

There are casinos, haunted houses, a speedway, a 100-foot-tall Ferris wheel, candy stores, wax museums, and lots of restaurants and bars.

There are also some unique, adventurous things to do in Niagara Falls, such as the zipline that allows you to soar like a bird across the falls, and Journey Behind the Falls where you can walk behind the falls.

There are many ways of getting to Niagara Falls from Toronto, including day tours, public transportation, and driving.

15. Have a beach day

Being on the waterfront of Lake Ontario, Toronto has plenty of beaches that can be enjoyed between May and September. 

Toronto’s beaches have either sand or cobble and have great views of the lake ahead.

  • Sugar Beach –  located at 11 Dockside Drive, right downtown (about a 5-minute walk from the CN Tower!)
  • Sunnyside Beach – runs along Lakeshore Blvd, just a 10-minute drive from the heart of the city 
  • Woodbine Beach – located in a neighborhood known as ‘The Beaches’ is about 20 minutes from downtown Toronto. 

In ‘the Beaches’ neighborhood of Toronto, you can find vintage buildings, graffiti as well as the popular Woodbine Beach. To get there, take the subway to Queen Station, then take the 501 streetcar eastbound.

Pro Tip: In addition to the beaches on the mainland area of Toronto, there are also beaches on Centre Island. You can take a ferry to Centre Island from the Jack Layton ferry terminal, or take a water taxi from the harbourfront area. 

16. Play Games in a Board game cafe

Boardgame cafes have been popping up in many Canadian cities as a place for people to have fun with friends, and Toronto is no exception.

One really fun place to go is  For the Win Boardgame Cafe & Bar, which serves hearty brunch-style food and desserts and has a cafe menu as well as a bar menu. It’s the perfect place to hang out, having fun and playing games with friends.

For the Win Boardgame Cafe & Bar is located in the  Northeast part of the city, near the Science Centre 

Or Snakes & Lattes is closer to the downtown core. 

17. Attend Canada’s largest fair

If you’re in Toronto in late August, you should attend the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), an annual fair in east Toronto.

The CNE has been running since 1879 and is a much-loved Canadian tradition. There are rides, snacks, food trucks, a food building, vendor markets, games, and so much more.

You can get great views of the city of Toronto from some of the rides. The CNE runs for 2 weeks starting in late August until Labour Day. 

18. Spend an afternoon in Old Toronto

Old Toronto was known as the town of York in the 1800s. There are some beautiful heritage buildings and landmarks, unique stores, and some great places to eat. 

Some of the notable things to see are the Flatiron Building, and the St. Lawrence Market, which is Toronto’s food market, which is located in an old jail building.

Take photos of the Flatiron Building which is the shape of an iron, and walk through the St. Lawrence Market. 

Afterwards, take a break in Berczy Park which is right in between the Flatiron Building and the St. Lawrence Market. The Berzy Park has a large fountain with dozens of dog statues around it. 27 different dog breeds are featured. Elsewhere in the park, you can also find a cat.

Afterwards, you can complete your afternoon by having a drink in the bar located in the basement of the Flatiron Building, A Firkin Pub.

19. Indulge in winter activities 

During the cold months, between November and March, there are a lot of special winter-related things to do in Toronto.

There is a ski slope in the center of Toronto, plenty of tobogganing hills, and snowshoe trails. 

During the holiday season in November and December, a 100-foot tall tree is installed at the Eaton Centre and is worth checking out. There is also the Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery District.

Toronto winters can be chilly, but there is plenty to do indoors to escape the cold. I recommend checking out the Royal Ontario Museum, the Science Centre (a great place to learn fascinating things), or the Museum of Illusions. 

20. Attend fun events at Dundas Square

Dundas Square is the ‘Times Square’ of Toronto, with its large screens, loud music, events and celebrations.

During the summer months, there’s always something new going on at Dundas Square, whether it’s live music and performances, or special exhibits.

Even if there isn’t any particularly special event going on, Young and Dundas Square is still a fun place to hang out in Toronto.  There is plenty of shopping and restaurants at Dundas Square, in addition to the Eaton Centre, a 400-store shopping center.

Click here to see upcoming events happening at Dundas Square. 

21. Do a ghost tour

Ghost tours aren’t just for Halloween. You can do the Haunt Hunt in Toronto year-round.

This 90-minute tour allows you to see some of the oldest buildings in Toronto and learn some sinister details about their history, as well as accounts of paranormal activity. 

Ghost tours have become popular in almost all Canadian cities, but the Toronto Haunt Hunt isn’t like other ghost tours. On the Toronto tour, you have the opportunity to use a few unique tools, such as a ‘spirit box’ and an EMF detector.

Regardless of whether you have any belief in ghosts or hauntings, the Haunt Hunt is a fun thing to do in Toronto for older kids, teens, and adults.

Book your Toronto 90-minute haunted night walk here.

Best Places to Stay in Toronto

  • Budget: Samusun Toronto Near the Kensington Market, and steps away from other attractions. Dorms and private rooms are available and a free breakfast is provided
  • Mid Range: Sheraton Toronto Steps from the Entertainment District, and complimentary breakfast included  
  • Luxury: Radisson Blu Downtown Toronto Steps away from the CN Tower, Ripley’s, Scotiabank Arena, the Toronto Roundhouse, and other attractions.

Fun Things to Do in Toronto: FAQ

What is Toronto known for?

Toronto is known for being the largest city in Canada, one of the largest in North America, and the most multicultural city in the world. It has a lot of ‘records’ in Canada, such as the tallest building in the country, the largest museum, and the largest amusement park.

Is Toronto good for young people? 

Toronto is a good place for young adults because it has a lot of fun things to do, you don’t need a car, it’s a multicultural, cosmopolitan city that you can never tire of exploring. In addition, Toronto is a safe city with a low crime rate in comparison with other North American cities 

Conclusion: Fun Things to Do in Toronto

I hope that this article fills you with ideas of all the fun things to do in Toronto. Whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, or on a romantic getaway, Toronto has a lot to offer in terms of fun.

There are world-class, interactive museums in Toronto, record-breaking landmarks, and fun things to do for all ages. 

Toronto is also famous for its variety, and you can find that variety in all the different fun things to do. You can ‘travel the world’ while staying just in the city, sampling world cuisines, attending cultural events, and exploring the unique, colorful pockets and distinct neighborhoods of the city.