My Experience Teaching English Abroad + Tips On How To Get Started And Teach ESL Anywhere

My Experience Teaching English Abroad + Tips On How To Get Started And Teach ESL Anywhere – A World to Travel (1)

My love for teaching began way back when I was a kid. My mother was a high school mathematics teacher in our home country. When she got home from work, I would help her in recording the marks of her students. I loved it and vowed to be a teacher too when I grew up, and for sure my dreams came true since today am a highly experienced English teacher.

I have taught English as a second language abroad for the past three years. Right after high school my mother went ahead and paid for my university degree as an English teacher. Upon completion of the course, I was lucky enough to land a job in a high school mom was teaching but by then she had already left the job and opted for business. The pay was fair enough but soon I started seeking to teach ESL abroad so I went ahead and applied for certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language [TEFL].

Soon I successfully achieved a TEFL certification from the University of Toronto where I had applied for an online course. By then I was thirty-two years old, had access to my visas and citizenship, and landed a job to teach ESL abroad in Japan. Quickly, I started enjoying the fruits of my hard work.

1. Reasons why I started teaching English abroad

There are several reasons why I started teaching ESL abroad.

The most obvious reason was that the pay as an English teacher overseas was very welcoming. It helped me to buy myself a nice car, and a house, make some investments in my home country, and also marry my SO. So practically I went to a level in my life I wouldn’t have reached had I remained as a teacher back in my home country.

Traveling was also my hobby so moving from my birth country to a new nation in a different continent and interacting with new people was my dream come true. As an ESL teacher, I would be able to have an impact on others either directly or indirectly.



2. Things you will learn while teaching English in a foreign country

By teaching abroad, I was open to another world of new challenges and possibilities I was never aware of. With the change and learning from my problems, I didn’t get any more bored or have that feeling of being stagnant.

Any other career has its changes and challenges but just living abroad alone has its unique personal problem. New things keep coming up and trying to fit in is a whole new adventure. To date am still learning new things and I could never appreciate this more!

The culture in Japan is entirely different and so getting immersed in the new ways is altogether incredible.

3. What I loved about teaching ESL abroad

While teaching in a professional environment in Japan, I was able to experience unique things let alone the culture.

The vast mountains, fantastic technology, and a substantial welcoming population were some of the few experiences I went through. I would only be at work for eight hours in a day tops and the rest of the day was spent on my activities and interacting with my students.

As a teacher abroad I was able to move freely. I not only could but had to keep moving so I would be of some help to my students. I loved that aspect of the job and today my body thanks me for it!

4. Tips to get started and teach ESL in a foreign country

Primarily you need a TEFL certification to be a language teacher abroad. Your English should be fluent too and have no native accent. Also, having a university degree is an added advantage.

As for getting settled, check Spotahome for 30 days or more rentals in places like Dubai, Madrid, or Berlin. It is the only platform that sends a “home checker” to the property in advance to personally check them before listing on the site, which makes it perfect to start on the right foot.

5. Best countries to teach ESL abroad

Some great countries to get started as an ESL teacher are the United Arab Emirates, China, Thailand, Japan, Kuwait, and Oman.

These countries have decent salaries for English teachers that can maintain your upkeep in a foreign country and even save some. Almost all of them are developed countries and living in one of them can be great fun.

Start browsing teaching jobs abroad and get ready to start your ESL teaching career in a foreign country.

In the end, you will naturally be disappointed by the things you did not do, not the ones that you did!

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