15 Fun Things To Do In Gijon Rain Or Shine

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Finding out the weather forecast for your upcoming destination looks grey and rainy should never be an issue. Here in the Northern part of Spain, we are used to always try to make the most out of our gorgeous land. That’s why we’d love to encourage everyone to visit this region no matter the climate. And while we are at it, let’s uncover a few fun things to do in Gijon rain or shine.

A few days back we visited Gijón, a city by the Cantabric Sea in the green and beautiful Asturias. After spending a few days getting close and personal with some funny weather conditions; we thought we should share with you a few plans and things to do in Gijón that will make you enjoy the city rain or shine.

15 ideas to live Gijón to the fullest

1. Start the day on the right foot

And in the right spot. Admiring the sunrise from San Lorenzo beach or any other worthy spot in the city. Some suggestions include Cerro de Santa Catalina – where Chillida’s artwork is, Poniente beach, El Rinconín or the bridge over Piles river.

Any place will do really as long as it is by the sea. You will then learn to appreciate the uniqueness of Gijón location and how the locals embrace the Cantabric sea even if the sun is not shining.

If you are brave enough, there’s nothing quite like taking a morning bath. Your coffee intake will be highly reduced and you’ll be able to face the day with a smile. Trust us!

2. Get a sweetness overdose

Is there anything cozier and Autumn-like than spending a couple of hours at a cake shop? Punto Caramelo offers a huge range of sweet – and some salty – baked goods that will make you postpone your reduced sugar intake resolutions for a while.

And if you have a sweet tooth, keep an eye on Gijón Goloso. You have been warned!

3. Try your hand at surfing

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, San Lorenzo has a few spots to improve or show off your skills on a surfboard no matter the weather. Talk to the guys at Tablas Surf School if you need surfing classes. They also have some SUPs if no waves are in sight!

If I was able to stand up on my surfboard (check 0.58 in the video below), it can’t be very difficult! lol

4. Paraglide over Gijon cliffs

Yet another flight experience worth trying at least once!

Volar en Asturias proposes a beginners package. Here, it barely matters if the skies are grey as long as the wind blows in the right direction and with the needed strength. Even if you don’t manage to fly – waiting for the right conditions takes patience and good luck, you will be able to enjoy the surroundings of the meeting spot. Ours was by the Providencia viewpoint, over some gorgeous cliffs!

5. Taste some Asturian gourmet products

Wine and cheese is so passé. What will rock your world is cider and cheese! Head to La Gijonesa and book a tasting session. With 4 different ciders and Asturian cheeses, we guarantee you won’t be hungry afterward!

Or go for a few craft beers at Vor Bier&Bar restaurant. Its food menu is also pretty neat with gourmet fast-food classics and appetizers that will keep you well-fed and sober as you quench your thirst for beer.

6. Take your time at the table

Save a couple of hours, head to one of Cimavilla’s restaurants for lunch, and get ready for a feast like no other in one of the most iconic neighborhoods of Gijón. La Galana restaurant should do just fine.

A bit further away, V.Crespo restaurant is perfect for a slow dinner. Try their unique cabins. Set as if you were on an old wooden boat, they offer unrivaled privacy.

For a budget option, try La Cocina de la Laboral restaurant, in the Laboral complex grounds. A 2 courses lunch with dessert, bread, and a drink will only set you back 13€.

On the other hand, if you’d rather eat by the sea, the Michelin-starred Auga restaurant offers a Gijon Gourmet menu with 5 main courses, dessert and wine for 50€. What’s not to love?

Check minube’s video about Gijon cuisine:

7. Hike like there’s no tomorrow

Take for instance the Cervigon Hiking Path. It will lead you to some superb sites as the marina, Cimavilla, Cerro de Santa Catalina, San Lorenzo beach and cape, and the Providencia viewpoint.

Again, if rain is predicted, do not forget to bring a waterproof jacket or an umbrella with you as during most of the traits you’ll be walking right by the coastal path with no cover in sight.

8. Enjoy the rain from a heated outdoor pool

At BNFit Thalasso Spa. It boasts one of the largest circuits I have ever seen with lots of different pools, saunas, and special treatment rooms as negative ions and infrared light.

Ask someone from the staff which order you should follow and get ready to pamper yourself for a good two or three hours. Their massages – remember to book them in advance – are also worth it!

9. Get stunned at La Laboral

Nowadays a University, the history this huge building has behind is nothing short of awesomeness. Learn everything about its compounds, theatre, church, convent, annexes, and gardens joining one of the guided tours they offer almost on a daily basis.

Finish your time there overlooking the magnificence of it all from its unique tower viewpoint in the 17th floor.

10. Embrace the lushest face of Gijón

Right next to La Laboral, Atlantico Botanical Garden is the perfect spot to spend a couple of hours wandering through its 4 different ambiances that feature plants and species from all over the world.

Here’s another cool – and short – minube video of our Gijon adventures to watch for photogenic spots and more:

11. It’s all about the cider

Asturian people do not mess with their traditions and cider production and consumption is one of the most significant ones. Learn about how this drink is made out of apples at Llagar Piñera where the knowledgeable people working there all year round to bring this tasty drink to the table will be happy to arrange a guided visit.

And then head to one of the million places where you can taste it.

We tried a few spots in Gijon but if we had to say one,  Merendero El Cruce is a great place to get started.

12. Fall for Gijón’s art scene

Gijón loves art and art loves Gijón.

A match made in heaven indeed, it is possible to enjoy numerous art permanent and temporary exhibits as well as festivals of all kinds all year round.

We were lucky enough to enjoy’s Pablo Armesto’s Eureka new installation at Instituto Jovellanos during the White night happenings last September, 29th.

If you like contemporary art, head to LABoral Arts Center next to La Laboral and Botanical Gardens. They have always something interesting going on.

As for Gijón festivals, we have already noted down a few key ones:

  • Gijón Sound Festival – Around mid Spring, this diverse urban fest brings a colorful line-up to Gijón full of great national and international bands and artists.
  • Lev Festival – Audiovisual creation, electronic music, and more spread around the city in late Spring. Our best bet for next year!
  • Tsunami – Punk, indie, and psychedelic rock festival that takes place in July.
  • Noir Week – Also in Summer, it spins around culture, leisure, and reading.
  • Gijón Film Festival – A classic that’s been going on for over 50 years, usually around November.

13. Have a night cup by the beach

I cannot think of a better spot to enjoy a gin tonic with great music and company than El Patio de la Favorita, facing San Lorenzo beach. If you are lucky, you might get a chance to listen to local DJ tunes or even a refreshing rock&roll band.

14. Put on your dancing shoes

And enjoy a live music gig at Savoy Club or any other spot in town. There’s always something fun around!

15. Netflix and Chill

At one of Gijón’s great hotels. The offer is huge, but we recommend Blue Santa Rosa Hotel as we had a flawless stay there.

Steps away from the Gijón’s marina, San Lorenzo beach, and Cimavilla, its location is truly hard to beat.

We hope you enjoy Gijón rain or shine!

Disclaimer: Gijón Tourism along with minube and my colleagues Ainara Garcia, Alberto Ribas, and Ignacio Izquierdo contributed to making this trip memorable and extra fun. Thanks so much, everyone!

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