How to Stay Fresh and Feel Fabulous When Travelling

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We’ve all been there. Crammed into an overcrowded airport bathroom brushing our messy hair only to discover we’ve also got sweat patches on our shirt. Whether it’s by car or bus or plane; long periods of traveling can turn even the most composed and glamorous of us into stressed and frumpy messes. It’s not easy to stay fresh, let alone look on point, when we’re making our way through the hectic world of busy airport terminals and train stations, traveling on minimum sleep and with limited beauty supplies. That’s not to say it’s impossible, however.

Preparation is key when it comes to sustained comfort, freshness, and confidence as you embark on a long journey. Keep the following tips in mind, and you’ll be feeling better prepared to tackle whatever the day throws at you, arriving at your destination fresh and fabulous!

Dry Shampoo

The invention of dry shampoo was nothing short of a miracle for girls who spend a lot of time on the road. Packed with a mixture of absorbing and conditioning agents, solvents, and fragrances, dry shampoos absorbs oil from your hair, leaving it softer and less greasy. Typically, the dry shampoo you’ll find on the market today lets you apply the mixture by spraying a light mist over your roots and then dispersing it throughout your hair with a normal hairbrush.

Dry shampoo gives your hair a quick revival without the need for water. What’s more – it can help give lifeless hair a bit of volume and shape. Buy a travel-size dry shampoo that suits your hair type and voila – fragrant, fantastic hair even after hours of traveling!

Natural Body Sprays & Facial Mists

The so-called ‘body spritzers’ and ‘facial mists’ have exploded in popularity these past few years, probably due to an increasingly health-conscious millennial generation who favor natural ingredients over chemicals. These light mists are usually spritzed over your body or clothes for an instant and subtly scented refreshment, restoring radiance to your skin while giving your outfit a pleasant and natural fragrance. What’s more, is that they’re usually made with essential oils or distilled floral liquids such as pure rose water – a substance that has proven to have calming effects when applied to the body. Brands such as ImbueGoods specialize in travel-size body sprays for the jet-setting woman.

Scented Antibacterial Wipes

I think we can all agree that public transport vehicles and stations do not make for the most hygienic of places. Often, they can leave you feeling unclean and – as a consequence – unrelaxed. A small packet of antibacterial wipes will work as a quick fix for germaphobes. Use them on your hands, your handbag or anything else you’re worried about getting dirty. For an extra sense of freshness, get a pack scented with lemon or other zesty fragrances.

Chew Gum or Menthol Candies

For most of us, a long day of traveling means a day full of coffee and snacks. Throw in some sugary energy drinks, and you’ve got a recipe for lingering aftertastes and bad breath. Keep a pack of gum or mint-flavored candies with you at all times, and you won’t have to give oral hygiene a second thought until you finally get the satisfaction of giving your teeth a proper brushing.

48-Hour Deodorant

You might not in normal circumstances need an especially strong deodorant, but for peace of mind and physical comfort, it may well be worth getting one just for your travels. A deodorant that gives 48-hour coverage will save you from having to constantly rummage through your bag to reapply throughout the day, after all.

Plenty of Drinking Water

The greatest health and beauty tip of them all; stay hydrated! Carry a bottle of water with you at all times. Cold water will help cool you down when you’re feeling uncomfortably hot, and the hydration will help keep your skin glowing. Water will also help alleviate headaches, nausea, bloating and countless other unpleasant or stress-inducing conditions to experience when traveling.

If you find it difficult to keep track of whether you’re drinking enough water, buy a bottle from a brand such as Hidrate Spark which lets you record your water intake with its helpful measurements. Make it a principle to take a few sips whenever you pause to take a break, whether that’s standing in queues, waiting in lounges, or traveling on a coach.

Light & Airy Cosmetics

We get it – you want to cover those bags around your eyes, and maybe distract from your overall tiredness by applying some color to your face. However it’s easy to get uncomfortably warm or flustered in crowded areas such as airports and buses, and chances are that heavy makeup will look messy and need reapplying after a few hours.

We suggest either letting your skin breathe or alternatively applying just a thin level of the foundation. Avoid makeup which you don’t consider totally necessary. In the morning, it might be worth moisturizing your skin with natural and soothing ingredients such as an aloe vera toner, cucumber cream, or distilled rose water. This will help give even the most tired of faces a healthy glow throughout the day.

Loose-Fitting Clothes

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Loose-fitting and airy clothing will save you from some discomfort and sweat stains – something loose around the arms, and nothing too tight on the feet. You might even want to consider bringing along a spare t-shirt or summer dress to have handy in your bag for those extra long journeys. It was never easier to feel fabulous when traveling!

Light & Convenient Luggage

Just as important as the comfort factor of your clothes is that of the luggage you’re dragging behind you on your travels. You want a piece of luggage that won’t leave your arms or back aching, nor force you to compromise your natural posture. As for handbags or other smaller pieces of cabin luggage – make sure it is packed in such a way that you won’t need to root around for any ‘freshening up’ products. Keep stuff like wipes, facial sprays, and mints in handy pockets or easily accessible compartments. Your ‘carry on luggage’ should be as light as possible (minimalism is key) while larger luggage should be totally ergonomic. Check out this guide on how to pack efficiently!

That’s just about it – and if you’re serious about travel, you probably don’t care too much about having to ditch tight clothes and heavy makeup in favor of boho style dresses and natural facial refreshers. Who says comfort and glamour can’t go hand in hand? Clearly someone who isn’t familiar with the concept of ‘preparation’.

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    Such nice tips! I just wanna add some more tips to look fresh during the travelling. Like, Reduce the chance for stale or unpleasant odors from the long travel. Don’t wear too much make-up if you wear make-up normally – specially for girls and Try to smile a lot, people will want to be around you if you do.

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