5 Fun Things To Do In Scotland

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Scotland is best known for its breathtaking valleys, mountain wildernesses, deep and natural lakes. The friendliness of its natives and the richness of their culture are equally impeccable. In a nutshell, it is a haven of fun outdoor activities for both the locals and tourists, a small country with a population of about 6 million people and many adventure opportunities. In this post, we have explored what the country has to offer and highlighted the most fun things to do in Scotland.

Tour the Scottish Atlantic Coast using The Jacobite

The Jacobite is a steam train that has been entertaining tourists along the Scottish Atlantic Coast scenic route since the end of last century. If you are visiting Fort William, you can board the train at around 10.15am and enjoy a 2-hour journey to Mallaig. Within those two hours, you will be treated to one of the most mind-blowing railway journeys of your life. From navigating around Loch Morar- the deepest freshwater lake in Scotland, to passing over Loch Shiel on The Glenfinnan Viaduct Bridge, to getting a glimpse of “the safe place” Arisaig village, the journey highlights are many.

Very popular among movie enthusiasts, the Glenfinnan Viaduct steals the show a little bit after being featured in the movie Harry Potter. Since then, it’s become one of the most famous Scotland landmarks and tops every must-see Scotland list.

Upon arrival, you will have the opportunity to interact with the locals at Mallaig, enjoy their foods, and learn more about their culture before traveling back to Fort William at around 2.25pm.

Take a tour to the Isle of Skye

Trust that you will fall in love with this stunning island off the Scottish Coast. From here, you will get a cool view of the Scottish Highlands, experience breathtaking waterfalls, and see some mind-blowing cliffs from a touching distance. This geographic marvel is connected to the mainland by The Skye Bridge.

But besides being incredible, this isle is home to hairy “coos” cows, the Port Righ in Portree, and some of the world’s most epic whiskey tasting events.

Walk along the West Highland Way

This footpath stretches for about 154 kilometers from Milngavie to Ben Nevis Mountains in Fort William. You can opt to walk, ride a horse, or ride a mountain bike for the entire stretch, although horse riding and biking aren’t as convenient as walking. The journey starts from the lowlands and gets steeper as you approach the peak, making it a 5 to 8 days hike depending on your fitness levels. On top of many Scotland sights, you will have a chance to see friendly wildlife including red deer and feral goats.

Visit Fingal’s Cave

This sea cave is yet another Scottish geographical wonder. It is located at the heart of Staffa – one of the smallest islands in Scotland. It was named like that in the 18th century and has since attracted millions of tourists, becoming one of the best places to visit in Scotland. You will get to the cave’s entrance by boat, from where you will enter the cave on foot. The rocks therein are slippery but there are basalt columns on the sides to aid your navigation.

Swimming and Canyoneering

Scotland has the best lakes and rivers for wild swimming, snorkeling, boat-riding, and canyoneering experiences. To the west coast of Oban, you will have a once in a lifetime chance of swimming with the harmless basking sharks. If you can’t stand their massive size, you can watch them bask on the shores from a distance or take a closer look at them from a boat. The coastline also boasts other fish species including minke whales, grey seals, and bottlenose dolphins.

Along the west-coast rivers, there are some fantastic canyoneering sites. Some of the prominent canyoneering activities that you can try include swimming and scrambling under the powerful waterfalls, slipping and sliding, abseiling, and cliff jumping. If done with the right guidance, all these activities can be safe, fun, and do budget friendly.

There are many fun activities in Scotland, too many to fit in a single post. The five activities that we have highlighted are good for a start. We cannot, however, conclude this post without recommending you to check the Three Peaks Challenge, an incredible opportunity to climb the highest peaks in England, Scotland, and Wales within 24 hours. Enjoy!