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What the h*ck is Flashpacking?

One of the best ways to travel to exotic locations and experience the true authentic beauty of the place is Flashpacking. This basically refers to a form of travel where one travels independently without any fixed schedule and indulges in a long adventure journey rather than the conventional planned and organized tours that have a fixed travel itinerary. The best way to describe flashpacking would be to refer to it as affluent backpacking. It is similar to backpacking in the essence of travel where a person explores the authentic side to every destination and indulges in adventure travel instead of following a traditional and organized travel plan.

But unlike a backpacker who travels on an extremely stringent budget, a flashpacker also explores places but does not completely compromise on his comforts. For instance, while a backpacker would probably travel in a bus and stay in shared accommodation with other people, a flashpacker may take a flight to reach his destination and prefer to stay alone in better accommodation. Similarly, a flashpacker would not mind spending on adventure sports or experience unconventional and exotic destinations. Another significant characteristic of a flashpacker is the fact that they are more tech-savvy than a backpacker and carry expensive gadgets to add on to the excitement of the journey and even capture the moments through video or photographs.

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Hence flashpackers can be described as backpackers who have more disposable money to make their travel comfortable yet adventurous.


Flashpacking South East Asia

One of the best destinations for flashpacking which is visited by many people from across the globe is South East Asia. The countries of Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Cambodia are extremely popular flashpacking destinations owing to the fact that not only are these places economical and can be easily traveled on a limited budget but also because these south Asian destinations feature beaches, excellent locations for diving, places of cultural and historic importance like monuments and temples and also offer a thriving nightlife along with excellent food. So if you are flashpacking across Southeast Asia and looking for some great destinations where you can travel on a budget, the following are some of the destinations that you must visit.

1)Siem Reap – Cambodia

flashpacking SE Asia Cambodia

Cambodia is literally a heaven for flashpackers as it is one of the cheapest places in the world which offers great amenities at extremely reasonable rates. One of the must-visits in Cambodia is Siem reap, which is popular for the world heritage site of Angkor Wat. The beauty of this place is so incredible that you need at least a few days to experience it to the fullest. Other places that are famous here apart from Angkor wat are Bar street and The Red piano both of which are known for their exquisite array of food available at extremely reasonable rates.


2)Koh Tao – Thailand

flashpacking SE Asia Thailand

While Thailand is always known for Bangkok and the Full moon parties of Koh Phangan, one of the best place for people who want to enjoy the pristine glory of the beaches of Thailand is Koh Tao. Situated close to Koh Phangan, this Andaman Bay island is a perfect beach destination that is relaxing and devoid of crowd and frivolity. Other destinations in Thailand that are known for their natural beauty and laid back lifestyle are Chiang Mai and Pai.


3)Sarawak – Malaysia

flashpacking SE Asia Malaysia

Flashpacking in South East Asia is never complete without a Malaysia holiday. Apart from popular destinations like KL, Georgetown, and Malacca, one of the best destinations for flashpacking in Malaysia is the state of Sarawak. Popular for being a destination that offers the richest and the most diverse ecosystem in the world, Sarawak offers multiple attractions for an adventure travel enthusiast. While the Gunung Mulu National park is known for its caves and is also a popular trekking destination, other places that attract people to Sarawak are its beautiful beaches and clear coves. This destination is undoubtedly revitalizing for both mind and body.


4) Vietnam

flashpacking SE Asia Vietnam

Another great destination for flashpacking in Southeast Asia is Vietnam. This country offers multiple destinations that any adventure travel enthusiast would love. Some of the popular destinations and activities in Vietnam which are known for its beauty and reasonable rates are The Mekong delta which is renowned for its cruises, incredible bike ride in Mui ne, Trekking in Sapa, and finally exploring the Halong Bay.

While we discussed some of the must-visit destinations when you intend to go flashpacking in South East Asia, it is also important to note a few tips that will ensure your journey is safe and exciting. The following are some important tips that you should always keep in mind while embarking on a flashpacking journey.

Some Flashpacking Tips

1) Always keep your cash in a safe place and do not keep all the money in one place.

2) Remember to pack light.

The essence of flashpacking is to travel light with one backpack and travel for a long duration. Hence only take things that are essential.

3) Do not carry extremely expensive gadgets.

Unless you are a professional writer or a photographer it is always advisable not to carry expensive gadgets as you will be worried about their safety more than enjoying your journey.

4) Bring some entertainment along.

Flashpacking typically involves traveling for a long duration. So do not forget to carry your iPod or Smartphone of your choice full of music, a Camera and multiple memory cards. This will not only keep you entertained but also help you to capture some of the beautiful moments of your journey.

5) Pack comfortable clothes.

Always remember flashpacking is not about wearing designer clothes every day. So ensure you pack clothes that are comfortable. Also, it is advisable to pack intelligently. For example, carrying a sarong is a good idea that can be worn in a beach, used as a scarf in cooler areas, worn as a wrap when visiting places like temples, or even using it as a bedsheet if required.
Therefore these are some of the popular destinations and some helpful tips that can make your flashpacking trip to southeast Asia a memorable journey that you will cherish for a long time.

Are we missing something important? Let us know in the comments below :)


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