Finding Those Special Photogenic Places Hidden in Plain Sight

La Palma – Canary Islands- A World to Travel-124

It’s our job as photographers to see what others miss. We catch a glimpse of a story, and tell that story in a way that allows us to share something that seemed invisible to everyone else. We don’t always document beautiful objects or well-travelled places, and that’s because we set our sights on a world that might otherwise go unnoticed. When we travel, we look for destinations where our curiosity will give us something unique to share with the world.

If you are a photographer looking for your next destination, forget Paris, try Mozambique. Just be sure to wear plenty of mosquito repellent, or why not visit Honduras? Pack your telephoto lens, the wildlife is spectacular and unspoilt. Here’s a guide to some of the most underrated photogenic destinations any photographer should gear up to visit within their lifetime.


Hudson Bay at sunset

Canada might seem like a bit of an oddball choice to sit on this list. I was mentioning wild destinations which aren’t always easy to get to. Destinations where obtaining a visa can be very difficult, and places where you’ll have to be very careful with your camera gear. For the most part, Canada is not such a place. It’s a country known for its friendly people and wonderful cities. It’s also a country known for its vast expanses of wilderness. Not as many people visit national parks like Jasper, and as a wildlife or landscape photographer you can find yourself completely alone in a world of never-ending forests and spectacular lakes.


The country is not as well explored as some of its other central American counterparts or Caribbean destinations, but you’ll come across wild jungles complete with the ruins of Mayan temples like the one at Copan and colorful macaws flying overhead. If you want to see the Caribbean as ancient explorers would have first looked upon it’s white, sandy paradise shores, there are vast stretches of unspoilt beach that haven’t been tarnished by a tourist industry hungry to build large beach-side resorts.


Kayak the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean, explore wild mountainscapes and visit villages where communities uphold their traditions. Mozambique looks like a place where time has stood still, and it’s an absolute adventure photographer’s dream destination. Where neighboring South Africa sees almost half a million Britons every year, Mozambique attracts fewer than 50,000, despite it’s incredible game reserves and untouched beaches.

La Palma, Canary Islands

Secret spot at Echentive beach, La Palma

The Canary Islands aren’t exactly unknown; this Spanish archipelago is extremely popular with visitors, but less so the wonderful island of La Palma. Here you’ll come across the famous volcanic landscape that has shaped these dramatic islands, with many ideal vantage points to set up a tripod. You’ll also find opportunity to capture dramatic underwater scenery and if you’re a star trails photography, this island is one of the best places in the world to set your intervalometer.


This is one of those destinations that isn’t easy to get to. You’ll need a special visa, and the country isn’t famed for its local transport. The combination of difficult travel conditions along with its sheer size make the country one of the least visited on the planet. Oh and, the dictator Saparmurat Niyazov rules over the country with an iron fist. None of this should put you off as a photographer of course. You’ll come across vast deserts complete with oases, underground lakes, hidden fortresses and a gas crater also known as ¨the door to hell¨.

Whether you’re taking a photography course, or you’ve already dedicated your life to capturing those seemingly invisible moments, you’ll want to explore the unexplored in order to share a world most of us are unfamiliar with. When everyone is snapping away at one thing, it’s our job as photographers to turn our backs and find something no one else sees.