7 Flight Experiences Around The World Worth Trying Once

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YOLO Alert

Yes, You Only Live Once. And that’s why you should make the most of it.

Here’re the 6+1 flight experiences around the world worth trying at least one time in your life. 


Lightplane Flight Over Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy

A small Cessna was the aircraft that took us both over this picturesque region of Tuscany in June last year. Unexpectedly, a storm was taking place no far away from there. Great for dramatic landscapes!

If photography is your thing, this is something you have to try!

Contact Aeroclub Serristori if you are looking for something unique while in Tuscany.


Seaplane Flight Over Galle, Sri Lanka

My first experience flying on a seaplane took place last November after winning a spot with this article about Sri Lanka’s North Central Province, while I was visiting the country to check some Sri Lanka National Parks and attend a conference. It was so much fun to take off from what seemed to be a lake and soon fly over that turquoise coast along with some blogger friends.

Go for this one if you like to feel safe and have a blast at the same time. Highly recommended!


Still stoked 2 hours after flying in this @cinnamonair seaplane. Who wouldn’t? #TBCAsia

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Check Cinnamon Air website for more details.


Helicopter Ride Over Helsinki, Finland

I might be the luckiest person on earth. While visiting Helsinki for the third time last January, exactly when Finland looks like a Winter wonderland, I had the incredible opportunity of experiencing first hand what I had been dreaming of ever since. An helicopter ride at sunrise over the city of Helsinki and Suomelinna! Can’t get over those views, seriously. Perfect light and frozen sea. If I had to choose one of them all, I might as well go for this one! I mean, it could only get better combining it with snowboarding for an heli skiing session in Alaska, the Rockies, Iceland or the Alps!

Contact Rotorway for more info about how to make it happen.


Hot Air Balloon Over Dubai’s Desert, UAE

Last April, in between my Turkey and South Africa adventures, I spent 10 days in UAE. Little I knew when I landed in Dubai that hot air ballooning over the desert was a thing. Don’t get me wrong, I was aware they were big in some destinations like Cappadoccia in Turkey or the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, but I had never heard about Dubai as the perfect place to jump in one of this.

I couldn’t be more wrong. Two days in town and I was already planning a desert flight after looking for exciting things to do in Dubai. Nevermind the early wake up or the 1 hour drive to the area where you take off, witnessing the sunrise flying aboard a hot air balloon is a memory you’ll cherish for life.

Balloon Adventures Emirates will take you into the heart of the Dubai desert.


Big Rush Jump Over Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, South Africa

If the previous ones came already as a big surprise, this one was even more unexpected since 1 hour before taking the leap of this big swing over the iconic Moses Mabhida Stadium I had no idea what I was getting into. Nonetheless, once there and while we were visiting the facilities and getting stunned at the design of the building, it only seemed natural for me to give it a try. There I headed to the top, with ropes all over me, and ended up jumping (or being ‘gently’ pushed by the guy standing in the platform because I was a bit afraid of doing it by myself) and free-falling 80m over the stadium bowl. Not for the faint of heart, this would be ideal if you are looking into bungee options and want to try without crazily putting yourself in risk.

The Big Rush team, Urban Adrenaline as their motto says, are waiting for you at the Moses Mabhida Stadium.


Transoceanic Business Class Flight

I get it. It costs a fortune! Unless you are into travel hacking, have trillions of air miles or your fiancee works in an airline BUT hey! what if you are suddenly upgraded to Business Class last minute as you board the plane? Well, that happened to me once. Only once till now. And it was beyond awesome!

Not for the champagne, extensive menu, tons of quality freebies, plasma screen, multiple lights, privacy, special attention to detail of the cabin crew personnel, etc.

I will just say one thing: flat bed. To me, that made the difference and my flight, which was going to be a red-eye hands down, turned out to be the smoothest ever. I can’t be thankful enough to the airline I once made a video for, Iberia, for such a treat!


BONUS: Scuba Diving in Koh Tao, Thailand

Scuba Diving in Koh Tao, Thailand

Scuba Diving in Koh Tao, Thailand

Call me dumb but when you scuba, it feels a bit like you are suspended, floating or smoothly flying underwater so I thought this one deserved a place here too. More about how we got into scuba diving here.


Finally! Here’s the proof of our sixth dive with @bigbluedivingkt and @epicgap. Serious fun. Seriously stoked. #Amzthld

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Epic Gap Year was responsible of our recently discovered passion for scuba diving. Check all their activities and courses worldwide, they have something for everyone!


Now it is your turn, really looking forward to hear your flight experiences and those you would like to try one day! Inspire us, can’t wait to try something new!




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  1. yamacparasutufethiye

    Last year I have traveled Dubai with my friends and we enjoyed so much. Dubai has drawn our attention.. Basically I liked hot air Balloons over the desert. Itโ€™s just awesome experience to me. I have no word to say about the feelings. We enjoyed our exclusive dinner party. We want to go to Dubai again if I get any chance.

  2. WanderingCarol

    There are so many adventurous challenges around the world, it would be hard to nail down a fav – heli-hiking in the Rocky Mountains was one of my top trips. It sounds as if you’re definitely open to adventure.

    • Inma

      Definitely have to try that! Although I feel like I’d choose heli skiing hands down first! ๐Ÿ˜€ Well, snowboarding lol

  3. Dana

    You’re making me want to add more adventure into my life. I really want to try a hot air balloon ride.

    • Inma

      ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, Dubai is an awesome place to give that one a try as you can see! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    • Inma

      Glad to hear that! Some of them were really adrenaline filled, true fact lol but I’d do them all over again.

  4. Hitch-Hikers Handbook

    Wow! All of these experiences sound fabulous! My partner, however, is terrified of flying so I don’t think I will be trying them out any time soon:(

  5. Flashpacker Family

    We did our first helicopter ride last year and it was AMAZING!!! We did a scenic flight of Kauai. Jaw dropping, really. I was thinking to myself the whole time… “I could get used to this!”

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