The Frequent Traveler’s Tech Bible – 5 Tips To Make Your Life Easier

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Whether you’re a frequent flyer for business or pleasure, there are a couple of ways to get your vacation started on the right foot before even arriving at your destination. When you think of vacation, you may think about disconnecting and unplugging from the world — turning off your phone, setting a vacation notification on your inbox so clients know not to disturb you and leaving your gadgets locked up in your hotel room safe. What many people fail to realize is that technology can actually be your friend if you take the time to optimize it for your benefit! There are a variety of discount apps, ride-booking programs and streaming services that can complement your trip to make life a little easier when you’re on the go. Here are five tips to make your next trip a little less stressful and a lot more tech-savvy.


Get a Water and Dust Resistant Phone

First thing’s first: get yourself a phone that is both dust and water-resistant. When traveling to various locations, having a phone that is durable and protected against different climates and elements is incredibly important. For example, the iPhone 7 is both dust and water-resistant making it the perfect accessory for your travels and ocean-side business calls.


Buy a Global Mobile Plan

Ensure you have a cellular plan that meets your needs before departure. If you’re leaving the country, ensure you’ve spoken with your carrier or added an upgrade to your phone plan for international travel to ensure you are connected everywhere in the world.


Download A Few Shows or Movies

Downloading shows from Netflix can save you hours upon hours of boredom and flight anxiety. Also recommended is upgrading your iCloud storage to ensure you have plenty of room for the shows you’re downloading in addition to all of the photos you’ll likely be taking. Then sit back and enjoy that new season of Grey’s Anatomy.


Opt for a Phone with Decent Battery Life

There’s no point in downloading all of your shows from Netflix if you don’t have a phone with a good battery life to watch them on. Watch Netflix or other streaming services on your smartphone with the enhanced battery life, large screen and retina display which makes for seamless entertainment on a lengthy flight and saves you from having to pull out your laptop or larger tablet.


Do not forget how important are visuals

If you’re someone making money as you travel by creating visual content, professional photos are important. Future and existing clients will base future marketing partnerships off of your images, so be mindful of the type of camera you use when documenting your adventures or reviewing experiences as you go. If your picture looks good here, it’ll look good everywhere.


So, now that you’re well-versed in optimizing tech for your travels, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone, download those shows, purchase that cellular plan and get your vacation started off right. Oh, and don’t forget your passport, that’s kind of important too!