Fall in The South of Europe. 4 big announcements, one awesome trip.

Sunset in front of Lisbon Portugal

Everybody please welcome Autumn. Autumn welcomes you!

That said, let me tell you I have some pretty big announcements to make and just so much time to do it. So, instead of introducing every one of my next steps like this was a fairytale (it pretty much is, by the way!), I’ll go straight to the point, just how you like it.

Are you curious about where I am headed next? That will be..


Fall in the South of Europe – One amazing trip

1. Portugal

I could tell you many, many things about Portugal and still, I wouldn’t be able to even start doing justice to how much this little neighbor country has treated me to so far.

Lucky me, I was one of the winners of Aptece’s Portugal Food Travel contest (this piece did the trick!) last August.

The prize? Starting tomorrow, I will be experiencing the finest Portuguese cuisine ever!

If you’ve gone through our About page, you might know now that I have not enough patience to cook but a big love for eating. This should be interesting.

*As a side note, I’ll try my best with video this time. One of my brothers has recently lent me a new toy and I can’t wait to play more with it while editing videos like this one I’ve just put together about last Paredes de Coura music Festival which is held in – wait for it – what a coincidence!  Portugal, every Summer. Wristbands have been piling up on my right arm for the last years. That’s the freedom that a freelancing job gives you, I guess!

But there’s more to this, as fellow Kerala Blog Express bloggers and friends Roxanne The Tiny Taster and Gaia GaiaPassarelli.com are coming along too! In total, there will be 5 of us, being Joanna Yee of Candids by Jo and Andras Jokuti of Világevő the ones that will complete this crew!. Everybody comes from different countries and they all have proven to be excellent foodies and food bloggers.

I am very excited to share this experience with them all and very much looking forward to picking a thing or two about food blogging! Happy happy.

But where will we go in order to map the very best of the Portuguese food scene? Andras has put together this handy map. Press play if you want.

As you can see, we’ll be covering pretty much the whole thing. Well, not really. That appreciation would be pretty shallow and false but just saying, we’ll be moving a lot as we’ll changing locations everyday.

If you are bored right now and want to do something different that go on reading, please pray for me. I am afraid I might gain a few pounds here! :S


2. Italy

Ok, this picture was taken in Castiglion Fiorentino and not Rimini because Italy is no short of gorgeous landscapes wherever you go while exploring it!

Ok, this picture was taken in Castiglion Fiorentino and not Rimini because Italy is no short of gorgeous landscapes wherever you go while exploring it!

After these two wonderful weeks, I’ll be off to Italy, more precisely, Rimini. As TTG / TTI will take part, so will do #TBDI2014 as the second year in a row. And I will be there too to share it with you.

It’s basically one of the main Travel Trade Fairs in the country and they have put together a massive event for bloggers attending from all over the world. Not only travel, but also culture, fashion and food will be represented in the mix and the program is looking great already.

Follow the hashtag on our Instagram ( choose this one if you can’t make up your mind. Our fave indeed! ) , Facebook and Twitter !

And, not only that, Italy had a plan B for me again! No matter that, in the last 18 months, I had visited the country around half a dozen of times.. because after TBDI I’ll be discovering, again, another slice of the always welcoming Marche Region that had already impressed me last year while visiting Urbino.


3. Malta

One week in Italy and I’ll be gone again. This time, Malta will be waiting for me. As part of the #maltaismore campaign, I’ll be enjoying the Maltese islands in a very special way.

And that’s all I can say at the moment. Trust me here, I couldn’t be more excited about this one!

I'll make sure to bring better pictures this time!

I’ll make sure to bring better pictures this time!

Because, who would have thought less than two years back when I visited and hitch-hiked my way around Malta and Gozo in winter completely on my own – and even given those circumstances, enjoyed it so much – that I would be coming back again that soon?


4. Greece

The only country of the list I know when I’ll be arriving but not leaving since I haven’t purchased my return flight yet!.

Still defining my travel plans in the country, as far as I can read, I do know (because I’ve purchased a second-hand early bird ticket last week!) I will be attending #TBExAthens the least. ‘TBEX’, aka Travel Bloggers Exchange, is a huge, like massive, conference for Travel Bloggers where people from all over the world meet, network like crazy, try to pick some brains and share a few interesting days in idyllic locations like, yes, Athens.

Last time I visited Greece, it was 2002 and I was travelling with other 7 friends. If it wasn’t because we were mainly travelling by train ( old good InterRail!) and that Architecture was filling my dreams those days – so much that we would even stop and sketch ancient buildings here and there! – our epic adventure could be something like this:

This time I want to do everything I didn’t do back then. Some Greek islands hopping and 30-something year old people activities are already resonating and sounding way too appealing to let them go. Whatever that means to you.

Sept, 24th UPDATE!

After TBEX Athens, I’ll be exploring Meteora! What I know about this stunning place is that being an outdoorsy person I’m going to love it. Isn’t it enough to be hyper excited about it? 


So there you go, I won’t be any bored in the upcoming weeks and months. After a very quiet period home that lasted since I arrived from the US at the end of July, when I only left Spain to attend The Festival, it’s time to set sails and bring you a bit of fresh travel goodness again.

Thanks for coming along, hope you enjoy the ride too!



Is there something that crossed your mind while reading these lines? It could be a question, something that you’d like to know more about, it might be a challenge you’d like to propose me, anything really. Please SPEAK UP in the comments below.

Really looking forward to your comments!

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