5 Expert Recommendations For Your First Private Jet Trip

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The appeal of private jet travel can’t be ignored: a luxurious and peaceful flight, a large network of easily-accessible airports, quiet terminals, no long waits or long lines, reliable departure times, and a wide range of charter services. For many years, enjoying such privileges, came at a high price. However, as private jets become a more popular travel option for business and leisure travelers, there’s no doubt that more people are gaining interest in flying private.

Here are some expert recommendations for your first private jet trip.

Don’t Show Up Late

With no airport delays and long security check lines, what can typically be a long day of traveling commercially is often a couple of hours when you fly private. However, the convenience and flexibility that private jets offer are no excuse for showing up late. Jettly, a leading information resource for private charter flights, recommends that you arrive around 15 to 30 minutes before your flight leaves, especially, if you have a host waiting for you.

Pack Up Light

Most first-time private jet travelers think that because they’re paying more for the flying experience, they can carry more luggage with them, but that is not always the case. It’s important to note that most jets do have specific luggage limits based on how many people the jet is carrying, how much fuel is needed for the entire flight as well as other technicalities like the size of the luggage compartment door.

If you can, bring along soft bags instead of rigid bags to alleviate any issues of trying to fit your luggage in less-than-ideal baggage compartments and cabinets. It’s recommended that you pack as light as you can, especially if you have been invited to fly privately as a guest and are not sure what your host is planning to carry along.  

Carry Your ID

The fact that you’re flying private doesn’t mean that you have the leeway to go on trips without identifying yourself. According to a Noobpreneur article on misconceptions about flying private, while you don’t need to wait in a security line or adhere to some liquid restrictions, you still need to carry and show your identification documents to board your flight. A valid passport is needed to fly private internationally.

Dress Appropriately

Although there’s no formal dress code when flying private, it’s good to put some effort into how you dress, especially, if you’re representing your host. In most cases, you just have to dress accordingly. Unless you’re flying private with your family, where dressing can be as you wish, in most cases, business or business casual wear will do. What matters most is dressing neatly and appropriately for your trip – whether leisure or business.

Book Your Flight in Advance

Yes, you can easily book a private jet flight the same day and get to your destination in style, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get exactly what you want. While you can book a private flight within 12 hours of your desired departure time, booking much earlier in advance gives the charter service enough time to prepare and personalize your flight. You also have more jet selections to pick from to suit your trip or flight purpose. It’s really all about preferences.


There’s a lot to know about traveling by private jet. Flying private is getting much cheaper, and with these simple recommendations, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the convenience and flexibility that comes with flying private the next time you’re planning to visit various travel destinations or even going on a business trip.